Zack Morris is on his attack on cei we don’t need him we buy and hold that’s what we do the price is still up 10 k around the corner you are not bag holders your investor who believe in this stock together we believe in the company if we stick together we will see progress we can do this

2021.10.20 20:40 Botboy10812 Zack Morris is on his attack on cei we don’t need him we buy and hold that’s what we do the price is still up 10 k around the corner you are not bag holders your investor who believe in this stock together we believe in the company if we stick together we will see progress we can do this

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2021.10.20 20:40 Panzercannon03 Men's Barbershop recommendations?

I just moved to shoreline, and need a Good men's barbershop. Local businesses preferred.
If it makes a difference: my hair type is wavy and pretty thick for a white guy.
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2021.10.20 20:40 kkroolty What Are Some Things That Are Embarrassing For No Reason?

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2021.10.20 20:40 dfwtexn More Questions Than Answers

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2021.10.20 20:40 NaturallyAlone Anyone else having a problem updating?

Couldn't satisfy dependencies, installing libvpx 1.11.0-1 breaks dependency needed by ffmpeg3.4 X264 breaks libx264
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2021.10.20 20:40 Neo_Aevis Throwing away a ton of stuff, what should I do with it?

I live a bit north east of Yonge and dundas if anyone has specific places in mind.
Since I move from apartment to apartment frequently I wanted to throw out a ton of stuff I own that I really don't need. I've got a lot of shit I've accrued via family gifts or stupid purchases over the last 7 years.
I've never done anything like this before so I was wondering if anyone had advice on what to do with specific stuff, or in general.
Some examples
- A ton of TV series, movies and anime dvds
- a ton of clothes (Mostly winter clothes and blankets)
- kitchen supplies
- some books
- 2 bike helmets...
The list goes on similar to the above.
Thanks for any advice!
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2021.10.20 20:40 Lycanboltzz Hello Out There

Hello Out There
Iam An Professional Graphics Designer & Animator.
Dm me for anything related to Graphics or Video Editing.
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2021.10.20 20:40 FrizzVictor New York City first time car enthusiast in need of help

Hello everyone,
I'm a teenager in New York City (Brownsville for those who know the area). I have love cars from a long time and wanted a solid platform for a daily driver that can take on autocross events. For safety reasons it will have to be newer say 2010 and newer, Japanese is preferred but not at all a necessity. All wheel drive would be nice but also not necessary. If I am able to learn manual I've been considering an GT86 but if I don't than I was also considering an Ecoboost Mustang. Due to having 3 brother I would need backseats than can fit a 10 year old. My budget is 16k
Disclaimer: no corolla or civic
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2021.10.20 20:40 someonechooseforme Linux version of Blender on Windows 11 using the Windows Subsystem for Linux?

I've heard that Blender tends to render faster on Linux than on MacOS or Windows.
Has anyone in this sub tried installing the Linux version of Blender in WSL and comparing your render times with Blender running just on Windows?
I'd be curious to know if there's a performance improvement.
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2021.10.20 20:40 CobblerOk7027 29[M4F]UK - looking to move to the other side of the pond. Instead of a wall of text here is a voice message

voice message:
Picture of me, i have more in other posts.
Because of the word count the post requires you to do. I am just posting a short description of me below:
I am 29 living in the UK. I do not really plan on having any kids but I love cats alot. I grew up with them and I know lots of random cat facts. I mention this as I would love to meet someone who loves cats as much as I do. They mean alot to me.
I could see myself living somewhere more remote away from the city having lived near one pretty much my whole life. I do enjoy staying at home, not one for going out to clubs or anything like that.
When it comes to music I love 80s/90s music. I love a bit metal too. I am not a nightclub type person but I remember attending a sythwave event in London once and it was the most fun I ever had on a night out.
I look forward to your messages.
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2021.10.20 20:40 SweetWaterSurprise Chubbs was sleepy

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2021.10.20 20:40 redbward H: Qe25 handmade W: offers

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2021.10.20 20:40 totesrachel Members of Congress are asking for an investigation into Rutherford County’s juvenile court following WPLN’s report

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2021.10.20 20:40 richmondtae What do you all think of this skin...

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2021.10.20 20:40 zendude_ Xbow Cringe

Someone pls give me a deck that counters only x bow spam I hate it so much and I wanna just beat them and bm them if you know a deck gimme
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2021.10.20 20:40 alllie Republicans Are Planning to Hijack the Next Election. Dems Are Squandering Their Chance to Stop Them.

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2021.10.20 20:40 hypervenomx999 6770 9310 8777 add me for gifts

6770 9310 8777 <3
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2021.10.20 20:40 Lucky_kal8228 Relaxing music|beautiful view|aesthetic video.

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2021.10.20 20:40 deatheagle_2 [Acme] 1968 Pontiac Firebird Street Fighter (limited edition) review

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2021.10.20 20:40 al1ens_are_real I think I have to cut contact with him and it's killing me.

I got friendzoned about 4 months ago by someone I've had feelings for for awhile. I told him that I wanted to remain friends, but that I needed space.
Fast forward to today, I'm nowhere near moved on. I feel just much for him as when I told him. And I feel just as shitty.
The possibility that I might have to cut contact has been slowly creeping into my mind.. A few nights ago, I couldn't get the thought out of my head, so I opened my notes app, and wrote him a goodbye message just to get my feelings out. Never sent it, just wrote my feelings down.
The note is still saved in my phone, and I'm realizing that I'm going to have to send it. I'm so fucking miserable thinking about it. I can't get it out of my head. I don't want to say goodbye to him.
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2021.10.20 20:40 SonofSocrates Elevated Vitamin B6

I have elevated B6.
I don't take any supplements with Vitamin B6 or eat foods with B6 added to them.
I have seen others post here in the past about elevated B6.
I am trying to figure out what is the biological mechanism for this. Going to reach out to scientists about this as all the MDs I have reached out have no idea about B6 biochemistry.
If anyone else has elevated B6 without taking a supplement please let me know.
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2021.10.20 20:40 Darkminyion Zatarains Dirty Rice

Are the boxes of zatarains dirty rice somewhat a healthy meal with grilled chicken and vegetables thrown into the equation? They are fairly cheap and i can eat them 6 out of 7 days of the week and want to hear opinions. I workout and run quite a bit if that matters at all.
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2021.10.20 20:40 Pride-of-Azazel Fatebringer (timelost)

Hammerforged/full bore Flared mag/extended mag EP/tunnel vision Opening shot/firefly Stability masterwork
Good enough for MnK pvp or should I keep going?
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2021.10.20 20:40 wormsinmygarden My friend told me I’m their only reason to live, desperately need advice on what to do

One of my closest friends, Sam, has liked me for quite some time. They’ve told all our common friends about their crush and it’s frankly quite obvious. All this time I thought it was just a little crush, one they would easily get over in time, because I do not posses the same feelings for them. I’m not interested in a relationship right now with anyone but I love my friends. Sam is a really good friend for the most part, and they’re a kind and sensitive person. They’ve recently told me about guys they’re seeing, but all fail or give them the “ick”. But apparently there’s this one guy that’s better than all of them, that gives them butterflies and they can’t get over. A guy who they refuse to name even though they tell me about everyone else; I already know that they like me so it must be me, right? Through their description of this guy I’ve started to notice the true extent of their crush, and it’s making me quite uncomfortable. (I love a good compliment but…) Couple days ago when I complained to them about a shitty situation I was having they told me about how much they care about me and how I’m their only reason to live and me going out and seeing them gives them something to live for. I know Sam meant no harm by it but it’s a really weird thing to say to a person. I’m not necessarily an overtly affectionate person, and I frequently try to mirror their forms of affection so that they feel comfortable (while also being aware not to go too far and lead them on). But I don’t know what to do, I’m extremely uncomfortable thinking I’m a persons reason to live and I can’t simply distance myself from them as they are very dear to me. But I’m afraid that if I confront them they might do something drastic such as attempt suicide or self harm, as they have in the past when someone else told them they feel uncomfortable. Any help please ?? I’m not sure who else to ask.
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2021.10.20 20:40 predesprose my opinion on my favorite tracks on blue banisters

i think i’m one of the few who adored Text Book when it first dropped, the whole amy winehouse verses vibes yet west coast tempo switch-up - divine - and i prefer the bluesy more UV vibe type of songs but my favorites so far that had me obsessed on first listen are Text Book, Black Bathing Suit, IYLDWM, Beautiful, Dealer (had me like wtf when i first heard it, i giggled) and Thunder.
BBS is completely unmatched to anything she’s ever created before, it’s chaotic and messy but so beautiful (and gives me UV vibes which I will always love) and it just was exactly what I was expecting and craving from her after COCC’s tease of TJF, COCC with the outro and DBJAG. it is so unexplainably unapologetically Lana and I am just trying not to overplay it. Thunder was my favorite unreleased last year and I played it quite a lot but I’m still not sure where I stand with the album version vs the demo, it’s beautiful but it lost the TLSP indie rock genre that it was in that gave it that unique feel to it but it’s still an amazing song. Dealer is so quirky and it makes me feel drunk. the first time I ever heard it I tried not to burst out laughing because it was so chaotic but it was a grower. Beautiful’s introduction and melody are chefs kiss, for someone who moaned at the constant ballads that have been released lately I love it it sounds so sweet. I previously mentioned my view on Text Book above and honestly I feel like it is some of Lanas best work. this is just my opinion on my favorite songs so far, with each listen it’ll change. waiting until tomorrow to listen again and officially!
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