Birthday Songs... Luke and Jackson doing "Runaway" (Bon Jovi) for Greg

2021.10.27 00:53 DeetsMagill22 Birthday Songs... Luke and Jackson doing "Runaway" (Bon Jovi) for Greg

Some kids started this "trend" doing birthday songs for people. They would play the instruments, sing the songs, do the mix...whole 9, and then post the song to the person's FB page on their birthday. It's usually a song that means something to them. Coolest gift ever. (I got one) This song was done for a guy named Greg. Luke Short is singing all the parts and Jackson Ramone is doing the instruments. Drums were programmed, the rest is Jackson, he's a killer guitar player. Luke sang the shit out of this, and laughs at the end because of that high part...hahaha
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2021.10.27 00:53 MissSwagg Need a function to match Interco Balances

In simple terms, I need a formula to check for these 2 matrix, for example, where B-A in matrix 1 (e.g. 123) equals A-B in matrix 1 (e.g. 123). I am thinking of using conditional formatting but i dont know how to create formula. other alternative solutions are welcome. Thank you~
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2021.10.27 00:53 oakal1 Lace up or buckles?

I will be purchasing a pretty posture collar for my sub as a surprise. Any thoughts on lace up vs buckles? I would think lace up will provide a better fit. Locking doesn’t really seem important to me.
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2021.10.27 00:53 kittyflaps Blep

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2021.10.27 00:53 SwiftQRP27 My love for RED is never ending

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2021.10.27 00:53 mrkhaixtreme1357 i have seen weird shit here, WHY

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2021.10.27 00:53 OccasionAsleep Is it possible to get carts discreetly deliverd? If so any website recommendations for safe carts .

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2021.10.27 00:53 Tai3006 This cat is breathing fire

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2021.10.27 00:53 wrwyo Not getting free bets from Bet MGM

Anyone having trouble getting free bets from promos at Bet MGM? I signed up for a Bet MGM account and have been a Draft Kings customer. They had a risk free first bet promotion. I lost the bet and didn’t get the free bets to my account. I emailed there support and they apologized and said they added the free bets. They never showed up and I’ve sent screen shots and they can’t seem to fix.
Anyone else having this problem?
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2021.10.27 00:53 fullerton_hotel Will Honda Fit wheels fit my 05 civic?

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2021.10.27 00:53 Chemical_Coach1437 Bard Macro

So, very new. Got SCH to 80 and wanted to try dps. Got into Bard.
Recently made a straight shot > heavy shot macro to make sure I don't miss any straight shot procs.
Also freed up a cross hot bar slot which if any play on console, they know how that feels.
My questions: 1. Is a straight shot > heavy shot macro bad and if not..... then

  1. Can I add blood letter below heavy shot to ensure I get all blood letter procs out during heavy shots gcd?
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2021.10.27 00:53 MadaraUchihaSan does anyone have an issue with mycoles website?

i’m unable to login in currently it says my account and password dint match but they do. what’s the issue?
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2021.10.27 00:53 fairymoonie This is not my karma

this is my resurrection. I thought I was dead but I’m not. And now I’m stronger, watch me rise.
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2021.10.27 00:53 Jonster90 60% off code on select items like shutterfly

60% off select items
Sign up for their trial for shipping and I got $10 to spend as well
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2021.10.27 00:53 rosebudflores My 12 month old puts both hands behind her head.

Hello, wanted to see if anyone else’s toddler does this. It’s really random any time of day, she will randomly put both hands behind her head and look at me then puts them down (usually like 5 seconds) anyone else?
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2021.10.27 00:53 faathoms hey raysfire! I made you a pizza!

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2021.10.27 00:53 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy EOS TRUST (EOST) - Step By Step Guide

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2021.10.27 00:53 hardmaru [R] Parameter Prediction for Unseen Deep Architectures

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2021.10.27 00:53 Passion_Flat Let's Open Clinics For This Purpose

Argument - Monty Python - YouTube
This would be a great way to vent, and reduce tensions.
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2021.10.27 00:53 ZuzuInDisguise I feel bad for this guy…..

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2021.10.27 00:53 chouginga_hentai DanDumb

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2021.10.27 00:53 Lg8191 Redid my rust-bucket 870 (I hate 870’s) with the ol rattlecan paint job. Hopefully, it won’t grow anymore rust.

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2021.10.27 00:53 silvsilvy Is it bad to cut your hair fresh out the shower?

Since I dampen it anyway before cutting, is it bad if I cut it right out of the shower after toweling it partly dry but still wet? Or should I wait for it to dry and then dampen it?
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2021.10.27 00:53 jobsinanywhere [Watch] Matthew Hayden, Vernon Philander address Pakistan team after win over New Zealand

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