I redrew the US with the state borders

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2021.10.20 19:26 smile4lina Community activities for fall 2021

Weekly Sunday 9am walking group in Greenhaven I host a walking group in the Pocket area and we walk a little more than one hour and 2.25 miles. We meet at Frank Seymour Park, under the south end of the bridge. There is free parking available at 850 Florin Rd., Sacramento, CA 95831. Call me when you arrive.
Potluck Game Days in Greenhaven Come join us for weekly Saturdays Potluck Game Days at 5pm. Health precautions will be taken and you must be vaccinated. There will be a wide variety of games available such as Poker, Cranium, Taboo, Charades, Gestures, Pictionary, Clue, Rummikub, Goblet, Blokus, Chinese Checkers, Apples to Apples, Telestrations, Card games, Whonu, Code Names, and Catch Phrase.
Asian Cooking Classes Come and learn how to make a variety of Asian dishes. Dinner includes 6 items- A protein dish, 2 vegetable dishes, Jasmine rice, tea, and fruit. Some sample dishes are Chinese Chicken drumsticks, Japanese Curry with Chicken Drumsticks, Shrimp Pad Thai, Bok Choy, Zucchini, Cauliflower stir-fry, Yu Choy, and much more. Limited to 3 vaccinated attendees. Suggested donation $15.
You are welcome to join our peer run weekly Tuesday 6pm on-line Mental health support group. Join Zoom Meeting https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89793036844?pwd=LzJWRFd6VCtPMEk4ay9Bb2lNRTJudz09
You can read more about my story on https://www.stopstigmasacramento.org/stories/.
I was on TV! https://app.criticalmention.com/app/#clip/view/cbc7e7af-d456-4f8b-ac8d-c9700636f122?token=c9653c1a-31f1-42d0-9b57-3b757f861567
A little about me- I moved to Greenhaven during the Pandemic. I'm a Mental Health advocate, Asian and mother of 2 teens. I love to cook, host games nights, attend festivals, and volunteer in the community.
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2021.10.20 19:26 baby_0ne I Witnessed a UFO/UAP 3 Days in a Row in July, and I Think It Changed My State of Consciousness

Hello friends! Been on this sub for awhile now, and it's finally time for me to make my post here. Please read everything I have written here because I think it is important.
1. INTRO First off, I want you guys to understand who I am. I am in my 30s, I have a science degree, a family, and always been quite skeptical about "the supernatural." Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, right? As far as ETs go, I'm a big statistics nerd, and my focus in academia was biostatistics and experimental design; essentially applying statical analysis to explain and design experience. So as a numbers guy, I thought pretty much mathematically impossible for there not to be extraterrestrial intelligence out there (Drakes equation). Based on the age of our solar system, I assume there's been a lot of advanced life out there fir a long time. Therefore I have always subscribed to the "zoo hypothesis." Where we're being watched or monitored for whatever reasons. But I never KNEW. When it comes to religion, I have always been agnostic. Okay, enough about me!
My whole life, I never saw UFOs, or anything that seemed like it couldn't be explained somehow; that is, until this year. In July I witnessed my first UAP, the follow day I witnessed ANOTHER UAP, and the day after that? Yup, a third UAP ... three days in a row.
I'm explaining this to you to give you context to this post and contact into who I am. I don't think I'm better than anyone else, I don't think I'm special, but I have experienced some things this year that have changed me... a lot.
Here is a summary: I witnessed UAP for the first time in July, and then saw the UAP again the following two days in a row. Later on (couple weeks I think), I had dreams like I have never experienced in my life, dreams where I was communicating with a non-human intelligence, out of body experiences more than any dream I have ever had. I saw a fourth UAP in August, and that's when I decided to see a hypnotherapist, to try and understand and remember my "dreams" better. Hypnotic regression didn't provide me with the practical answers I was looking for. It briefly put me back in connection with that non-human. The hypnotherapist believes this is not my mind playing tricks on me, but subscribes more to the woo-woo stuff we've been reading about.
So, I am posting here because I feel like I have experienced a change in consciousness after observing UFOs 3 days in a row. This "change of consciousness" is very difficult to explain. The day to day is the same, but the "deepness" is where it's different. Consider dreams, meditating, in hypnotic trance, etc - THAT's what I mean by that "deepness"
I am also posting because I think there's too much polarity between the woo-woo people and the "rational" people on here. I think a large portion of woo woo people are a little off the deep end, personally, and the nut and bolts people are not being open-minded enough. From my experiences I believe the truth lies right in the middle there.
The consciousness stuff is hard to explain, please try and understand. how could you explain the color red to someone who is born blind? In fact, how is someone who is born blind supposed to believe the color red actually exists outside of taking someone else’s word for it? Please bare with me, that perhaps we are both born blind, and what I am gonna tell you in this post, is I got a very short glimpse of the color red, and I’m simply trying to convey what I saw to YOU. I know for certain there is not a vocabulary for much of what I am trying to say here and explain here, but I am doing my best with the words that I can find.
I am not more important than anyone else here but maybe “lucky?” If I had told myself anything I’m about to tell you 6 months ago, I would say “get help.”

2. MY SIGHTINGS As mentioned, I saw UAPS three days in a row in JULY of this year.
DAY 1:
I saw this UAP while on the highway in Sacramento on 07/16/2021. It was a metallic orb in the sky, it moved weird, then would blink in and out of existence. I tried my best to film towards the end. but a iPhone is not going to capture and focus on some metallic sphere alll bt itself in the sky. See UAP Video one below. I used markers in this video to help show where it is because it's hard to see. At first, I thought it was a mylar balloon, but then It kept moving different directions, and disappearing and reappearing in different areas.
1st UAP 7/16/21:https://imgur.com/gallery/FW3JOP6
DAY 2:
I saw the same UAP the next day not from that location (about 15 min drive south). I had my wife with me to corroborate this sighting (thank god, thought I was losing my mind) . Again, I know the quality isn't best in this video, but it's all I got. I saw this from the highway again, then filmed after getting off the highway from a parking lot.
2nd UAP 7/17/21:https://imgur.com/gallery/FW3JOP6
DAY 3:
A cigar shape UAP near Vallejo, CA. I saw it stationary in the sky, white cylinder, super high up, not moving at all, or if it was I couldn't tell. No video, sorry.

3. SIMILAR SIGHTINGS (UAP characteristics) IN MY AREA & TIME This is a post on this sub of a “basketball sized” Orb came into our Airbnb. This location is within hours of my sightings as well, here in California.
User matching the same description in the same general area of where I live / sighting. His description and observed behavior is uncanny to what I saw: “chrome basketballs” “moved in sync” etc.
Another video a couple months before my sighting in the same town, another orb. I know the video quality is challenging but please consider if a “chrome basketball” was floating that high above you, how good of a video can you expect someone to capture with their cell phone?
There are many, many other examples of these UFOs and particularly in this area. Go through the comments on these videos for more personal accounts. I don’t want to get hung up on sightings in my area, but I wanted to provide evidence that I’m not alone in seeing this phenomena, in this area, with similasame characteristics. If it’s this easy to find others who’ve seen it on *this sub* than imagine how many others there are!

4. CRAZY DREAMS I HAD SHORTLY AFTER MY MULTIPLE SIGHTINGS I saw a my first ufo 3 days in a row last July, a ufo that has been reported by a number of different people in this area of the US… “metallic spheres” or “chrome basketballs.”
This was followed by a number of absolutely bonkers dreams, where I believed (A) I was communicating with non-human intelligence, (B) was shown through experience how a higher dimensions requires another “arrow” of time, (C) how UFOs are created through human consciousness, over different parts of our linear time, and different folks who are connected
I really can’t elaborate on the dreams “meanings”
The first crazy dream felt more benevolent which I dubbed the "time paradox" dream. Where, through actual conscious experience, It was shown/explained to me how a higher dimension requires multiple "arrows" of time, whereas we live in a singular linear timeline (past, present, future); they have an omnipresent present, like us, but the pasts and futures get more complex and fall into cycles of each other. I felt that I was in multiple bodies of non-human species of different timelines, simultaneously. Yeah, pretty trippy.
A second dream I had, felt a bit more malevolent. I only remember the tail end of the dream. I was floating over a landscape that looked like craters like our moon, with no atmosphere, and pretty homogenous surfaces, so, yeah, like our moon. I'm floating over it like I'm in low moon orbit, and there is nothing else in my field of view. As I was floating there, I was having "conversations" with this non-human intelligence, and the nature of the conversation felt “telekinetic” as well as on a “agreed upon basis” (in other words, we both had to agree that we would open our minds to the subject matter of a topic in “conversation” … it was “mutually agreed upon”). Kind of like reciprocity. I wasn't speaking or talking in English, it was like straight up information dropping on each other. Preceding interaction is very fleeting, and I have a hard time recalling the information I was "receiving". Keep in mind, I'm just floating seeing a moon-like surface, and not knowing what this entity looks like. So, I Asked to see his appearance. BINK - a portrait-like picture of this dude pops up like a window on your computer does, but like, in my mind, in the foreground of this landscape I'm floating above. His appearance was a bit repulsive and unfriendly, and I got bad vibes with appearance, not something I was expecting. A close example, is this Star Wars character without a mask:
Anyways, the appearance of him startled me and I woke up from the dream/experience. The whole dream felt bad, like he didn't like me / us humans, but I don't have more detail. These dreams felt more real than other dreams I had in my life, and I seriously started questioning whether these dreams could possibly be connected to my sightings. So I found a hypnotherapist in my city.

5. HYPNOTHERAPY SESSION / HYPNOTIC REGRESSION A part of me felt like I’m losing my mind, and another part of me feels like I’m having a spiritual awakening. To try to find more answers, I went through hypnotic regression. Through this regression experience, I was put in contact with that non-human intelligence from one of my dreams, who didn’t want to share information with me for some reason, and shown me a planet with a giant cloud or ice continent. Not earth.
Through the session, I came to this revelation: These UFO sightings are somehow connected with consciousness. What happens a couple days after my session? CONSCIOUSNESS becomes the forefront and hot topic in this community!
I don't know much, but I am pretty convinced some things about how they are connected...

5. CONCLUSIONS AND CONSIDERING THE CONSCIOUSNESS ANGLE What even is consciousness anyways? Well, we don't know. I would point anyone who hasn't already read him, toward Sam Harris for a somewhat definition. If you're unfamiliar with him, check this out:
What does all this mean with respect to ET, consciousness, and UAP?! here are some of my best guesses (thus far) :
[ i ] There are a number of advanced civilizations out there and we are kept from the truth. See Zoo Hypothesis - I’ve subscribed to this belief for a long time.
[ ii ] UAPs are constantly present, but only observed when (a) our consciousness interfaces with it on our physical plane, or (b) by accident made from the UAP non human intelligence. I think they may also intentionally interface with us at times, with permission, for other reasons I don’t understand.
[ iii ] Our consciousness, and perhaps more importantly our subconsciousness, is a more powerful tool than we are led to believe, and we may be intentionally kept from this truth. I don’t have an explanation as to why we’d be kept from this truth, or from whom, but perhaps it’s: (a) strategic (e.g. national security); (b) because if All our species were privy to this, then it could be a “bad thing” for our species; and/or (c) other non-human intelligence actively suppresses this truth from us in various ways, which I also wouldn’t understand (sorry).
[ iv ] There may be something to the whole “loosh” and Robert Monroe stuff; but I’m not prepared to subscribe to these beliefs until my own first hand experiences lead me to do so. Just reading some text and putting your whole belief system behind it makes as much sense to me as religion, Scientology, etc. which I don’t do. I also understand that my writing here is the same in terms of asking to have faith that I’m not some bat shit schizo, and there may be truth to it… I’m very simply just reporting my experiences and sharing it with you guys. Please, just take it or leave it.
[ v ] Remote viewing is - to me, somewhat annoyingly - a thing. That is because consciousness is connected to throughout the physical universe, and it is a shared thing; in other words, it’s pooled. I haven’t really sharpened my hypoethesis with this, and having trouble putting it into words, but what I’m trying to say is that maybe consciousness has less to do with our individualism than our egos would like us to believe. It may be a utility that is universally shared, and comes from a place that exists in a “higher dimension” than the one that exist in.
[ vi ] I think there exists higher beings in higher dimensions, but also extraterrestrial beings in our dimension / universe.
[ vii ] We have the ability to connect with other intelligent life form’s consciousness- but it is difficult because we are either (a) being actively suppressed from being able to do so, (b) we are not physiologically adapted or able to do so, and/or (c) other reasons that are unknown. I believe you can “connect” with non human consciousness that is as intelligent and self aware, at a minimum, as a human being. For example, you cannot have telekinetic a conversation with a dog.
[ viii ] Because of my first-hand experiences, I believe that time plays a way more important role than any of us seem to be talking about. Consider “flatland” (if you haven’t been exposed to the analogy, then please check it out here). Where, essentially, I believe we may live in a flatland with respect to time. It’s very simple and linear; past, present, and future. I honestly feel that I have been “told” that extra dimensional intelligence presides in a dimension where there’s more than one “arrow” of time; that is, where there are multiple pasts and futures with an omnipresent “present.” I also believe that I’ve been given a taste of a reality where there are multiple states of consciousness in these higher dimensions, as in a more “pooled” conscious state, however we can’t experience that as we are relatively simple beings only built to exist in this basic form of singular linear time. I think this ties into the zoo hypothesis, where we are observed in a simple linear format from higher states, by higher beings who possess a more advanced state of consciousness. The analogy would apply where: a two dimensional picture (frozen in time) is observed on a page in a book, by us (a human being) who exists in a higher dimension of space and time (e.g. we observe from a 3D space, and we’re not frozen in time, as we have had a past and continue on into a future)… now, add a layer, where we are the picture… observed from a being in a 4D space with additional arrows of time, all in an an omnipresent “present.”
[ ix ] I think it’s possible that we may share consciousness, unknowingly, with other non-human intelligence, where they may know all about our side of the consciousness but we don’t know theirs. As we are not advanced enough in this physical form. I believe I have communicated with a non-human intelligence that presides in our universe, only because we share consciousness to some degree. I don’t think I was “picked” to have the experiences I’ve had because I’m special, or anything like that; I think the reason is as simple as I was able to communicate with an entity simply because our consciousness is/was more heavily shared to some degree, and we were simply paired for that reason. Not chosen. Not by design. Nothing special like that. I will reiterate, I don’t think that this entity was thrilled to be paired with me, and was generally unpleasant and seemingly inconvenienced by me and my curiosity.
[ x ] I think our subconscious selves needs to be explored more; the state of being in dreams, under hypnotic trance, meditation, and perhaps even on psychedelics. I think, through this state, we will be able to evolve as a species. I believe we have the ability to tap into a subconscious “realm” that transcends both space and time. I am not some new age hippy, but I understand how that sounds like something a new aged hippy would say. I don't know, I just think its necessary if we're going to understand what other life there is out there.
[ xi ] I wouldn’t speculate that we conjure sightings with our own subconscious - but rather we, at times, have the ability to see and experience things our conscious selves normally can’t. I think perhaps our next stage in evolution will be to lean into more the consciousness stuff as a species.

7. A FINAL NOTE This is speculation because I have no way of providing data to my more subconscious experiences - but I know I have had a spiritual awakening, and I am actively searching for answers. If anyone knows how they can help me in my pursuit I would greatly appreciate it. if you do, then please reach out to me privately. I don’t have much to offer beyond what I’ve written in this post, so please understand that I am seeking anyone that feels they may have more to offer me in my pursuit of finding more answers. I’m not sure if this should be a public discussion or not, but I don’t know how else to talk about this or to whom. I know all of this sounds pretty crazy, but who knows what we’re even dealing with here... I’m not entirely sure. I want answers, but I also want to be of service to my fellow person. I want to help, and learn. I believe I am on a journey that we ALL, at some point or another, will be on. Perhaps in our lifetime, or perhaps after death. Not sure why I have had the experiences that I have had, but I want to lean into it, and be of help as much as I can. I just don’t know how.
Thank you for hearing me out.
with love

TL;DR I don’t claim to have the answers, but I know this year forever changed my life because I - unintentionally - APed and came into contact with a non-human intelligence. I also saw three separate UFOs during this same time frame. I had my wife with me to corroborate one the sightings (thank god, thought I was losing my mind) and saw a hypnotherapist to do a regression regarding the experience I had with the non-human intelligence. I really wanted to come to the conclusion that it was just my mind playing games with me, but unfortunately that was not the conclusion. I think it may very well be true, that the universe is teeming with ET life, and/or life that transcends this space time dimension. And I think it may very well be true that - although we are very poor at it - communicating via subconscious or through consciousness is the most practical way to reach these beings as it transcends space and time. I think perhaps consciousness is something pooled from “a place” that doesn’t exist in this space time universe - where we can observe and measure things - but from somewhere entirely different that is all unified and connected.
I’m not special, I’m not more important than any of you, but I had a spiritual awakening this year, and I have to follow it. I am not telling you to take my word for it. But maybe open your mind to the possibility, and I think maybe it will happen to you. I imagine we all get our turn at this, but I don’t know fuck about shit, so…. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t very open minded towards this kind of discussion WHEN it happened to me.
I think this kind of crap is a really hard pill to swallow most impart because our ego is going to fight it to the bitter end. We’ll see I guess
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It’s about to get cold and rainy - what’s your go to insulated rain jacket.
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2021.10.20 19:26 New-Bullfrog6740 What if ghosts are just mini travelers?

So forgive me if this has been theorized before, but what if because ghosts are born, they could eventually become a traveler sized being, kind of like when you kill a pregnant spider they spew their babies in an incredibly interesting fashion. It would be cool for at some point we see evolutions of ghosts that become bigger and bigger until they become the size of the travers possibly meaning there could be other travelers in the universe.
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My mask doesn’t have a band on the inside and it just keeps falling off my face. Most Ghostface masks have headbands inside so this doesn’t happen. Is mine messed up?
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