When Xayah enters the bushes with Rakan 😳

2021.09.26 10:39 ThundrWolf_ When Xayah enters the bushes with Rakan 😳

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2021.09.26 10:39 WestBollywood Riley Keough

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2021.09.26 10:39 forednz black dye

im wanting to dye some fabric for my uni collection to an even black, using mostly cotton and im aware that cotton often takes the dye patchy. anyone have any advice on this or tricks or dyes to get a solid black
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2021.09.26 10:39 jinishalal Anon tried to banish a demon

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2021.09.26 10:39 Soft_Low9270 Tall, hung, bicurious white guy. Message me if you want proof. Looking for girls, guys, fmf threesomes, or couples to cuckhold

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2021.09.26 10:39 CptSnowcone ELI5: How do touch screens work

specifically i'm curious about the material that the screen is made of. Is it ordinary glass and all the magic happens in the underlying electronics? Or does the glass itself have really cool electronic properties? is it even a glass at all?
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2021.09.26 10:39 reddit_feed_bot Styxhexenhammer666 - Occult Literature 344: Beginnings: Glimpses of Vanished Civilizations

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2021.09.26 10:39 saberwolfbeast Name suggestions for a puppy

I'm getting an other dog in the near future. I'm struggling with finding a good name choices for her (i'm making a list and then will decide what seems most suited). I want one with 1-2 syllables possibly only 3 letters, since that is common for herding dogs (mine will herd sheep). I don't want it to sound too rough. I have a list of names I think are ok, but my favourites (Fey, May) I can't use since in my native language "ei" means no and it would be a bit confusing even if I didn't use ei- other people will. I would use Maija but I know a maija person. Chai is also around the top but I think it's a bit too difficult to pronounce in the middle of my language due to ch-which is not used as a sound here. Bambi is one I concidered it's staying on my list, Villa aswell but it may be confusing because villakoira is poodle (wooldog) Preferably no R in the name. I also need to stay away from too much i in the names my dog is called Kiti and my parents have a dog Piki and my bf also has a very i stong name.
A fall theme would be nice but mostly I'm looking for nice a sounding noise to call her :)
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2021.09.26 10:39 RiskOfRains My friend wants too get vr for gaming. He is a student and VR would set him back economically. How do i convice him too not buy.

He is kinda unhappy in life. And the Only reason he wants VR is too quote on quote escape. He wants too get skyrim VR and just walk around there and live in that world. Get away from the real world you could say.
Anyways i do agree that VR looks sick and would be fun too get. But hes a student and getting one would set him back a with his budget. He can still live and mansge but he gotta get less food then.
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2021.09.26 10:39 joetipis [H] $65 Amazon gc [W] 86% PayPal, 83% crypto

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2021.09.26 10:39 SharkHead38 Sharkhead38's Knowledge #1

Fish and chips is a meal consisting of fish and chips
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2021.09.26 10:39 rurumi-chen Squid Game

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2021.09.26 10:39 Shot_Elderberry_7766 I want to draw mha tomorrow,which character should I draw and post

Also,plz check out my other mha srawings
View Poll
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2021.09.26 10:39 SaraEllaithy أنواع الكتابات الأدبية والفرق بينها

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2021.09.26 10:39 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 10:39 emptyseoul Changing some elements on otgw

If ever, what would you like to change in the mini-series? Can be plot or any scenes or their personality.
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2021.09.26 10:39 corjs [H] Payday 2 Steam Gift (Not Key) [W] TF2 Keys / Offer / CSGO items

Pm if interested
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2021.09.26 10:39 KoYouTokuIngoa Leftover tagine with pasta. Horrendous colours but tasted pretty good

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2021.09.26 10:39 rakesh_rkr Skin bank in Bengaluru plagued by low reserve, lack of awareness

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2021.09.26 10:39 cola_tz 东北多地居民遭遇突然停电,入冬前会结束吗?国家电网客服:执行非居民限电后仍有缺口,何时恢复未知

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2021.09.26 10:39 gukehoward Types of fabric?

Hey guys!
I’m starting up my own brand and was looking for some advice on fabrics, specifically cotton fabrics. I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for on google.
Basically, I’m after a heavyweight fabric for some t shirts and was wondering what specific type of cotton would be best, something preferably that drapes really nicely.
And also for a hoodie, what type of fabric would be best for a thick heavyweight oversized hoodie?
Thank you!
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2021.09.26 10:39 Sergio_Taco Awesome Bootcamp.

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2021.09.26 10:39 Whitethumbs Nice Lewis Carroll reference

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2021.09.26 10:39 Thrillorion How do you actually earn coins now?

With Rivals Rewards being actually nerfed as fuck, how are we RTG Players going to get our starting Budgets?
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2021.09.26 10:39 acebaltasar Finally... he did almost 90, but i forgot to do the screenshot for it. Just give him orbs and critc chance.

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