What how I make deep conditioner for natural hair.

2021.10.27 00:51 Hernatural What how I make deep conditioner for natural hair.

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2021.10.27 00:51 Thomagg [WTS]: XM-18 SW Spanto Non Flipper, WF Harpoon Spanto Eklipse

Looking to sell a couple knives that aren’t getting used. Would like to pass them along to someone who will (or won’t I don’t judge)
First off I have a Gen 3 WF Harpoon Spanto Eklipse. I am the 2nd owner of this one, it has been used, but not abused. The edge was reprofiled with a nice polished (not mirror) edge by original owner, not sure of the degree, but by looking at it my guess is between 20-22 deg. Action is nice and smooth and the reprofiled edge improves the cutting ability significantly Timestamp and Eklipse pics/vid](https://imgur.com/a/3jedN5K) Includes box, tuning card and triway accoutrementsSV: $375
Next up Gen 6 SW XM-18 3.5” Spanto Non Flipper LNIB from recent DLT Drop. I am 2nd owner Catch and Release by me and 1st owner. I disassembled to put a different scale on, and took it off to bring back to stock. It has only been flipped around the house. Only thing it’s cut is the top of my thumb twice lol. I thought the non flipper was my ideal Hinderer, but I just like my battle blue better and it’s broken in enough to flick and the flipper protects my thumb from getting cut. SV: $425
Non Flipper Non Flipper non Flipper Non Flipper Vid
Sorry for all the links, Imgur was being dumb.
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2021.10.27 00:51 LxzyBonez tragic events in history (my friends a fucking dumbass)

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2021.10.27 00:51 lolbert202 Dumbass video from Secular Talk advocating against defending Taiwan

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2021.10.27 00:51 foucaultvsthemoonmen He's always been cool

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2021.10.27 00:51 Mr_Dinamite13 How do I lock the aspect ratio without stretching? I want a 4:3 aspect ratio but when I try to lock it the game gets stretched.

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2021.10.27 00:51 I-14 It's just another XK class scenario. We'll be fine, right?

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2021.10.27 00:51 ina1920sdream 7 years of odd symptoms. Anemia and/or something else?

7 years ago, I started having numbness sensations, hot/cold sensations randomly around my head, legs, and arms. I went to see my Pediatrician then, and told me I was low on vitamin D. During my beginning college years, I had a few of these symptoms come back. 2019 summer: One day after work, I convinced myself to help my mom around the house. I wasn't feeling that great, but I felt the need to. For the next few days, I felt horrible. I suddenly could not change myself, get up, wash my hair, and feed myself. It didn't feel sore, and I couldn't physically lift my arms or legs and do everyday things. The mornings were terrible; around 1 pm, it got better, then late nights, it would come around again. It felt challenging to swallow. I had some chest pains, felt cold all the time, foggy brain...I went to see my new doctor and she ran many blood tests. I was low on iron, high platelet levels, hemoglobin just low, MCH/MCHC low, lynphocytes & esonophils close/just to low, sodium & creatinine just/close to low, bun low, SED & CRP very high, ANA nucleolar pattern 1:180 positive, and vitamin d just low. Negative for Jo 1 and SCL 70 and lupus. -mentioned raynauds in notes as well but not diagnosed Prescribed iron and vitamin d, only got better after 2/3 months. Fastforward to now I've had many mini flare ups of these symptoms. Accompanied by open lesions, what seems like purpura+petichae, swollen lymph nodes, and what seems like raynauds. My hands and feet suddenly are triggered by heat or cold, and when a stressor like exercise, or temperature happens I start to have all of these symptoms. Back in March I had severe heartburn. Until June I was waking up in the middle of night coughing with heartburn and at times throwing up some food in my mouth. Around before or during I had really bad purpura and petichae and the above symtoms were severe. And had on and off blood/ulcers? in mouth. I didnt see a doc then, due to money. During June I saw my doc and prescribed me meds for my heartburn. It went away in july. Was told if my lymph node swelling on neck didnt get better, to get it scanned. Went down. *Currently it goes on and off. And have a small lump at the moment. The lesions that I described keep coming at least 3 times a week a long with everything above. They bleed only the slightest and are followed with petichae/purpura around my legs, feet, hands, and arms. Never itchy. Not raised. At times with unknown purple bruise marks as well on my knees and shoulders. I followed last month to see my doctor again and was told they were caused by stress, and ranned a urine test... + Trace of blood and 1+ protein in urine, but was not talked about it. Was positive again for ANA nucleolar pattern. CMPanel was good except for low bun/creatine, and just low sodium. Blood cell count was good. Ferretin just low and iron panel not the best but okay. Vitamin D good.
Medical background: BMI: 22, 22 years old, female, mexican american. -ADHD(innatentive type), diagnosed less than a year ago, taking concerta -Minor kyohosis-scoliosis -Ran allergy tests a year ago and only sensitive to dust, seasonal, and slightest to dog/cat hair. -Inhaler, after I didnt do so great on the breathing test. Im not as active as before due to running out of breathe easily. -Had iron infusions in spring after hematologist checked me for only vitamin B12 and zinc and was okay. -Episodes of vertigo at least once a month since May. -was told maybe fibro or sjogrens as ideas to what I had from my doc.
Random?? symptoms: -Numbness sensations on upper back. -Summer had electric shock pain sensations on back, and was prescribed 5mg of Cyclobenzaprine whenever it happened. -I seemed to have pulled something on my back? days ago, and had extreme sharp pain when I moved a certain way, laughed, on my chest at times as well. Had a dry cough at times. Felt better after 2 days. -lost 13lbs without trying since late august, around the amount of lbs I lost as well as when I had a flare that started in 2019. -dry and gritty eyes, eye pain(I wear contacts)
Family bg: father had vitiligo and passed due to cirrhosis, mother has dervitucilitis, maternal grandpa heart valve replacement. Nothing 'odd' from what I know.
I'm still awaiting to see a rheumatologist due to my busy schedule +money. Should I be worried and go on with it? Any suggestions?
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2021.10.27 00:51 _nachosandsalsa_ never forgive, never forget.

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2021.10.27 00:51 Candid_Resolution100 Fixed home in ramen noodles

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2021.10.27 00:51 nan_creates NASCAR + JAILBREAK EVENT SIKIN

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2021.10.27 00:51 NoahMccoy33 m

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2021.10.27 00:51 HornyHeracross I'll never forget [Original]

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2021.10.27 00:51 xModulus My McMuffin came with the sacred purple circle. It’s a sign.

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2021.10.27 00:51 micakarylle Looking for scholarship

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2021.10.27 00:51 mimikyumom i (17F) destroyed my relationship with my best friend/ex (18M). what should i do? how can i improve?

oh man, this story is a doozy, but i’m at such a loss and can barely function, the guilt is crushing me. (TW: mentions of s3lf-h#rm, r#p3/co3rcion, abus3)
for some background: we met when i was 15 and had just been through a bad breakup. we clicked instantly and within a month he (i’ll call him O for the sake of simplicity) was my whole world - i knew if nothing else, he was at least my platonic soulmate. about 6 months later (in july) the spark faded for me and i broke up with him. he was absolutely crushed, but we stayed close friends. then 5 months after that (late october early november), i realized i was still in love and we rekindled our relationship. i was so happy.
in early february, i was struck with a mysterious sickness & intense stress that left me in long isolation (and i now have chronic fatigue syndrome & a permanent high fever). all of that threw me into a depressive spiral, in which i took a break from him and kept my struggles to myself for fear of burdening. i began self harming again - i have PTSD from being s3xu4lly abus3d at a young age and i s3lf-h#rm by giving my body to strangers, because i was taught that’s all i’m good for. i even broke a 5-year clean streak from c#tting. i kept all of my stress and struggle away from O because he was dealing with his own issues and i couldn’t bear to add to his burden.
by the time late may/early june rolled around, i was in a healthier state of mind (or so i thought) and told him i was ready to continue. to my naive, surprise, at that point he had moved on and was in love with someone else (he tried to lie to me about it because he knew i’d be hurt, but the truth came out eventually). he was afraid to try again with me. i felt like the rug had been pulled from under my feet, completely blindsided. i had just crawled through hell thinking i’d be back in his arms soon, only to be told otherwise. with that, something in me just… snapped. i was angry and betrayed and upset beyond belief, it felt like everything had been a lie.
O did his best to stay kind, he truly did want to stay friends, but i couldn’t handle the thought of no longer being his number 1 as i had been for the past year & a half. this is where i started to dig myself a deeper grave of mistakes. i started messing around with his friend (H). H offered me support and a shoulder to cry on during the whole situation, and i was too selfish to think twice about how it might affect O. i wanted him to be jealous, to realize what he was missing out on. i then began ignoring O entirely - he repeatedly tried to reach out about how it was hurting him and that he wanted to make up, but i felt vindictive that he was feeling the hurt i was experiencing. my anger blinded me to the fact that he was truly hurting.
i attempted to befriend the girl he had developed feelings for (i’ll call her M) in an effort to overcome my internalized misogyny (i knew it wasn’t her fault), but she was an easy target for me to beat up in order to feel better about myself. i was cordial to her face but talked about how i was much better behind her back. i eventually stopped and realized i was being shitty to her when she said something genuinely kind to me (honestly i thought she hated me). hell, i was mean about her when talking to O. and to O himself, i became emotionally/verbally abusive, to say the least. i was bitter, cold, and insecure to the point of narcissism. i wanted him to hurt the way i did. i felt backstabbed, although realistically i know i had no reason to.
in the end, i had backstabbed and hurt him beyond repair. i officially cut contact on august 1st (i’m writing this on october 26th) because i couldn’t handle our relationship anymore and knew he couldn’t be happy with me in his life. now i’m glad i did it for other reasons: i wasn’t just blocking his happiness, i was actively preventing it. it was emotional abuse and i have no excuses for the way i acted.
honestly, i have no idea why i went so far off the deep end. it’s now almost 3 months since the day and all i can think is “what the fuck is wrong with me? why did i do that? i hope he’s okay. he hates me, i’m sure”. a couple of his friends have since come after me pretty cruelly (to the point where i had to private all social media and remove anyone associated to that group) and i wouldn’t blame them, but they did blow the whole thing out of proportion by accusing me of coercing him s3xu#lly too. to me, an actual victim of s3xual abus3 and someone who makes 110% sure all her partners are comfortable before doing anything, that is completely disgusting. and no matter how much i say “i know i’m not the victim here, i take responsibility for my actions and am getting help”, they still say i’m playing the victim and won’t acknowledge what i did. so that sucks, but if they’re determined to make me more of a villain, nothing i say will stop them. i have no power in that situation and it’s my own fault.
since then, i’ve been making a conscious effort to avoid any similar future situations. i hate the people who hurt/abused me so much, and to think i am one in the eyes of someone i cherished like no other? it’s soul-crushing and a real eye opener. but what do i do with this knowledge?
i’ve gotten on new medication, i’m seeing a new therapist, and we’re working on a potential BPD diagnosis (as she thinks it could be why i reacted the way i did). i don’t ever want to be the monster i was all those months ago. i’m truly disgusted at myself and can never be sorry enough to O for how i treated him (and i also apologize to M for talking badly about her. she’s beautiful and talented and deserved none of that). i am not the victim in this situation. i fucked up well and truly beyond repair, so now i’m doing my damndest to atone.
now after that LONG backstory, i come humbly to you redditors. i’ve realized i never truly apologized to O for everything. i miss him terribly - it feels like i’ve torn out a chunk of my heart and replaced it with guilt, regret, anger… i can’t eat or sleep or work. i miss my best friend. i want him to know how sorry i am, and i know sorry doesn’t fix a broken plate, but it’s the least i can do. what should i do? should i continue to stay away and let him reach out on his own time, or reach out myself to apologize? at this point i’d be shocked if he didn’t hate me or regard me as his abusiv3 ex, so i don’t know what path to take here.
and lastly, what can i do to keep improving myself? i want to be a good person. i want to be in control of my emotions and handle my pain normally. i don’t want to hurt anyone ever again.
to anyone still reading, thank you. i just needed to get this off my chest and ask for a little direction.
TLDR: had on-off relationship with my best friend, went batshit with pain & anger when i found out he had moved on, ended up damaging our friendship beyond repair by becoming abusive, then cut him off because he deserves better. now i’m drowning in regret and want to be a better person.
please refrain from comments about how i’m a bad person or anything of the sort, i am already fully aware. please be kind.
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2021.10.27 00:51 abhii_wise Sexy Sharma🔥

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2021.10.27 00:51 MyNinjasPwn When your owner drives past the dog park

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2021.10.27 00:51 Cockbert91 She's live right now

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2021.10.27 00:51 Pharmacist515 Z6 with z20mm F1.8s. room for improvement? Thanks.

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2021.10.27 00:51 Professional-Ice8176 Need one for rec ps5

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2021.10.27 00:51 Azailicy fucking hate nobushi mains

light spamming machine
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2021.10.27 00:51 Extra-Boysenberry I see a guy with a Cessna 172 on the ramp. Can I give him my resume as a commercial pilot?

Does this count as holding out?
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2021.10.27 00:51 Ok_Gear_6222 No batches?

I'm in Baltimore county in Maryland and I never see batches. Is something going on? Or is this the new normal
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2021.10.27 00:51 Own-Conference-4385 He Did It!!!

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