Did a Carving of Everyone's favorite reality destroying god

I did it! I finally beat the game for the first time. Stuck on Isshin Ashina for months, attempts dwindling to a one or two every month, almost given up. Tonight I beat him in 2 tries. The rush of emotions I experienced was unbelievable. I'm pumped and grateful and in awe and heartbroken and all! 1/2. I do love a good creepy movie (not gory), a handful of mini Twix bars, some pumpkin carving action. But I never really did the party circuit as a young adult or anything like that. If a pizza was ordered, a trip to Blockbuster (back in the day) was complete and a small bowl of fun-sized chocolates was around, I was a happy camper. EDMONTON — The head of Alberta's health system says the COVID-19 hospital crisis has become so dire, a key reason the system hasn't collapsed is because patients are dying. "Each day we see a ... A/N: alright so!! this is an au a friend of mine and I thought of a couple years ago!! basically it’s demon!harry and angel!reader but with the added spice of harry being the king of hell!! the premise for this au is that it’ll kind of be an ongoing series/universe, like the hades!harry au!! so that means I’ll be posting a series of one shots and concepts in a non-chronological order ...

2021.10.27 01:45 bruhmanfunni Did a Carving of Everyone's favorite reality destroying god

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2021.10.27 01:45 indifferent-stone They may ‘ave good wine… but ‘ow’s their tea?

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2021.10.27 01:45 halonios cannot sleep while taking health damage bug - new vegas

for a long time i havnt been able to sleep in game. I have been using a ton of story mods and i remember this occurring after i got hurt in a story with new vegas bounties 3. ive used anti venom and nothing seems to work. I have no perks or effects that should be damaging me in any way. this has been like this for a long time. any commands I could try? thank you!
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2021.10.27 01:45 NewsElfForEnterprise Foundry prices to continue rising in 2022, says PSMC chairman

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2021.10.27 01:45 CAN_I_HAVE_A_STRAW Found these two from five years ago!

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2021.10.27 01:45 A-Legendary-Name DIO, Giorno, Kakyoin

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2021.10.27 01:45 jtari56 Mizkif gets called UGLY by middle aged women

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2021.10.27 01:45 All_GurziWorld nDkLZyg Bonus code $90 free cash Bingo Clash Pocket 7 Games

nDkLZyg Bonus code $90 free cash Bingo Clash Pocket 7 Games
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2021.10.27 01:45 apterous420 Secret Wisdom, by Andrew Scott and Realm of Mind

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2021.10.27 01:45 PhantomWendigo What are the differences between 4-ACO-DET and 4-HO-MET? Which is more visual?

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2021.10.27 01:45 yeetawayprofile Eveeyone is surpassing me and there isn't a thing I can do about it

I believe I'm on the autism spectrum. I was socially incompetent for most of my school years, and an abusive parent made home life horrible. I have BPD because of the abuse I've endured my whole life, and I'm riddled with other forms of mental illness.
I've been a NEET for two years after nearly dropping out of high school because of how some people were treating me. I have friends I knew irl but talk to online since I moved, but that's it. Between the autism I truly believe I have and BPD, I don't have a job, SO, or really a life in general. I'm trying to dig out of it, but I'm losing more and more motivation. Therapy helps for about an hour before I hate life again.
I'll talk to these friends and they're ok people, but they're also getting laid, seeing friends, and living life. I've fucked off for two years because that's what people want me to do. Twice today, people spilled their better lives onto me and my mood has been ruined since. My SI is off the charts rn.
I've pretty much snapped. I'm not enjoying life at all right now.
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2021.10.27 01:45 TipsWillToLive Rule

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2021.10.27 01:45 SuperArppis What bounties give bright dust?

Was just wondering this as I can't play the game for couple of days and I kinda need 200 Bright Dust for the Fighting Lion ornament. So what would be the fastest way to get that. Thanks.
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2021.10.27 01:45 vodreliux Do you guys feel like factions will be an issue?

one faction over taking the others? I think this is an issue long term, since the other factions could struggle. thoughts?
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2021.10.27 01:45 nathanscott10 Rib/Chest pain

I just finished my 1st week on 30mg & first or the past two days i’ve been having really sore ribs & even chest pains. Everytime i get up it feels like the pain knocks the wind out of me. Also, i do workout & lift heavy i dont know if that matters. I have read up online that many people on accutane had this same experience in the first month. I just want to make sure this is normal & I shouldnt freak out. I know joint pain comes with accutane but it still scares me. Any vitamins i should take to help? Anything helps.
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2021.10.27 01:45 Denimjo Dear Sims Cmmunity, Stop Being Whiny Little Jerks.

Racial equality > your sense of entitlement.
If the Sims team decides that they want to release black-centric content that was available in previous packs for free we should be applauding them, not villifying them for it. It wasn't that long ago that I saw people complaining about how much they hated the fact that black-friendly content was 'locked behind a paywall.' Personally I think the fact that they're willing to do this is a great step towards racial equity since it means they're putting social responsibility ahead of profits.
I know that racial tension is extremely high these days but for heaven's sake, people, stop yelling at companies for trying to do the right thing and making their life simulator game more palatable for people of all races at base cost without requiring paying more for add-ons to look authentic.
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2021.10.27 01:45 LSAT_Blog Applying To Law School With A Low GPA

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2021.10.27 01:45 realjohntreed 10/26/21 Wall Street Journal article saying Democrats will sink real estate is overly pessimistic

Today’s WSJ has an op-ed titled “Democrats’ Tax Plan Would Sink Real Estate.” . The authors cite the 1986 Tax Reform Act and S&L Debacle then. . That was bad. I lost $750,0000. However, it did not “sink real estate.” It ended using real estate for tax shelter. And it destroyed the S&L industry. . But If I had owned just single-family houses, instead of apartment buildings, I would have lost little or no money. Thus my most recent advice which says to only buy principal residences and only own one at a time. . I started real estate investing in 1969. I have been through recessions, wars, the Tax Reform Act of 1986, the S&L Debacle and the Sub-Prime Crisis, rent control. None of them sank real estate. . These two authors assume the worst proposed laws will be enacted. My impression is that stepped-up basis was already removed from the proposed law. It has been repealed twice before and immediately put back in. It is horrifically hated by the public once they have to start paying it. . They also assume capital gains rate will go up. Well, they were up when I got into the business back in 1969. That did not sink real estate. Now, we have IRC §121 which shelters $250K per spouse on sale of primary residence. That did not exist back then. . I think these guys are exaggerating. They are assuming the worst new tax laws which are unlikely. Also, when a new law has negative consequences that were not anticipated, the Congress generally passed ameliorating laws. You need to know real estate history events and sections on real estate tax laws, mortgage interest rates, inflation, home appreciation rates, booms and recessions, business cycles, financial doomsday forecasts, major natural disasters. To understand real estate investment, you need to know all that history. I suspect the authors of this op-ed do NOT know all this history. . Their logic is incorrect and incomplete. Their assumptions are worst case and unlikely. They do not acknowledge the fact that Congress will correct laws that have such dire negative consequences. . They also treat anti-LANDLORD laws as if they were anti-ALL real estate laws. In fact, principal residences are greatly protected from all sorts of things including anti-landlord tax laws.
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2021.10.27 01:45 Jobanana-Paddlefoot Civ 6: what’s your favourite map type? I like Continents and Islands at the moment…

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2021.10.27 01:45 Graffito_123 Memecream:

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2021.10.27 01:45 Im6cninoit [USA-OR][H]EVGA 980ti Hybrid [W]Local Cash

Hey guys!
Repost of an old post here. For sale is a Nvidia GTX 980ti hybrid from evga. Can update timestamps if that's an issue, but the card has just been jn it's box since. Comes with the original box, accessories and gpu! Looking for $325 local.
Timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/UKl7TrV
Local is 97223/ 97330
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2021.10.27 01:45 ShanHu A few 1964 Kennedy’s.

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2021.10.27 01:45 Temporary-Sun-2214 Employment Poll

GEICO employees: Are you currently looking for employment elsewhere?
View Poll
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2021.10.27 01:45 TwoForTheMorgue [1977] Could Do Better..? - Tony Bastable takes a look at the differences between the new comprehensive schools and the traditional grammar and secondary modern schools. And asks the question - do you get as good an education at a Comprehensive? Opinions are divided.

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2021.10.27 01:45 Shadey7 [Question] Heavy Bag

I was looking at these 3 heavy bags, has anyone had experience with any of them/know if the soft-strike is good even though its a little cheaper than the other 2 or have any other recommendations for heavy bags in this price range?

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