Saria's Song/ Lost Woods Cover- One Man Band if anyone is interested :)

2021.10.20 19:08 OneManWhimsy Saria's Song/ Lost Woods Cover- One Man Band if anyone is interested :)

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2021.10.20 19:08 ShortAlgo $GBT Waiting for Buy signal on GBT with

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2021.10.20 19:08 madeofstarlight 10/20 Show Thread (Wednesday)

To call the treehouse, dial (214)-787-1971 or (817)-787-1971.

*This Subreddit is not sanction or affiliated by The Russ Martin Show™ or Iheart Media© and it's holdings.
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2021.10.20 19:08 SellerNoah LEBRON THE HORROR GAME

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2021.10.20 19:08 Lopsided_Grub My Geralt became a brunette while doing The Nilfgaardian Connection!

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2021.10.20 19:08 MrSamul Mojang Tokyo, Mojang's Japanese studio, is working on New IP
It isn't specified whether this new "IP" is one of the rumored Minecraft spinoffs or not.
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2021.10.20 19:08 dailyketamine Ciel Eating Curry Bread

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2021.10.20 19:08 thetrueasian_hs Just cleared out point match prizes and thoughts

  1. It’s not worth it
  2. You clear out shop I’d way floor 48
  3. Pb aggro by far best deck to grind points
  4. Tier 0 prob is yawn, rd. Tier 1 prob is burn temptation, pb aggro, big resso, denjin, AA Jill, uro, and growth gdi.
  5. Can we plz get an actual unlimited rank mode not every other game be bots :(
  6. Almost everything is viable in unlimited so tier lists honestly don’t matter
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2021.10.20 19:08 iliyan_velikov iOS 15.02 security issues

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2021.10.20 19:08 sparklyjelly8 What’s your Childe abyss team?

I’m just curious about what types of teams that other Childe mains most often use. Since overworld teams are more relaxed and free, I’m asking about abyss to see more the more put together teams, the team names are vague as different variations of the teams exist.
View Poll
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2021.10.20 19:08 ShortAlgo $GCI Waiting for Buy signal on GCI with

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2021.10.20 19:08 intergalaktisk Completely paranoid rn (rant?)

The past week, four shady anonymous instagram accounts have tried to follow me. They were all private, had generic names, few followers and didn’t seem like bots. I believe someone is trying to stalk me online and I am obsessing wildly about it. I’ve been in an abusive relationship where my ex physically and non-physically stalked me, but I’m sure if it’s him, I’ve blocked him and all new accounts he could create on instagram and other platforms. Im in a new and healthier relationship now, but I was cheated on in the past, so a lot of my paranoia these days are about being cheated on/hurt by a romantic partner again. I tend to have those thoughts somewhat under control, but with this situation, I’m getting paranoid thoughts about my current boyfriend cheating on me and that it might be his side chick trying to follow my instagram from an anonymous profile. I can recognise the thoughts as paranoia, but I can’t calm down and everything is triggering me. I’ve been sitting in the same spot for hours, checking social media, I can’t move and Im not sure what to do. Idk if this is a rant or if Im asking for advice, I just needed to get it off my chest. I feel like I could explode at any minute and I don’t have any more stadaquel. Im spiralling really bad and I can’t go to sleep, I need to know who this person is or else I can’t calm down
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2021.10.20 19:08 BasketballM94 Ghosted From My Girlfriend

Not sure if this is going to get much traction since they are many in much more condition than I am, but hopefully this will help others.
For 6-7 months I was dating this girl I asked out from her clinic. We went on small dates and did whatever we can during the time that she was able to provide during her hectic work schedule. From the beginning, communication was very difficult. She was unresponsive for 2-3 weeks. At times a month, yet I stayed patient because I was really attracted to her. She works hard, she is gorgeous, and everything I was looking for in a person. Just a reminder, I never dated someone before and this is the first time I was interested in someone. The age difference wasn't much at all. I'm 27 and she 28.
From my observation, we were both very shy, but eventually got close. She did tell me she was in an abusive relationship where her ex cheated on her and when she addressed it to her, he took everything and left her with nothing. She was assaulted and did not have any support since she moved here from a different city. I told her that even though we don't know much about each other, I am here for you. Its very unfortunate she had to go through that, but I am proud of the fact she worked very hard to this date to progress within her career and build confidence again. Ever since then, we met up during her lunch, which for some reason was the time we could meet and meeting after work was not an option since she had to be home to help her home. We probably talked on the phone 2 times for the 7 months we were seeing each other and trying to call her was impossible since her phone was on DND yet I stayed patient, knowing that if I can gain her trust (which I did), she will let me in and eventually she would understand my intentions are good.
During November, she told me her mom will be visiting her. She eventually ended up staying making it much more difficult for us to hang out. This was probably when she didn't message me for a good month. Without any communication or anything at all. She told she gave her mom her personal phone and was not able to reach me. She was using her work phone for everything and ended up creating an IG account to talk to her friends and I. Of course I didn't question anything since I had feelings for this girl and I didn't want to lose her. Communication was definitely difficult. Meeting up was difficult. I even told her to stop taking the taxi and I will drop her off at home if that is the only way for us to spend time together. I even got her presents (candles, blanket, chocolate) since she was going through a rough time and she started tearing up in front of me.
Fast forward to Valentines Day, I asked her to be my Valentines which was a first for both of us. I never asked anyone and no one has ever asked her. She said yes of course. Bought her this beautiful necklace, chocolate, and an enchanted flower to show her much I like her. This is where I addressed that the communication is becoming toxic and it has been very difficult for me to contact her and even spend time. And I said we got to communicate better and let schedule one day out of the week where we go out for lunch, dinner, or whatever we come up with to spend quality time together. She agreed and yet she didn't hold up her end. I of course ignored it cause again, I thought if I stay patient, she would change.
The following week or two, I asked her to be my gf and she said yes but needed another month. And I asked her why. She said that we have not talked enough and there is so much more we need to figure out before taking the next step. Again of course I said yeah sure, even though it was hurting me, I was like its just a month. Well the month went by and that too without any communication at all. No text message, no phone call, no DM. Nothing. Went to her work to see if she was there and they said she wasn't there today. After a month, I receive a text from her saying we need to talk. I was like yeah call me after work. Did not receive any phone call or any sort of communication.
Ever since then, she ghosted me. She stopped talking to me in March and its November. Throughout those months, I have had so many panic attacks, so much anxiety. Physically and mentally took a toll. I started losing muscle and weight from all the stress. My confidence was gone and I was constantly looking at her IG, the messages, and photos as to question "What did I do wrong?". "Why did she has to ghost me especially when I gave her my everything?". I started seeing a therapist in July cause I was at a breaking point. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't focus on my career. Everything took a toll. Eventually, I got to a point where I got better, but still had feelings for her. I ended up going to her clinic and saw her there. She saw me and walked away into the back room without any wave or smile. Completely ignored me. Just a reminder, going into this, I did not have any expectations for her to talk to me or her even being there. So mentally, I was prepared. I left the clinic, but for some reason, I stayed for 20 minutes outside the clinic hoping I would see her and she would want to talk to me. Personally I knew it wasn't a good idea, but my feelings for her did not want me to leave. Still ended up not being able to meet her.
Now in October, I am doing better. I am eating, working out, and focused on my job. I did have my yearly check up at the clinic, which I did go to and did not see her till I was in one of the rooms, waiting for the doctor. She of course did not see me, but Im sure she knew I was coming in today since she can see the appointments for today. To be honest, I still have feelings for her and I was really hoping she would see me, I would wave to her, and we could possibly a small chat, eventually leading to a point where we can have a longer conversation of what happened after work. But knowing how she treated me. How many red flags there were. I shouldn't be reaching out since I have done so much and if she understands how much I care for her and she means the "I miss you", "I miss your hugs", she would reach out. After my appointment, I did not see her at the front. I booked my next appointment and left the clinic.
If she does eventually recognizes what she has done, she will reach out. She has my number and snapchat. As much difficult it is to not reach out, it is a never ending circle. Focus on you. Focus on building your confidence and career and if they do decide to reach to you, it is your decision. Keep an open mind, but also make sure you learn from your mistakes and look out for yourself as well. As difficult it is to understand, there is someone else out there for you. Someone who would appreciate your time and effort.
Thats my story. What you guys think?
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2021.10.20 19:08 CabNoble Giratina 6890 4179 3938 adding up to 10!

Please join as soon as you get an invite so I can back out and get more people in. It may take a few minutes to find enough people, be patient! 6890 4179 3938
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2021.10.20 19:08 mentaloriental95 Can someone help me understand this document better ? (UK Military)

Here is the document
I'm struggling with the information from the age column through to the rates of pension column. Specifically the 9th entry for Daniel Manderston.
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2021.10.20 19:08 WorldTwisting NBA 75th Anniversary Team: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Allen Iverson among first 50 players announced

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2021.10.20 19:08 Royally_Charli Trading shadow set! I’m looking for: love dragon wings, mcn, goth Lolita items, and anything girly/goth aesthetic. I’m not looking for all of them, maybe just one I’m still thinking on it! Feel free to offer different things..❤️❤️

Thank you for reading! Love dragon Mcn Goth Lolita Also, here’s a trade I did I want to know if it was fair Val heels for shadow heels
View Poll
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2021.10.20 19:08 SirTurtleDuck The government is knocking at my door as we speak

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2021.10.20 19:08 Justin1232123212321 Would you rather get $1,000,000 for free or earn $999,999?

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2021.10.20 19:08 az77729 [M194F] (Essex County) Looking for a girl who’d be interested in getting their feet worshipped

M19, 6’1, darker skinned. Looking for a girl open minded and willing to have someone worship their feet. Can host, all ages 18+ welcome. DM me if interested!
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2021.10.20 19:08 OSSlayer2153 Has anyone heard the new otherside disk backwards?

There’s no way this is intentional, it sounds like a completely normal song:
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2021.10.20 19:08 AltheaHabib 🍗 ColonelDoge - the only crypto to rewards its holders with food vouchers 🍗

Give a toasty welcome to the newest member of the Doge family - $ColonelDoge
ColonelDoge is aiming to bring the crypto community together through the power of food 🍗
Earn free food delivery vouchers through daily draws and giveaways just by holding ColonelDoge! 🐔
👉ColonelDoge will hold a public whitelist presale on the date 04/11/21. The team are currently working on the presale and audit of the contract 👈
They have grown their Telegram to 300 members organically with huge marketing yet to even start, and it will be starting very soon. Big influencers have already been contacted and are on board to contribute to the aggressive upcoming marketing campaign❗❗
The liquidity pool has been confirmed that it is 100% locked so it is safe 🔒
Chickenomics 🐓
Total Supply - 1,000,000,000,000
Anti: Whale, Snipe, Gas, Bot features in the contract
10% tax on all buys
d14% tax on all sells
Visit their Telegram for the full Chickenomics 🌐
💬 Telegram -
🦅 Twitter - u/ColonelDogeBSC
💻 Website - Coming Soon
🚀 Launch Date - 04/11/21
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2021.10.20 19:08 Effective_Shock4567 Lexapro for 1 month

Hi! I have been on lexapro 10mg for 1 month and on 20mg for 2 weeks. I noticed that my depression nearly disappeared, but now it is back after being on 20mg the second week. I don’t really mind that right now but I am worried that my anxiety never will calm down. It hasn’t done a lot for anxiety, just a little bit and I really want 20mg to work. Have anyone noticed a decrease in anxiety ( mostly social anxiety and GAD, and OCD)
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2021.10.20 19:08 Snazzy3DPrints Anyone else remember the Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga? (no ads on the video!)

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2021.10.20 19:08 rohitcr2k Tony Khan's response to Eric Bischoff.

“Well, I really like Eric, and I was kind of surprised by Eric’s comments coming from Eric Bischoff [laughs]. I think Eric Bischoff’s probably the last person anyone would expect to say that they think the President of a wrestling company should be quiet. But then when it comes to head-to-head competition... we were in a head-to-head competition this past week, it was only 30 minutes, and I didn’t ask for it. We were in our time slot and somebody came into our time slot aggressively, and we’ve generally responded pretty well and have been very successful.

“I was amused by Eric’s comments, and I like Eric when we’re together, but this is the ultimate example I think of glass houses in some ways knowing how Eric conducted himself when he was the President of WCW. And really, he did ask for the head-to-head competition, and I think he said publicly I should be going for that, but I don’t decide when the shows are on. This time slot, we had looked at a couple of different slots, and this was one they thought would do well and I was pretty supportive of.

”I was surprised the competition was going to be commercial-free, but I thought it was more impressive given that I was forced to take a couple of breaks. And since the numbers came in on Monday, I haven’t said much. Because I think those numbers speak for themselves. I’m just really proud that we won that head-to-head. We didn’t make the choice to go head-to-head for 30 minutes against the competition, especially when they decided to do 30 minutes commercial-free, and they lost.

“So for Eric Bischoff, of all people, the guy who got lowered down on a motorcycle from the ceiling, the guy who challenged Vince McMahon to fight him, to say that somebody should be quiet is laughable.

“Eric is doing an act. I respect it, but let’s be serious, Eric used to be a wrestling company executive, and now he is commentator. And as a commentator, he’s trying to stir up controversy, but I think it would be pretty naive of anybody to look at this, and not examine that the person talking is Eric Bischoff, who is the most out-spoken wrestling executive of all-time, and somebody who got a lot of heat — but somebody also who, look, if we’re going to be honest, like the things I’m trying to do in terms of balancing these great stars we have like CM Punk, and Chris Jericho, and Bryan Danielson and also have a whole crew of people that are the the young stars, and a lot of them are becoming young established stars on TV too, and whether it’s MJF, Britt Baker, and so many others, Darby Allin, in particular, just stars that I’m committed to, to keeping in AEW and not losing and building around. And you know, when Eric says ‘focus on the wrestling,’ I am focused on the wrestling, and pushing these people, and not running them out of the company like Chris Jericho couldn’t get out of WCW fast enough, and Eddie Guerrero was put in his place, and the wrestlers were told by their boss that there’s only three guys in the company, that when Eric said that [Hulk] Hogan, [Randy] Savage, and [Roddy] Piper were the only three guys that had ever drawn money. Of course, a slap in the face to a few other people in the room, but what does that say to the morale of the young wrestlers who are busting their asses every week. It just doesn’t make sense.

“So I am happy, and grateful to not go off like that every week, and really only when there’s a call for it, and when there’s competition brought to our doorstep and we have to respond. And I think there’s nothing to talk about now because we did what we had to do last weekend, and now we can enjoy it, and also look forward to great cards this weekend.”

- via SiriusXM Busted Open Radio
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