How to determine hourly rate for contract work (and more)?

2021.10.20 18:53 hepsy-b How to determine hourly rate for contract work (and more)?

Hi everyone! Basically, after interning at a history center nearly a couple of years ago, my supervisor passed along my resume to someone who needed help in creating a family archive (so, a contract archives assistant). I talked to the person who my information was passed down to and we spoke about the work that it would entail and such. Then, she asked me if I charged by the hour or by the day and I sort of blanked out and segwayed my way into a different question regarding this opportunity.
I've never done contract work (outside of, I guess, internships) so I wouldn't know what to charge by the hour. My goal is to become an archivist in the future (or even a special collections librarian, since I've volunteered/interned/worked part time) in both. My plan is to get my master's degree within the next couple of years, but I only have a bachelor's right now. I feel like whatever I'd charge would be determined by my education level, right? And given I've had no formal archives education (everything has been internships or student jobs), so are there resources available for creating a family archive?
Currently, I work full time in records management, but it's 80% remote and I don't always have much to do every day. The lady I talked to said that I'd be more than welcome to work for her on the weekends.
Altogether, it's a lot to consider and I do want to get back to her in a timely fashion. I think it'd be a very useful side-gig (not just the pay, whatever that may be, but the extra experience). I just don't know how much I cost lol. This is the first time I've ever been met with this, so if anyone knows more about how to proceed, please tell!
(I've said all this, but full disclaimer I'm still thinking about. Just because I'd like to do this doesn't mean I'd know exactly what to do, if that makes sense.)
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2021.10.20 18:53 Ecmep Corrupting Fever Gladiator League Start

I have seen the CF TS build and that looks really good for endgame. I was thinking of doing a KB wander for a league start using CF and glad ascendancy for clear. I have a PoB link but I need help with balancing my tree. Specifically I want Spell Block to be a lot higher. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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2021.10.20 18:53 zz96201_song Error when display polygons in the viewport

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2021.10.20 18:53 Michael-Highcrest 509

Anyone in the 509 area new here!
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2021.10.20 18:53 NeverBowDown247 Amazon introduces a mark of the beast type system!!!

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2021.10.20 18:53 fourstar-dan Long, skinny, many legged bug in plant soil

I just potted a Begonia Rex I purchased from the nursery today. After watering I noticed two bugs that looked somewhat like centipedes, but much skinniesmaller. They definitely aren’t thrips. I assume they were already in the nursery pot before I repotted into my personal pot. Wondering if this is something to be concerned about? I don’t want to risk the bugs spreading to my other houseplants
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2021.10.20 18:53 zurelemon2 I had a dream where a girl i didn't know whispered her name in my ear. This where i work

Any idea what this could mean?
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2021.10.20 18:53 lbd2012 Should I explain a career gap in my cover letter?

Back in 2018 I got a major Illness that lead to me needing 2 different surgeries and learning to walk again. After taking a few months to recover I picked up a part time retail job to adjust to working again. Then found a professional full time job again in March of 2019. I’m just wondering if this on my resume makes it look like I lost my job in 2018 and could t find another job in my field. I know it’s an older gap but I don’t know if I should still try to explain this in my cover letter or if I’m just over thinking it. Currently I haven’t been mentioning this gap in my employment but haven’t got any interviews so I wonder if this is the reason. If I do mention it in my cover letter how would I go about bringing it up without going too in detail?
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2021.10.20 18:53 FireCage321 Where to find Hell Chaos / Baal Runs?

In Normal and Nightmare it is easy enough to find Baal Run lobbies, but once you hit Hell the Lobbies are polluted with trade requests.
Where are players finding their Hell Baal / Chaos run lobbies?
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2021.10.20 18:53 HayIayyy I’m trading a 30$ Visa card, I can buy other cards from Amazon tho if not wanting visa

Hmu with offers I play adopt me, royale high and other games just offer
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2021.10.20 18:53 snoop21324 Have you ever seen an undoctored image of earth?

View Poll
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2021.10.20 18:53 zenmasterschefke Wife called the ghost inflatables Snow mans once we keep saying snow man and laughing this wrong ?

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2021.10.20 18:53 Mean-Pass-1438 Riccardo

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2021.10.20 18:53 BabyWolfpacc Female put-ons…

Posting here from a continuing convo I had with a business partner of mine… growing up in my hood, a lot of the females that were put-on, were put on through trains or sex with certain respected members in a gang. I remember when I was in middle school I saw 3 siblings get put on in my hood.
Two were brothers & they had one sister. The brothers got jumped. But the sis got a train ran on her. Even then I thought that was wild. Like as a brother, how can you let niggas you suppose to be cool with, run a train on your sister… some girls in the hood got put on by other women, but I always thought of that situation with the 3 siblings & sister as something crazy… do any of you have any crazy female put-on stories?
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2021.10.20 18:53 WillTheThingIThink ohell

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2021.10.20 18:53 69russianbot420 This seems intentional

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2021.10.20 18:53 MrsFreshB00TY If you don’t like 🎶 Ebony & Irony 🎶

I get why some people may not live for this podcast because of Grandma Lady Bunny BUT the episode with Pixie Aventura is so good! Monet X Change talent for hosting really shines and the shade is funny! Check this episode out if you haven’t already 🧽💚
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2021.10.20 18:53 EloPlayz This brownie makes me mad

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2021.10.20 18:53 dougan25 If I long march to a faction zone's keep, can I move from there? Or am I stuck at the keep? What about with a fellowship fortress?

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2021.10.20 18:53 Kooky-Rough6926 Help

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2021.10.20 18:53 Luna201666 I been thinking for a while, which one should over from the mileage shop? (The censor ones is the ones I can't really get unless I'm wrong)

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2021.10.20 18:53 MTNZPLZ Which Giratina to keep?

I have won 3 now in raids, each one is three star, but each one has a different full bar. One has full HP, ine has full Attack and one has full Defense, which one should I build up?
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2021.10.20 18:53 swampthing277 She’s so Beautiful that it Drives me Crazy

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2021.10.20 18:53 roygo88 I loved playing weezing/inteleon/sableye

I've been waiting so long to play with sableye and I'm so happy this deck came along. I copied the list posted on channel fireball and took it to my local tournament today, finished 2nd out of 19. I used to play pretty straightforward decks like Malamar, blacephalon etc and this deck felt really complicated and requires much more thinking each turn, but still it was loads of fun to play, try it out!
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2021.10.20 18:53 No-Introduction-1810 Need a hole so bad right now (27)

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