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2021.10.20 19:54 Angry_Cheez-it Parker Colorado

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2021.10.20 19:54 bot_neen Este jueves es la entrega de los Eliot Awards 2021

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2021.10.20 19:54 Spinexel Beal has been talking to star players around the league about teaming up in Washington

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2021.10.20 19:54 nocturnalsingularity Please help!!!

My son and daughter were taken from their mother by Social Services in Ocala Florida. They were immediately taken to their mothers friends home and she was granted temporary guardianship me being their father and a man who has been trying for ten years to be a part of their life stepped in and informed Social Services that I would be willing to take my children in and be there full-time custodial parent. Social Services agreed with this, for the past year I have gone to court case after court case in which I was under the impression that I would be granted custody of my children. The other day we had mediation, that was when a bombshell was dropped on me and I found out that social services no longer wanted to grant me custody of my children but instead wanted to give the temporary Guardian permanent guardianship. This lady is not family to my children oh, she is not related to them she is nobody but a toxic manipulative alcoholic drug addict. Social Services essentially took my children from their mother and handed them right back to a woman who is no different than their own mother. I am panicking and terrified, I had court the other day and it was made very apparent that the judge was okay with, and all four me losing my rights to my children and me not being able to raise them as my own. Mind you I have done nothing wrong, I have never lost custody of my children I have never lost my rights to my I own my own home have a full-time job that pays very well and I am clean and sober. I do not know why this has happened and I don't understand it, I personally believe that what is going on has got to be illegal in some way. It certainly is immoral and unethical if you ask me does anyone know if Social Services can take someone's children from one parent and then ignore the other parent who wants to raise and care for his children the other parent has a full-time job a home that he owns. Also the house that I own has had a home study done on it, and it passed the home study. I have asked Social Services to administer drug tests on both me and the guardian and was informed today that they are not allowed to do that with me or with the guardian. Does anyone have any idea on what I can do? Is this legal? I am freaking out and cannot believe that I find myself in another nightmare when all I want to do is be my children's father
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2021.10.20 19:54 littlestar888 To anyone who tried to shift for over a year:

You got this. I know how hard it is to try for this long and see no results, but you will make it. I want you to make it because you deserve to make it home. You deserve to be happy. And I congratulate you for trying so hard, for so long. And for not giving up. It's something to be truly proud of because many would have given up pretty quickly. But despite the doubts, the fears, the despair, the sadness, anger, disappointment... You kept pushing. You keep trying. And all of this won't be in vain.
I know it's easy to feel beaten down and unconfident. But your efforts matter. And it will all pay off. You WILL shift. It's a fact. It's meant to be. So try to hold on a bit longer because I can promise you, your time is coming. And you do deserve it. I am so proud of you and you inspire all of us. Your time is coming soon. So don't give up 💙they are waiting for you.
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2021.10.20 19:54 SnowshoeTaboo TIL Vikings happened upon North America five centuries before Columbus...

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2021.10.20 19:54 Lackhuysnt Got a request to show the boxes the stickies came in, honestly they look quite nice

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2021.10.20 19:54 Jayem0830 Natural Cycles OPK - CD 23/24. Second photo is from day 24. Will this get darker? Or is this +?

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2021.10.20 19:54 FireAlarmTech Can you hunt with your car?

I don't mean hunting from your car, I mean literally, and intentionally using your car as a weapon. I'm also not referring just to deer on the road. I know laws would vary but I'm open to hearing from people anywhere.
Please note I have no interest in actually doing this. I don't hunt nor would I ever hunt.
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2021.10.20 19:54 Proofwritten Computer screens vs computer bags

My computer screen is 17,3", does that mean a bag that "can fit a 17" computer" (description) will be too small? Do I need a bag that fits an 18" computer? (I haven't found any computer bags that specifically works for a 17,3 or even a 17,5)
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2021.10.20 19:54 Banu_Hanimasaishi Joe Manchin says he's considering leaving the Democratic Party, and has a detailed exit plan in place. As if he's not already a Democrat in sheep's clothing. His '10 Republicans' plan was proof of this. His holding back of the infrastructure bill is hurting millions of Americans.

Joe Manchin says he's considering leaving the Democratic Party, and has a detailed exit plan in place. As if he's not already a Democrat in sheep's clothing. His '10 Republicans' plan was proof of this. His holding back of the infrastructure bill is hurting millions of Americans. submitted by Banu_Hanimasaishi to theserfstv [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 19:54 NORDLAN Ex-British spy Steele defends Trump dossier and says kompromat tape ‘probably’ exists

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2021.10.20 19:54 TurbulentSchlemiel Grip section spins freely - advice? (Details in comments)

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2021.10.20 19:54 GirasoleDE Grünen-Chefin Annalena Baerbock: "Dürfen uns nicht erpressen lassen" (Interview)

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2021.10.20 19:54 Mikbooker50 my mom hates my boyfriend and how he wants to end the relationship


This may be a long one... and i apologize if it is all over the place. Just word vomiting.

A little back story, my boyfriend and i have been together for 3 years now. Everything was great in the beginning. It was all going at a fast pace which seemed right and natural. We had spent a lot of time together and was basically living together. We decided since having spent a lot of time together it only made sense to not pay 2 places for rent. This was also the time when the pandemic hit and we went into lockdown.

My mom being very traditional and conservative had opposed to me living with a significant other before we got married. But with the pandemic she had been open to the idea since I would be alone during the lockdown and approved my boyfriend and i living together.

We were living in an apartment at the time and everything was great. A little after I had noticed his messy habits which had me stressed at times when he would leave a mess and not clean up. He would say he likes to live in a "organized chaos" where he doesnt put his importance to necessary have everything perfect and tidy. I on the other hand am a perfectionist and have ocd. I justified that the way i like things to be cleaned and put away may be very particular so I didnt mind settling for doing everything myself and understand the differences. With that being the only huge issue at the time everything else was great when it was just us. We did not really see alot of people at the time or was able to meet with my parents due to the pandemic.

After some time and covid restrictions have loosen up, I had introduced my parents to my boyfriend since we were living together and things seemed like they were getting serious. I was very hesitate to do so because my mom can be very judgmental towards any guy i date as she puts me on a high pedestal and has very high standard for the type of guy she wants me to have as a life partner. My parents have kept insisting to meet him because at the point we were dating for over a year and they havent met him yet. Anyway we finally had a dinner together where they met for the first time. Everything seemed okay. Little did i know my mom was analyzing and making judgements to herself of his every action.

She was a little skeptical of him at first but everything was good. After that, I had bought a house by myself. My boyfriend and i had moved in together into my house. He was paying rent to me. Everything seemed fine for a bit but I had started doing renovations on my house and it was a full construction zone. My parents were coming over to the house almost every other day to come check and help where they could. My mom had seen my boyfriend a few times at this point and every time she would make a remark to me about some small gesture or action he did reflecting his real character and that she had analyzed/came to the conclusion that he is a bad partner for me. and she doesnt like him.

My mom would say things like its so messy here it looks like you guys live like homeless or junk yard. He doesnt help you around the house. Mind you, there were house renovations going on, full construction zone, dust everything everyday, demo junk pieces in the yard, constantly moving our things around the house not having proper place to sort or put things away due to the construction. She was being very critical of our living conditions.

One day she was over and she had complained again about it being messy again. So I had told my boyfriend, my mom said its messy can we clean up a little bit. My boyfriend had gotten irritated by that because it is a construction zone and why my mom had to be so judgmental and critical towards us about it everytime. He in an annoying manner started moving demo junk around towards the trash bins. He obviously was irritated and was dropping junk pieces down instead of placing them on the ground in a normal manner. I asked him why he was acting this way in front of my parents and he just gave me a mad look. As i would try to be on my best behavior in front of any parents. My mom had seen this and got triggered of how he was acting and left mad. She had completely blocked and shunned my boyfriend from then. She had called me the night of saying she absolutely disapproves of him being my partner and wanted him to move out immediately. She was triggered because she had come from a previous marriage where her ex-husband was emotionally abusive.

I understood the concern but i had not experienced it as a big issue, he was just irritated by the fact that my mom was over our every move and judging us every time she came over for every micro thing.

We had a big fight over this as i was very distressed, stuck in between my boyfriend and my mom. Having to pick a side.

Since then, my boyfriend and i had worked it out but we had been tippytoeing around my parents about us dating/ living together still. We always got in a fight over my mom if she was in town and we had to make it look like we werent living together anymore.

Everytime we get into a minor argument and discuss our relationship further it comes to conversation that he thinks it will not work out in the end for us because of my mom. He says my mom will never change her behavior of being overly judgmental towards him and he gets really stressed that he has to be very cautious and not freely himself. He also said he can not bring me to cutting ties with my parents over him as he will feel guilt for the rest of his life.

We recently got into a fight and it was brought up that he had made his decision that he can not do it anymore because of my mom. He still loves me and wants to be in a relationship but sees it eventually ending because of this. He has no intent of trying to please her because he thinks no matter what he does, it will never be enough for her and he doesnt want to go through the stress and emotional abuse of that. He had decided that we are currently "not together" but still spending time together like before but letting the relationship die slowly.

I have been feeling very confused and sad because of the fact that we are still spending time together like being in a relationship but he is making moves for our relationship to end. He had been respectful to let me know clearly he sees this relationship ending and he doesnt want to give me false hope. And he has asked if i wanted to just have space and cut it off now knowing it will end for us. But i havent had the heart to let go.

In my opinion, if he love me enough he would try no matter what it takes to make this relationship work. My mom may be very judgmental and over analyzing alot of small details too much but she is not someone i can cut off in my life. I would wish he could do whatever it takes to prove her wrong and gain her trust that he is in fact the right partner for me.

I realize cutting my mom off to be with my boyfriend is alot to sacrifice and also him trying to mend the relationship with my mom for me is also alot of sacrifice emotionally.

Do you have any experience with a similar situation? My mom and boyfriend hate each other and i dont know what to do about it. It is resulting in boyfriend thinking our relationship is over. Is there a solution to work this out? or is this a lost cause and i should just end it?
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2021.10.20 19:54 CarrotDoggo Why do people do this?

When you are about win in arenas, the the other team hides with longbows and all they do is snipe. I can't be the only one who finds this annoying.
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2021.10.20 19:54 chrisxcoyote51 Green as they have ever been

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2021.10.20 19:54 Crispy_Fat_Dave Details in comments . Someone help if u know how thanks .

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2021.10.20 19:54 _otterinabox Customer wanted a 6-inch length of hose, so I got him one

I used to work for an automotive parts retailer. One of the things we sold was different diameters of rubber hose, priced by the foot. You can buy however much or little you want, but the minimum price will be that of one foot.
Customer (C) comes to my counter and asks for 6 inches of hose in x diameter.
C: "How much does that cost?"
Me: "I'll have to ring it up to get the exact price, but I think it's a dollar or two plus tax."
C: "Ok"
I went in the back, cut the hose, and brought it back to the front. I rang it up, and it came up as $1.99 per foot.
Me: "Okay, so the exact price on this is $1.99 per foot. It's priced by the foot, so your cost will be $1.99 plus tax."
Me: "I said it was a dollar or two." (that one's on me, I shouldn't have worded it like that)
C: "How can it be more than a dollar if it's $1.99 per foot and I'm only getting 6 inches anyway? I want to see the manager!"
Manager (the coolest guy ever - we'll call him M) goes through the whole thing again with the customer. The customer eventually gives in and just buys the hose at the correct price. He then states that he's going to call corporate on us.
C: "What's your name?"
M: "M."
C: "What's your last name?"
M: "M."
C: "What's your full name?"
M: "M."
C: "M is your full name?"
M: "My name is M."
The customer left after that and neither of us ever heard another thing about it. "M" was the coolest manager I've ever had. I always liked him but after that day, I knew he had my back.
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2021.10.20 19:54 Mihicular Boys and girls ask: non-binary people answer.

I’m bored so I figured I’d change up type of post I see all the time.
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