1st gen oem stereo not functioning

2021.10.20 18:56 enblightened 1st gen oem stereo not functioning

Hello guys, i recently bought a first gen 3 to practice stick shift on while i wait for a good deal on a nc/nd miata. The seller had a pioneer headunit in the car with a backup cam, and he didn’t want to come down to my price for the car because he believed the headunit was worth $1000. I told him i would be fine with the oem stereo since i had my own pioneer headunit to put in, and he put the oem stereo back in. For some reason though, there is nothing appearing on the lcd digital display on the left side, the only in the right corner for climate control. The whole screen is orange backlit, and there appears to be no damage, and when i roll the climate knob the numbers scroll on the right corner of the screen as well. pressing all of the audio buttons, cd, radio etc does nothing. Is anyone aware of a fix for this? It is plugged in with the proprietary mazda wiring harness. I tried switching it with my own pioneer headunit i previously mentioned, and the audio is functional. any insight is appreciated!
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2021.10.20 18:56 microzone Anyone else get refunded for their CLB CD purchase?

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2021.10.20 18:56 ChaosofaMadHatter Seven ish months out from my concussion, and now dealing with dizzy spells.

To note, I am planning on following up with the doc when I’m able to.
Almost all of my symptoms are gone or manageable. Apparently my concussion messed with my eye script and that should be corrected in the next few weeks with new glasses.
But now I’m dealing with random dizzy spells if I turn too fast or look up and walk at the same time. These are both very normal actions in my line of work. I didn’t have these when I first got my concussion- is it normal for sometimes debilitating dizzy spells to show up so long after a concussion? Or should I be looking elsewhere?
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2021.10.20 18:56 New-Yogurtcloset2056 I have to say, we are very happy with this!

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2021.10.20 18:56 Goku420Blaze Giratina raid - 3802 1020 5544

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2021.10.20 18:56 Colin_Bowell Great day for my new gear to arrive in time for the game tonight; Rooting for the Suns from Tennessee since the 90s.

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2021.10.20 18:56 Splatstick24 Looking for spare golden casket and/or western style stone DIYs

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2021.10.20 18:56 Kalifiahakaha What’s the bing yadfamean on fire

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2021.10.20 18:56 creampieyourself Ayoooooooooooo

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2021.10.20 18:56 zizzyphoto [S][USA-WA] Nikon D850 with extra battery and L-Bracket

Selling my workhorse, the Nikon D850. Fresh back from Nikon Service for Maintance, it comes with a Kirks Solution L bracket and extra battery. It's been a great camera, and the pictures it produces are astounding. It has a few minor scratches here and there from normal use, but otherwise is in great condition. I will still be using it until it sells. Moving to medium Format, which is the only reason why I'm selling.
Asking 2400 .Paypal only. Sorry, no international shipping. Thanks!
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2021.10.20 18:56 BR-55 stop posting about your sexuality test

pls, its annoying
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2021.10.20 18:56 Wloem List of Android games for the Retroid Pocket 2

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2021.10.20 18:56 PieManThe4th Had to jump on the bandwagon before it’s too late

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2021.10.20 18:56 blueschu56 Is my mom an Alkoholic ?

She drinks around 100 Grams a day so in a week between 700-900 Gramm as standard. But she only drinks vine and beer no Hard stuff is this still considered as alkoholic ?
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2021.10.20 18:56 LSARefugee Biden heads to Scranton as Democrats try to rally around new spending target

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2021.10.20 18:56 s_raaf Please look at this monstrosity… I’ve made a huge mistake

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2021.10.20 18:56 prettyflybutnowifi What if I’m just genuinely not a good person? What if I always feel like this

I’m just having a bit of a moment in bed. I’m in rehab. 31 days off cocaine and alcohol. 14 days off weed. I feel awful. Each day I get more and more depressed. I’m breaking myself down the mask and trying to find the real me. What happens if this is the real me? I don’t feel like I will be happy again. I used drugs as way to deal with my emotions my entire life. I hated my self when i was on drugs. I still hate myself sober but now I can’t push them down with drugs.
I know this is all nonsense it’s just what’s running through my head right now. I am all over the place.
I have a sponsor. Im half way through rehab.
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2021.10.20 18:56 Sea-Fold-5460 The new badges on fb

So i looked into the Facebook badges. The anniversary follower has a number to the left of it showing how long you have followed him on Facebook. The milestone follower is just someone who follows him for awhile. The thing is, It is all new. So no matter how long you have followed him everyone is at one year. if you have over that or at least. Any under is milestone. ( This was brought up in the Facebook stream today. Incase any were wondering.)
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2021.10.20 18:56 Pandaboy1979 RIP

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2021.10.20 18:56 Warpedtoweave Tags and dealing with Reader Expectations

So I haven’t written anything that I’ve posted in well over a decade but I played a game this past year that got me super passionate again and I started a fic that I’ve been posting as a WiP mostly to give some motivation to actually finish it on paper and not just in my head.
It’s got some very trope-y bones (groundhog day themes) but I clearly tagged it at the start as only sort of a fix-it and as having Major Character Death and Canon-Typical Violence.
Because of the trope, some of the readers decided that I didn’t mean for the tag(s) to apply in the primary timeline of the story. I had posted something in a fandom chat asking about some pretty brutal stuff I was considering including. The question I was trying to ask was about if it was more important to stay in-character even if it would be a lot darker or if it would be a cheating a bit to back-off and do something a bit less intense but still very serious even if I feel like a character would have been more brutal.
The response I got really kind of floored me – there was a lot of talk about how it wasn’t okay to add something like torture into a WiP – that it would only be OK to include if I’d tagged it from the start. A writer that I really respect and who’s commented positively on the fic up until now basically said that I’d wasted her time reading and commenting on it because if she’d known I was going to include torture and actual Major Character Death she never would have clicked onto it (In a panic I assured her it wasn’t her favorite characters I was going to kill but actually that’s not really true because one of them is going to die at the end and always was, it just wasn’t going to be an unhappy death so I kind of forgot about it in my freak-out).
All of this over ONE SCENE where I was debating someone losing a hand. I had planned to add a torture warning and a heads up in the notes of that chapter once I decided what was actually going to go in the fic but the response to this has me seriously considering just deleting the whole thing from AO3 or at least not bothering to post the finish of it. The game this is for canonically implies the PC gets raped, has a whole scene where the PC is only marginally less graphically tortured than what I was going to write, has a dude that gets beheaded, another guy get his arm sawed off and some murderer running around leaving body parts all over the map. I did not think that me adding this partway through the fic was gonna be a big deal for anyone that actually played the game this fic is based on.
I’m frustrated and hurt and kind of pissed off. Maybe I’m legit in the wrong here, but I did tag it from the start as being violent and nothing I’m adding is outside of canon-typical. I don’t often post things anymore entirely because I’ve had readers and fandoms get very aggressive about things they Don’t Like before and this was going out on a limb to post in the first place.
I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do here. It's possible that this is a very loud reaction from a very minority of readers but… I legit had a panic attack thinking about getting hate messages over this kind of shit. And bonus I now feel alienated from the fandom group at large.
I guess I just wanted to vent and see if anyone else had run into something similar. What did you decide to do about it? How do you even deal with readers deciding what kind of story you’re writing for you? The whole thing I love about writing tropey-stuff is being able to challenge the norms of the trope but if no one is going to believe your tags because it’s a trope theme and everyone over-uses them out of caution, why bother tagging anything in the first place?
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2021.10.20 18:56 Cathar06 well while i'm at it, one more (i'm really far left wing if you couldn't tell)

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2021.10.20 18:56 BillCurrent7194 Wife mother cat lover

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2021.10.20 18:56 Cute-Candies [Casual] People from Oregon, do you think this is a true story? (People from Oregon USA)

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2021.10.20 18:56 Necromancer1040 What Happened to Upstart Goblin?

Hey everyone! I'm back again with another video. And we're going to talk about an interesting issue that's largely been undetected. And it's something that Paul from team APS noticed about the state of draw cards in the meta. And I'll be giving my thoughts on the current state of draw cards along with talking about the insights raised by Paul. However, I'll mainly be focusing on 1 draw card in particular. And I'll be focusing on Upstart Goblin since it has had such resounding meta success. Link to the video: https://youtu.be/e4inVZBBz74
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2021.10.20 18:56 Money_These *Restock Alert* Saint-Placide (Mono/Cerise) | Available Now

4:56pm CT | US site
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