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Deadeye Silver worth it?

worth definition: 1. having a particular value, especially in money: 2. having a particular amount of money: 3. to…. Learn more. Worth: Directed by Sara Colangelo. With Michael Keaton, Amy Ryan, Stanley Tucci, Tate Donovan. An attorney in Washington D.C. battles against cynicism, bureaucracy and politics to help the victims of 9/11. worth: [noun] monetary value. the equivalent of a specified amount or figure. Worth is a media company that connects, informs and inspires our community to be their best selves and make an impact on the world. Worth connects, informs and inspires our community to be their best selves and make an impact on the world through expert content, live and digital events, podcasts, videos and more. Worth is a 2020 biographical film directed by Sara Colangelo, from a screenplay by Max Borenstein. It stars Michael Keaton, Amy Ryan, Stanley Tucci, Tate Donovan, Shunori Ramanathan, and Laura Benanti.It had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 24, 2020. The film was released in a limited release and on Netflix on September 3, 2021. Worth. 2021 | PG-13 | 1h 58m | Movies Based on Real Life. In the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, a lawyer faces an emotional reckoning as he attempts to put a dollar value on the lives lost. Based on real events. Starring: Michael Keaton, Stanley Tucci, Amy Ryan. Define worth. worth synonyms, worth pronunciation, worth translation, English dictionary definition of worth. n. 1. The quality that renders something desirable, useful, or valuable: the worth of higher education. 2. Material or market value: stocks having a worth... Following the horrific 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, Congress appoints attorney and renowned mediator Kenneth Feinberg (Michael Keaton) to lead the September 11th Victim ... 15 synonyms of worth from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 54 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for worth. Worth: the relative usefulness or importance of something as judged by specific qualities. CONTACT. Live Chat;; Commerce: 1-888-989-6784; Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm ET; Worth Bat Warranty Dept: 1-800-423-3714

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Seems like this badge is definitely worth it if it is gold or higher, but can anyone verify if it’s worth on silver?
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2021.10.27 01:43 TetraV2 Altcoin JASMY is gaining traction and popularity. When will binance start listing it?

Just as the title says, JASMY is an alt coin that has gone up 461% in the last month, and it is only growing. Coinbase AND Kucoin has already listed it on their platform recently but I have heard no news of it coming to binance yet.
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🔥“Staking PRO” Phase 2 Goes Live🎉 🎁APR up to 53.6%
⏰14:00, October 27, 2021 (GMT+8)
🔶 $CRV $ARPA $FTM are vailable.
For details, see “AOFEX Saving Product Staking PRO” Phase 2 Goes Live with APR up to 53.6%
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First sale here. Finally got an EVGA 3000 series from the waitlist and now looking to sell my Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super Gaming OC locally for $800. Zip is 33401 - Accepting Paypal G&S (will send invoice) or cash.
It is in excellent condition. No scratches or dings, never mined on, never overclocked, temps never exceeding 65°C. Most demanding process was probably 5 hours of Cyberpunk before I got my refund.
Purchased in August 2019 and still has ~22 months left on warranty (not sure how/if transfer works with Gigabyte, but I'd be happy to send you over all of the purchase information and receipts if needed).
Will come in original box with original packaging and foam mold protection.
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2021.10.27 01:43 SillyOverwatchStuff [Mobile games]: Don't mess with my waifu: how putting a popular anime character into a swimsuit actually UPSET a bunch of Arknights players

Hello again, friends! A lot of people enjoyed my Passenger write up (thank you all so much!) and quite a number of you asked me to elaborate on the Ch’en alter drama (Chalter, if you will,) which was something I alluded to at the end of the Passenger post. So, here we go! It’s time to talk about the one actual scummy thing Arknights has done. This requires a lot of backstory for those of you who have never played the game, so strap in, and thank you fellow doctors for bearing with me. Once again, most of these links are images or sources for context purposes.
Summary: Popular Chinese mobile game Arknights takes an underpowered but very popular character and releases a new version of her that’s just her in a swimsuit now, without acknowledging or fixing her original version, for a limited time only (read: cheap cash grab) with zero heads up. Chaos ensues.
A Quick Introduction (This is a copy and paste from the Passenger write up so feel free to skip if you’ve read that already)
Arknights is a tower defense mobile game made by Hypergryph, a Chinese company, starring anime styled human characters (called “operators”) that have animal features like tails and ears for No Reason In Particular and act as your “towers”. It released in May 2019 in China (CN), followed by a Japanese, Korean, and English (Global) release in January 2020. After some schedule fast forwarding, the latter servers are now about six months behind in content compared to the CN server, meaning we get to know what’s coming based on the CN updates and have plenty of time to plan accordingly; CN, meanwhile, gets blindsided with every announcement.
Gacha is short for gachapon, which is like those machines you see in grocery stores where you put a quarter in and get a cheap toy in a capsule, only in Japan and with actual quality small collectibles inside. Gacha games are the video game version of this, where a central mechanic is “pulling” or “rolling” (as in gambling) for in-game items and characters. Think blind boxes, only digital and you can’t just go on eBay to get the one you actually want. Genshin Impact and AFK Arena are gacha games you’ve probably seen ads for.
Arknights’ gacha is restricted to operators. There are six types of rarities, marked by stars, with 1 star being the lowest and 6 star being the highest. About every two weeks new operators are announced, often one 6 star and 5 star with the occasional 4 star. These operators premiere on “banners” with a rate up (meaning if you pulled their rarity, it’s usually a 50% chance it’s them) and you use in-game currency that you can get for free or purchase with real money to roll for a chance to get them.
Now here’s a(nother) thing about Arknights As I discussed before, Arknights is rare in the gacha gaming world in that it actually respects women by giving them (mostly) non-sexualiized designs, and Hypergryph, the developers, are extremely generous as far as gacha games go, regularly gifting their players with resources and other goodies and making their gacha rates relatively fair (well, as fair as gambling can be.) As a result, many people got into Arknights specifically because it wasn’t like other gachas, not just in terms of gameplay but character design, story, and its practices. So when this drama hit, it hit hard, dragging the entire fanbase into chaos.
But first, I need to tell you about the infamous trio of Arknights: The Moody Blues.
The Moody Blues is a nickname granted to three of the weakest 6 stars in the game: Skadi, Mostima, and the problematic child in question, Ch’en. These three are known as such because they are all mostly blue colored, and are unfortunately the most underwhelming 6 stars out there (minus Passenger.) Now, Arknights is for the most part pretty good when it comes to avoiding powercreep (I said for the most part) but the Moody Blues are some of the earliest 6 stars added post-launch, and each one of them are part of a different underwhelming archetype, so future operators/content kind of left them in the dust. We’ll get into detail about Skadi and Ch’en in a minute, but first, let’s talk about Lava.
Living in Purgatory During Arknight’s first Chinese New Year event in 2020, we’re treated to a story about Lava and her quest to save the world from the Nian, an extremely powerful dragon with the power to summon illusions and monsters. Except, this is what Lava actually looks like. At the end of the story it’s revealed that the whole thing was actually a movie script being written by Lava and her friend Nian (who actually looks like this), who wrote themselves to be complete bad asses because let’s be honest, wouldn’t you? Anyway, Lava’s “6 star look” was super well received by fans, and many requested it to be a skin for the actual Lava. Fast forward several months, and during a livestream for Arknights CN, it was revealed that yes, we will be getting the bad ass Lava! Sorta.
Enter the alter system.
Now, to many gacha games, alters are nothing new; they’re a different version of the same character, usually just them only in seasonal-appropriate attire (and yes there are many swimsuits) but are otherwise completely unchanged. Many have accused this of being very cash-grabby, and because Arknights had been the “least gacha gacha game”, it became very worrying when they announced this mechanic. “But wait!” Hypergryph said. “We ain’t doing that boring holiday stuff.” Instead, their alter system would be focused on the character’s story; in this case, Lava, a normally 3 star caster (mage), trained her butt off until she became Lava the Purgatory (originally known as just Purgatory,) a now 5 star caster that could do cool things like make literal rings of fire [warning: flashing lights]. This was a really cool idea, as it had the potential to make many lower rarities more valuable to advanced players; while 3 star operators aren’t trash per se, they’re meant for lower level players and you’ll very quickly be replacing them once you get higher rarities that can do more stuff and get promoted further than 3 stars can. Most of the lower rarities actually have a lot of lore, and Purgatory opened the door for how your favorite little guy could maybe turn into a complete boss with an alter some day.
Now, Arknights takes its lore super seriously, even giving every skin a reason to exist aside from “idk the artist just wanted to draw them like that”, so they announced that with the alter system came new rules: you can only have one version of a character in your team, so there’s no Back to the Future paradoxes going on. Now I need to stress that while alters were technically the same person, they were treated as completely different operators; you had to pull for them and level them up just like any other unit. This is different from Amiya, who can unlock the ability to switch between classes because she’s the main character and therefore special. But it’s ok! Lava the Purgatory was completely free, as you could unlock her just by playing the event she came with. Plus, they introduced a sort of “refund” system for materials, so each time you promoted an alter you got a few of those resources back. Now, at the time, we didn’t know if Lava the Purgatory was a special one time deal, but the description of one of her non-combat skills specifically mentioned that it affects other “alternates” so it was pretty safe to say that they were planning more for the future.
And plan more they did Enter Skadi, one of the Moody Blues mentioned earlier. Now, Skadi is a veeeery popular character, with plenty of merchandise starring just her, and there was even a time where a student was interviewed on live television regarding China’s intense college entrance exams, but all he said was “Give Skadi a skin.” Well. someone at Hypergryph was listening, because later they announced that Skadi would indeed be getting a skin, with her sword being changed to an orca plushie because you didn’t know you needed to see someone literally whaling on an enemy until now. This skin would later go on to be the fifth highest selling skin in the game, which is very impressive being that skins are usually only available for a short time.
But if Skadi is so popular, why is she a member of the Moody Blues? Well, that’s simple: she’s super outclassed. Skadi was the first 6 star released post-launch, of an archetype that was pretty underwhelming--unless she was your favorite, you’d probably be bringing in someone else to do her job and then some. Which is a shame, as her lore says she can level mountains single handedly, and is super mysterious hinting that she and a small selection of others were the only things stopping a Cthulu-like abomination from emerging from the depths and destroying the world. Oh, and she liked to sing when no one was looking. I promise that is actually important.
During CN’s second anniversary livestream, Skadi the Corrupting Heart was announced. This version of Skadi was something from an alternate universe, in which she failed to stop the Eldritch horror and instead embraced it, becoming (Mermaid Man voice) EVIL. In terms of gameplay, she went from assassin to support, using her siren-like singing to enchant buffs on allies and debuffs on enemies. This archetype was previously held by a whole one operator (Sora) that was considered underwhelming (sound familiar?) as she can’t attack and instead relies on her skills to buff others (with a very slight heal to nearby allies) which isn’t always necessary and there are others that can do the same thing and attack/heal properly. But Skadi was different: her buffs were insanely strong, and one of her skills even causes defense-ignoring damage. Also she can do a precious dance now, leading to her global nickname “Skadance” (or Skalter.)
There was a problem with Skadi the Corrupting Heart, however: she would be a limited operator. Now, the way limited operators work is that they’re put on a rate up for that banner (usually 70% chance of pulling either them or the other rate up 6 star, if you pull that rarity) but only that banner; unlike new operators, whom after their debut are put into the normal pool, limited operators would be gone for a whole year, and when they return you’ll have less than a 1% chance to roll them in particular. If you’re a collector or a huge spender, you had to have them, and I think you can already see how predatory this is. Arknights has a pity when pulling on banners: for every single one you’re guaranteed at least a 5 star within your first ten rolls, and 6 stars have a 2% chance of being pulled, which may sound little but is actually high for gacha games (usually it’s 1% or less for the highest rarities.) If you don’t get a 6 star by your 50th roll, the percentage rises by 2% every time until it hits 100% at the 100th roll. That’s a lot, but you’d have to be pretty damn unlucky to make it that far without getting a 6 star. However, since all limited operators share a rate up with another (non-limited) 6 star operator, it’s entirely possible the pity will kick in and give you the one you weren’t aiming for, and once you pull a 6 star, the pity resets back to 2%. As a way to make the big spenders happy, a system was added after the first limited banner (called the “spark system” by players) that guarantees a rate up 6 star operator of your choice after 300 pulls. Now, each pull costs 600 of the gacha currency. If you’re free to play (F2P,) the only way to get more of it is through daily and weekly tasks; if you maxed out all possible ways, you can consistently get 3,000 a week (there are a few other non-consistent ways, but they don’t give you much, assuming you get them at all.) That means you’d have to spend 420 days saving up if you’re starting from 0, assuming you don’t use the premium currency, which are a finite resource and the only way to buy skins so many F2P players prefer to hold onto theirs. That’s over a year without ever rolling on any banner, debut or standard (you do get 24 free pulls each limited banner, but that’s really not much in the grand scheme of things.) By this I think it’s pretty clear that the spark system was not made for F2P, but really determined ones could certainly still make use of it.
So already you got some players on the “🤔hmm…” side of things with the questionable limited availability. There was also criticism that a 6 star operator getting a 6 star alter was vastly different from Lava the Purgatory, and that this doesn’t fix OG Skadi (you can’t even have Skadance buff her as you can’t have them on the same team.) But, many others were ok with it, as this was an alternate universe version of Skadi, and a really interesting one at that. It also meant that now characters could switch classes with an alter version, bringing up ideas like the medics in the lore that were fighters before they gave up the sword and became doctors, or the elderly operators getting an alter of them in their prime.
Taking Skadi’s popularity into account, as well as the fact that the other new 6 star was Kal’tsit, a majorly important NPC that was originally playable only in the beta, it’s no surprise that this banner made an estimated $64 million USD during its two week run on CN alone.
“Wow!” Hypergryph thought as they checked out the numbers. “Giving this popular character a swimsuit skin made a ton of money, and releasing an alter version made a ton of money. If we combine those two, it’s sure to make even more money! This is a great idea!”
Narrator: it was not a great idea Let’s talk about Ch’en.
Ch’en is one of the most popular characters in all of Arknights, even more than Skadi. She has three figures to herself, rivaled only by Amiya, who’s the mascot of the game, and real Shanghai cops even cosplayed her to teach online safety tips. Ch’en is a Lung (human with Chinese dragon features) from Lungmen (Arknights’ Hong Kong equivalent) and is a high ranking police officer. She plays a major part in the story, and arrived as a playable character with the first chapter released shortly after launch (Chapter 5). In it, she is a complete boss, using her sword to reflect bullets and take on the Big Bad in very anime fashion. Her playable form reflects this power, being able to instantly delete swarms of enemies with her second skill and even going all “omae wa mou shindeiru” for her third skill. At her release she was the only one in her archetype, dual strike guard, which are melee damage units that hit twice with every attack. She was absolute top tier, high on everyone’s “must upgrade” list, and many shelled out hard for her during her debut banner. Her skin, a traditional Chinese dress released during the Chinese New Year event, was even the third highest selling in the game. So what went wrong?
Well, the game continued on without her. In order to keep dual strike guards balanced, each hit actually does less damage than a usual guard’s. In earlier content, this isn’t a big deal, but in later content enemies start to get beefier with stronger defense, which cuts down significantly on received damage. Alas, despite becoming a bigger part of each chapter, Ch’en fell down the list of useful operators with many others being better suited than her for later content. She still has a fair amount of players dedicated to using her no matter what (there was an absolute bloodbath recently in the comments of one of Arknights’ most well known fan sites when they lowered her from S tier to A tier) but in the end she wound up like the rest of the Moody Blues: great at one point, but hard to justify using over others now. With Skadi’s gigantic success, it was only natural for Hypergryph to consider giving Ch'en an alter. Except, uhh...this is what we got.
That’s Ch’en the Holungday (get it? Because she’s a Lung and on holiday?) and yes, it’s Ch’en in a barely fitting bikini with a super soaker. Now, that was only how she looked when fully promoted, and not her default look or her in-game sprite, but it was heavily used in the marketing and still sent a lot of players for a loop. Remember, people were ok with the alter system originally because it evolved from an operator’s lore. Ch’en the Holunday’s lore’s Ch’en. On holiday.
Now there are MANY reasons why this move upset a lot of people, so I’m going to break it down into a few points:

  1. It screamed lazy cash grab.
Ch’en made a cameo appearance during the first summer event, labeled as “Female Tourist C'' in the dialogue (this would later become a huge meme in the community.) Just like with Lava, players had been requesting this as a skin for almost two years at this point, so why wasn’t Ch’en the Holungday released as one? Arknights is no stranger to swimsuit/beach skins, with the highest selling of all time being one, and people preferred the skin approach as it made the whole look optional. Tying it to the alter’s lore was such a transparent way of saying “we know you’ll buy this” and many thought Hypergryph was better than that. The art was also severely critiqued, noting that Ch'en looked pretty pissed off for being on a beach vacation, and it looked suspiciously like another character, Blaze, and while the two share the same artist, this isn’t a problem with the other two characters he’s drawn (this is Hypergryph’s lead art director, by the way.) There was also the whole out of place look with her using a water gun of all things, even if it’s modified to actually be useful in a fight. Basically this is the exact problem people were worried about when the alter system was announced, one that Hypergryph was (originally) trying to avoid.
  1. It was a surprise limited banner
Ch’en the Holungday was the 6 star released with this year’s summer event, and she was limited. Previous summer events did not have limited banners, and this one came without any heads up or teaser at all. A lot of the CN players were pissed off as they didn’t save properly since they didn’t know it was coming. It didn’t help that this was the fourth limited banner within the year: limited banners were for the Chinese New Year, half year anniversary, and annual anniversary events, but this year we also got a collaboration with Rainbow 6: Siege as another limited banner. The first Chinese New Year (2020) was the first limited banner with Nian, but the spark system didn’t premiere until the next limited banner, the first year anniversary. Hypergryph was nice enough to not only rerun Nian’s banner with the spark system a year later, but also remember how many rolls you made on her banner the first time and add it to the tally for sparking. That’s great, however this rerun happened right before the 2021 Chinese New Year event, which added another new limited operator, Dusk, and that banner was immediately followed by the Rainbow 6 event; R6 wasn’t a limited banner in the traditional sense, as it was never outright stated that the event would never get a rerun, but given the nature of copyright and whatnot it’s not common for collabs in games to come back, so many assumed this was a “one and done” deal. Thankfully, Hypergryph changed the pity so you were guaranteed to get that banner’s solo 6 star (Ash) at 120 pulls max. Two months later came the second year anniversary (with Skadi the Corrupting Heart,) which people knew were coming as there was a limited banner last year too. Three months after that came Ch’en the Holungday--everyone was expecting a few more months until the next limited banner (the half year anniversary) so this caught us completely off guard.
People called back to when Hypergryph first announced limited banners during a stream, where they said they wouldn’t do more than three a year. However, looking back on this, the slide they showed actually said that there would only be three operator pools, with half anniversary and annual anniversary combining their pools. So technically, this was the third pool. Even so, with the Rainbow 6 event being only a few months ago, it set a lot of people off, and it’s fair to assume we’ll get more collabs in the future with the same problem.
  1. It came on top of a several-months-long content drought
There were seven events in between the second year anniversary and this summer event: two of them were new mini events (lasting only a week,) two were reruns, one was a log in event (meaning no new stages or actual content,) one was the recurring “hard mode” event, and one was a new event that was severely disappointing. The disappointing event was a series of stages where you could only use each operator once; while this was fun, it was poorly balanced, being too easy for veterans and too hard for newcomers. There was also a huge update around this time that was supposed to buff up a lot of the underperforming characters--players were hoping that it would reinvent the disappointing archetypes, but instead they were flat stat increases that either didn’t help at all or were for stats that weren’t a problem (good news is this is when Passenger became decent.) Hypergryph also tried to release “modules”, a system of unlockable buffs that applied to certain archetypes and operators, except they hardly did anything worth noting for the operators that really could have benefitted the most from this. Once again, the underwhelming archetypes remained in the dust.
Because reruns don’t add new operators (there was quite the backlash when Hypergryph attempted to do that) there were only a total of 5 new operators added in that three month period (normally there’s 2-3 new operators added every two weeks or so.) Reruns were also very boring to veterans; not only did they already play the stages and read the stories, but any first time clears were NOT reset, and beating stages for the first time was the only way to get the premium currency as a F2P outside of the occasional gift from log in events or long maintenances. Not only that, but one of the reruns was last year’s summer event, which had a very popular rogue-like game mode that many had requested as a permanent feature, except this request was ignored and the rerun removed the game mode. On top of all this, it was taking a whole year for the next chapter to come out (Chapter 9,) twice as long as all the other post-launch chapters.
Hypergryph remained silent this entire time, giving no indication of what events were coming in the future, how long Chapter 9 was going to take, or even if the rogue-like mode would ever come back in some form. So combine a whole lot of nothing to do with disappointing updates and throw in some broken promises, and you’ve got a seething fan base.
Fans on all servers had Opinions(TM) Unlike with Passenger, which global just pointed and laughed from the sidelines, Ch’en the Holungday worried players on all servers, as it could spell bad times for the game’s future. One side argued that it wasn’t a big deal, that this was a common thing for gacha and it’s no surprise it eventually made its way to Arknights. The other side argued that Arknights until this point had established a reputation as Not Like Other Girls and that’s specifically why they got into the game (a lot of women especially expressed their disappointment in the character design dropping this low.) One side thought a Ch’en alter, or even specifically this alter was just fine. The other repeated what they said about Skadi, that a 6 star operator did not also need a 6 star alter and this doesn’t fix OG Ch’en in the slightest. One side argued that Ch’en the Holungday was actually very strong, to the point of necessity for late game content: she had high damage, defense ignoring skills, and crowd control in the form of slowing enemies, on top of her being the only archetype with “true” area of effect (AOE) damage, meaning they attack all enemies in their range instead of just doing splash damage to grouped up enemies like other AOE archetypes (here’s an example with her being used in the “hardest version” of the “hard mode” event). Previous limited operators were fun and unique, but not necessary and could for the most part be replaced with other units. The other side argued that she was balanced just fine as her slow attack speed and short range made up for it, that as the first 6 star of the archetype it only makes sense she’d completely outclass the lower rarities, and that the average player would not be attempting super hard content like in the video above anyhow. One side argued that Ch’en the Holungday’s lore explained why she was in a swimsuit and used a water gun instead of her sword. The other argued that the lore was only there to justify her existence, instead of being like Skadi and Lava who got interesting character development out of it. One side argued that Hypergryph should lower the spark system from 300 to 200 so F2P actually have a chance. The other said that you don’t need any operator to finish the game and that she’ll be back next year, even if at a very low rate. Some people (me) said locking the theme of the banner to “summer fun” could quickly lead to creative bankruptcy, especially when they release half a dozen swimsuit skins every year. Others said why can’t we be friends and that they’ll probably pull anyway.
A lot of this was how arknights was reacting at the time--if I link it all this will just become a subredditdrama post, and unfortunately a lot of CN Arknights players don’t go on NGA anymore after a fandom war or something so I don’t have any juicy roasts from them, though from what I’ve heard they were also extremely upset, with some of the biggest spenders and content creators dropping the game outright and, of course, many saying they’ll never spend money on Arknights again.
The sandy aftermath With that all said and done, what do the numbers show? Well, uhh, we’re not actually sure! Estimates say it was the third lowest earning limited banner, though it’s important to note the two that it beat out were Dusk, who was sandwiched in between two other limited banners, and Rainbow 6, which people probably didn’t pull on if they weren’t a collector or interested in the charactefranchise and it had a low pity so it was easier to get the 6 star. It also didn’t help that Ch’en the Holungday shared a rate up with Mizuki, an ok-ish unit from an ok-ish archetype, a far cry from Skadi the Corrupting Heart and Kal’tist.
Hypergryph responded to the controversy by apologizing for the inconvenience and...fixing Ch’en’s face (left is old, right is new.) That...that’s it. Soon after the event Hypergryph announced oh hey, what do you know, Chapter 9 is ready to drop! And also a new (unrelated) game is being worked on! The convenient timing of this comes off as Hypergryph dangling the keys in front of you and saying “look at the shiny”, but it quickly changed everyone’s attention over to actually getting new content, and the impact of what Ch’en the Holungday will have on the future is only occasionally discussed. We’ll have to wait a year and see what they do for the next summer event, but it’s a shame Hypergryph hasn’t said anything as they’ve been very good with responding to criticism in the past.
So I’ve had this written as a draft for about a week now and CN just had their 2.5 year anniversary stream, where they announced the next limited operator. And it’s...drumroll...another alter. Granted, it’s far better than Ch’en the Holungday, but what’s disappointing is they didn’t acknowledge that whole controversy at all. I have no idea what CN’s thoughts are on this newly announced operator, but us on the global side are once again upset that it’s a limited alter (the third in a row, even!), although this time it’s for a 5 star at least. And good news is it’s not just “this person but in a swimsuit this time”, so...progress? The big issue though is this new operator is the same archetype as Skadi, and from the previews they showed during the stream, she absolutely blows Skadi out of the water. So that about dashes everyone's hopes of OG Skadi ever becoming useful ever again.
-End intermission-
Thanks a lot for sticking with me throughout this entire adventure! It’s not as funny as Passenger’s mess but I hope it was at least an interesting read :)
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2021.10.27 01:43 Live-Collection7774 Puoi viaggiare con un teletrasporto, ma solo una volta e solo in andata, dove vai? E come torni indietro?

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2021.10.27 01:43 BarneyToastmaster1 Jimmy Dore Fails 3rd Grade Reading Comprehension During Anti-Vax Clickbait Trash Job On Noam Chomsky

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2021.10.27 01:43 0rw3ll2021 That Dirty Green Energy - not sure that there’s a bigger lie out there than the one that says renewable energy is the path to a cleaner environment. It’s like Pinocchio with his pants on fire.

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2021.10.27 01:43 maria_garcia20 PHP vs Python: Which One to Choose for Web Development?

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2021.10.27 01:43 ZeroCalorieSoda LF> Touch Trade to Evolve Porygon 2 to Porygon Z

Last one to fill out the Isle of Armor Dex!
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2021.10.27 01:43 HollowSilly Economist 'DeFi Rabbit Hole' Cover NFT Sells for $419K in Ethereum - Decrypt

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2021.10.27 01:43 Lewenhart87 Sometimes this game really is something special

Ok ok ok story time.
My wife's 14 year old chihuahua named turbo has been declining in health rapidly this past week or so, we knew it could be any day now that he passes. She's been providing him the best comfort and babying him for the past day knowing it was gonna be soon.
We finish up the raid tonight and after some chit chat I hop into MSQ roulette for poetics. About 5 minutes in he stirs and throws his head bag a bit then sloppily curls back into a ball in her lap in his dog bed.
I say to the dungeon group: "Weird thing to say, but go on without me for a bit. I think my wife's dog is dying"
I go to check on him and he seems fine, just weak. So I comfort her and let her know she's doing everything she can for him, he's comfortable and being loved there's nothing more she can do. When she's calmed down a bit I go back to the party. To see messages of "oh my god!?!?!?!" "Everything ok?!?!?!" "That's so sad". So I let them know he's fine and explained the situation then returned from afk.
Not 30 seconds later he quietly stops breathing and passes away peacefully. So I let the group know "guys I'm sorry but he just passed I gotta go afk for the dungeon"
I confirm he's gone, console my wife, go get her mother (they live next door) to comfort her while I dig him a hole in the back yard near the tree line. I come back and see I haven't been kicked from the party but instead see something that gave me and my wife a well needed chuckle.
The entire party is at the Ultima fight shouting "FOR THE DOG!" and dedicated the win for little turbo!
Sometimes this game is really something 😀
So if anyone who reads this ran Preatorium tonight with an afk Paladin, you guys made my wife stop crying for half a second to burst out in laughter, thank you.
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2021.10.27 01:43 KineTheFishYT Lost Chicken Little J2ME game from Cingular website, actually all of the games from that website are lost to time.

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2021.10.27 01:43 bongdaso247 Soi kèo Juventus vs Sassuolo, 23h30 ngày 27/10

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2021.10.27 01:43 leoyasra 100% upvote back , just upvote this post

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2021.10.27 01:43 AusCOVID19 ACT announces further changes to COVID-19 restrictions, including eased quarantine requirements for fully vaccinated Canberrans

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