Vinchin Company News丨Vinchin Product Training Camp – China Mainland Vol.2 Successfully Held

2021.09.26 12:23 ff14gilmall Vinchin Company News丨Vinchin Product Training Camp – China Mainland Vol.2 Successfully Held

Vinchin Company News丨Vinchin Product Training Camp – China Mainland Vol.2 Successfully Held
On September 23 and 24, Vinchin successfully held the second product training camp for China mainland market of 2021, and we thank all participated partners for making efforts to catch a more in-depth understanding of Vinchin Backup & Recovery.
The training camp consists of two sections: Technical knowledge training and hands-on operation.
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2021.09.26 12:23 Ok-Personality2104 i feel like i want to watch porn , please help me !

i feel an urge , please give me some tips to get through this sh*t !
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2021.09.26 12:23 Tw_izted PF CEOs is actually the most depressing and saddest server i've ever moderated in (and stayed in before)

Some of you may know the CEOs server, which was one of the biggest Phantom Forces related server on Discord. And by "was", that's because it's losing members by alot.
This is not an expose post.
Now, let's get to the point as to why this is actually the saddest and most depressing server to stay in (as in being absolute dogshit and horrible). It's just gotten to the point where it affects my mentality during those times as a moderator.
I got invited to this server by a fellow friend that i knew for a long time now, and when i first joined, it looks like it's a flourishing server, with people joining 24/7 and so on. All was doing well and in somewhere around late 2019 i believe, i got myself a position as a mod, the position that i would have for 2 years before being fired for a rather, special reason.
During the 2 years as a moderator, i oversaw everything that was going on, such as "reorganizations" (spoilers: none of them worked) and dramas. I'll give a few examples since there are ones i dont seem to remember much.
The first kind of "drama" i saw was about a junior mod (who btw, was still pretty new to the team at that time). Me and a fellow mod scolded him for being too harsh on the moderations he was giving out, but instead of just listening to both of us; he decided to argue that he was not being too harsh on them (despite people LITERALLY complaining about him at that time) and a minute later, it blew into an entire argument between the staff team about if he was being too harsh or not. Thankfully we got the attention of Ambosher (the owner basically) and he him that if he fucked up one more time, he's getting demoted. (thankfully he didnt, and im happy that he learned from his mistakes)
Then comes the second drama, which was a targeted one. A former mod was falsely accused of being a child predator by someone in the server (another staff basically), using another account to make it seem like they're a different person. Guess what, during the midst of the drama, he got admin. It's just too much to explain.
Now, to the more weirder side of the server: Recruitment of staff members and the roster.
Originally, we pick moderators via applications, but afterwards, it gets pretty sketchy.
A total of 4 moderators i believe, were picked randomly. Only like 2 performed well, 1 was kinda inactive and got demoted afterwards (he got back as a mod again lately, because he applied and has been more active lately), and the other 1 didnt. We'll call that other one guy ID as an example, because i cant think of any other names for him.
So, ID performed kinda meh when he was picked as a mod, hell, you could say people started to complain about him. He would often break down for no reason and get sensitive over... things.
And, of course, he left more than 2 times in a row simply because a single word pissed him off.
After the last time he left, he was made an advisory to ease his job for a variety of reasons. Things changed for awhile
The entire, original staff team left, including me (i got demoted, but i'll explain later). ID was later promoted as an admin afterwards, a position he isnt fit for. This is where things go downhill for him
ID decided to add his own bot for the server, known as the CEO Bot (or something). He promised that the bot is "useful" and will help the server, atleast that's what he's thinks, not said. (spoilers: it's useless as shit)
How so? Well, let me explain why the bot is extremely useless. All i see is commands like $summon or $ambosher, these are gif commands btw. Apart from that, it tracks the amount of user that joins/left the server, so i guess it had a sole purpose.
Another thing is his unlikable personality, he would often act selfish and only cares more about his image than others. One time, a friend of mine was having anger issues and someone was trolling him, and instead of helping him out like a normal person would, he told him to shut up and muted him.
His response? Anger issues is a excuse, according to him. Really makes me sick, as if i thought Oscar's server was worse.
Around others, he tried to play the personality of a "nice guy". Ahem, by nice guy, i mean, catgirls. I shit you not, this is a thing that he does. It's irrelevant but i'll explain in case if anyone's interested.
So, he would often come to the chat and say "uwu", and every sentence has/ends with that word. He would often said how cute he is, if he's a good girl and so on. He seems to have a fetish for piss, as evident by the fact that he posted a gif of a dog pissing on the ground, and his comment of how he loves piss.
Next to the other saga: Mismanagement or negligence of the server.
Mismanagement of this server has became a issue afterwards. So many attempts were made to solve this but all gone to shit, because they hired admins that just doesnt fit the server well. It just goes on and on, and will never be fixed.
Last section for the day: How i got demoted
I got demoted for well, past reasons that are no longer relevant, that's how im gonna say it. They're also trying to remove traces of me being a moderator too.
I think that'll be basically it, i kinda suck at making a point but you get what im saying.
If you're gonna join this server, DONT.
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2021.09.26 12:23 DeceptivePastry Outpost beds heal faster than normal beds

Couldn't find anything about this anywhere else. Found out by accident when placing beds in my sub. If you specifically use the bed called "Outpost Bed", you get a buff while lying in it. Seems to heal maybe 3-5x faster than regular beds. So you can heal up a bit more at outposts or you can even place them in your own subs in the sub editor.
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2021.09.26 12:23 Remarkable-Eagle947 what is the wayyou would change the coruse of a movie or story if your a character in it ?

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2021.09.26 12:23 Myke2668 GTA V | What happens when you're not paying attention on the road #Shorts

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2021.09.26 12:23 ClassicSoulboy The Bee: After being fired by Biden, radicalized horses storm Capitol shouting 'Trump Won!'

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2021.09.26 12:23 iPhellix Romanian Game Jam - Great Union day

Romanian Game Jam - Great Union day Pentru a sărbătorii 103 ani de la Marea Unire, am organizat o competitie pentru a face mai multe jocuri despre tara noastra!

Romanian Game Jam - Great Union Day
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2021.09.26 12:23 mcquiggd Anybody have any quirky YouTube channel recommendations?

I somehow found this chap, in the US, who goes out and unblocks drains, to help his community.
It's suprisingly addictive... and I find myself really rooting for him.
(5) Draining Massive Flood By Unclogging Drains, Big Whirlpools - YouTube
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2021.09.26 12:23 WhoAmIEven2 Is it normal to be controlling in a relationship?

I (32m) was out with my best friend (32f) on Friday, just catching up since she has a baby and this was the first time she was out, alone, with me. We've seen each other more, but not alone.
That's not the point of this thread, though.
She said something that made me a bit confused, and honestly a bit angry.
She was dressing up for the night and asked her boyfriend what he thoughts. He didn't like the pants as they showed too much curves. Then he didn't just wish for her to not wear it, he >>forbade<< her, like she's some kind item he owns. He also called twice just to hear how it went. Not with a status on the baby, he just wanted hear how she was.
Is this normal in relationships? I feel like it seems very controlling. I have never cared what my girlfriends wore as clothes when she was out with friends, and when they were out it was their alone time, so I never bothered her until she was home. Maybe it's me who's unusual and it's normal to be this controlling?
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2021.09.26 12:23 WorldNewsinPictures : "Gov. Reeves' Attempt to Explain Away The Mounting Death Toll in His State is a Terrifying Harbinger of The Dark Future For Unvaccinated America.".

: "Gov. Reeves' attempt to explain away the mounting death toll in his state is a terrifying harbinger of the dark future for unvaccinated America.". Good morning, Please is it possible to get this betting predictions from you?... MORE ->
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2021.09.26 12:23 ClearlyHatin Interviewer moments before losing a finger

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2021.09.26 12:23 vitamin_K454 Proned COVID patients and enteral feeding residuals

Throughout our waves of covid positive patients we have seen many characteristics present with patient care. One of which is very high residuals noted on the patients receiving enteral feeding whole proned and also while not proned despite admin of maxeran. Who let looking for research I found many articles specific to prone positioned patients and enteral feeding with good outcomes and relatively low issues but none have been specific to COVID positive patients. I am wondering if this is something seen in your areas. We generally switch these patients to TPN nutrition when this isn’t manageable. Thanks for your input. Stay safe and well!
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2021.09.26 12:23 heinaga1989 SafeMoon on MOVR! Potential Growth For Serious Investors

SafemoonRiver is the only legit and working Safemoon token on the Moonriver blockchain! Just launched less than a day ago and is at 250k marketcap. With massive potential growth, SafemoonRiver has recently also just launched their new website at
Included on the site is an introduction to SMR, their roadmap and a "how to" guide on buying SMR using the MOVR Network. Very beginner friendly for anyone wanting to get in early on MOVR, SafemoonRiver makes that an easy process.
The NFT collectiom will also be revealed soon to the community with a series of sneak peeks to keep the community anticipating the upcoming nft project.
SafemoonRiver also aims to partner up with existing and future SafemoonRiver tokens to further expand the MOVE ecosystem.
There is a 5% buy tax, and an 8% sell tax which builds up in an all purpose wallet to maintain marketing, the project, further development, and community appreciation giveaway events.
The team is constantly active and to anyone who has questions, join their telegram at
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2021.09.26 12:23 iareamisme cant guess the clip

where this from. . .and d0nt say youtube
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2021.09.26 12:23 steve5946 U/workfromthebed is SCAMMER

U/workfromthebed refuses to pay after receiving a piece I wrote. Also, he's not replying to any of my messages whereas he's online.
For anyone looking to work for him. Ask for payment first!
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2021.09.26 12:23 Slime_dogg Real ass

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2021.09.26 12:23 Tessia0710 Where to read Why Did You Summon Me? - Chapter 171: Peaceful Times online for free!!

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2021.09.26 12:23 Republiken Manufactorum Guild Agitator

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2021.09.26 12:23 titanraven90s Potential Team Germany if LoL were in Olympics.

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2021.09.26 12:23 FFDP-Neko Fallschirmjägerbattailon 40

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2021.09.26 12:23 Bobbyshmurda_HS Add my psn @ BobbyShmurda_HS

For modded weapons I’ll dupe
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2021.09.26 12:23 HolyBolle Do you guys think that the price range of Renato Sanches will change? Just packed him and I don't know if I should sell or keep.

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2021.09.26 12:23 sikdurum Millenium Dawn Classic modunda bağımsız bırakınca ülkenin başına ibrahim tatlıses geçiyor aq

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2021.09.26 12:23 Nylon_Fanatic Perfection 🥰

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