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2021.10.20 20:24 TravelForTheMoment My first digital painting using a drawing tablet with screen. Game changer!

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2021.10.20 20:24 not_slaw_kid I guess picking up traps while also carrying a bag is an ancient and forbidden technique

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2021.10.20 20:24 booitsjwu Wait, that's not 8 o'clock... (from the latest OTV video)

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2021.10.20 20:24 nightmaaan43 aramizda gay var mi ayhh yethheeer

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2021.10.20 20:24 8B8BB88B8 Eye health / Eyesight changes

Hey everyone. I'll spare you my list of symptoms throughout my recovery! Six and a half months out here. The one that has KO'd me is my GI. Started there in the hospital, it's still inflamed from time to time same without some autoimmune mimicry of very real diseases have come and gone...and surprise! They're back for a moment. Has anyone seen the poster for the old horror movie Hellraiser? That's what my skin feels like after heat intolerance. Less frequent. Scary but it's getting better. See, things are improving, it's just taking a ling time. Other wacky stuff, too. Changed my diet, now gaining energy to exercise. Again, I'm trying to get to my point...
Ok, about 8 months ago I had an eye exam and had a slight change, but no big deal. The glasses were fine. March of this year caught Covid. 6 1/2 months ago. Right before my first shot. I think I got it from work. It's a library in a medium sized city. Many branches had outbreaks. Started in my GI like I was poisoned. Then, respiratory.
Since Covid, my vision has deteriorated mainly in my left eye. Went to a practice at Krieger, paid out of pocket for the most thorough exam I could get. I thought I was going blind.
I received a new script. They said, "looks like you'll be ok". I'll take it. Let's hope this stabilizes.
Anyone else recognize a change in vision, even temporary? Have you noticed any changes? Is it just me?
Just curious. Hope everyone is one more day closer to full recovery, lifestyle changes, resting and finding joy even in the most smallest of things.
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2021.10.20 20:24 AuthorAdamOConnell Confused about the morality system (LIS2)

So, I finished Chapter 5 about an hour ago and got the Blood Brothers ending which was awesome. However, after reading more about the different endings I'm kind of confused how I had 'low morality.' Here's how my big choices went:

So, as far as I can grasp I think I only acted 'immoral' once and considering I've heard people have murder the preacher and still got the Parting Ways ending either something bugged out or I'm really missing something here?
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2021.10.20 20:24 Fearless_Mastodon121 Anybody know what the construction on 161 on the east side is all about?

For five or six miles outside of the outlet, there is what appears to be a completely uneven and poorly laid sidewalk in the median of 161. I drive by it every day and I cannot figure out what it is supposed to be for. Anybody know what the purpose is?
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2021.10.20 20:24 Choerri Suggestions for College all-in-one laptop!

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2021.10.20 20:24 ProfessrHobo A comprehensive guide to swarm mode - for new and existing players.

Here's a guide I've created that I hope can help people just jumping in to swarm mode or for those looking to improve.
Most of this guide will cover topics like playstyles, player roles, ridden abilities and map awareness. I've broken it down into smaller sections if you're looking for help with a smaller segment.
If anything feels missed, please feel free to add it to the comments.

Swarm mode is a 4v4 PvP game mode where two teams battle it out to see who can survive the longest. As the timer grows, the map size gets smaller.
One team plays as the cleaners and another team plays as the ridden.
The Cleaners team attempt to survive as long as possible with the given supplies and deck cards, The ridden team will hunt them down to make sure they get the least amount of time. When the cleaner team is eliminated, the sides are switched and the new cleaner team must beat the previous teams survival time. The new ridden teams goal is to protect that record.
The game is round based. This consists of a best 2 out of 3 to win system.

Swarm mode has decks just like in the campaign. The only difference is the cards in these decks are all unlocked and changed to better suit the shorter game time. Most of these cards will have their negative traits removed and have their positive traits increased.
There are pre-made decks but I would highly recommend making a few decks yourself so you know what to play around.
Build your decks around the characters. Do you like to play Doc? Build towards increasing healing items and revive times? How about Holly? Build around her damage resist. For example, a pure melee build or a tank build (I like to run a shotgun tank build on her).
If you have some builds made in campaign around some characters, use these as a reference point to start off so you know what you're more comfortable with.
Don't forget to also rearrange the cards in your deck. The cards at the top will be what you can choose from first in the beginning of the game.

For cleaners, you share the same objective. Survive for as long as possible. You're going to need to do your part to make sure you keep that timer going.
If you've went for a melee build with characters like holly or Evangelo, you'll be more focused on keeping the large swarms of ridden off your team and cutting them down quickly so they don't overwhelm you. Seriously, don't underestimate the common ridden. They will chip away at you and your team if you let them. If your deck builds around it, you can also go head to head with tallboy variants up-close. For starting off, Find a melee weapon and a stun gun. If you're getting up close, so are they. Maybe a few painkillers as well for quick heals.
Healers such as Doc and Mom, keep your team alive. Most builds will likely have self-healing abilities but this won't keep them alive forever. Pay attention to your teammates health and heal up anyone with large chunks of missing damage whenever you can. Stock up on bandages and defibs at the beginning. A defib revives a player much faster than doing it normally (unless your mom on the first revive) and will give them more health. Its very unlikely you'll be using a defib to bring someone back from the dead in swarm. Your weapon choice is up to whatever you feel suits you more. Hold on to flashbangs to stun both common ridden and mutations to give breathing room for a quick heal or defib revive.
Precision players like Jim and Walker, you're more than likely going to be playing with long-range weapons. Because of this, you'll be more focused on Burst damaging the mutations (enemy players).
Jim players will probably prefer a sniper. If you do, your main target will be stringer variants and roof retchers. These guys like to repeatedly attack and hide from the high ground, but they underestimate your power. Depending on your sniper, you can deal a large amount of damage if you focus on their weak spot. Depending also on your positioning, you may have a few common ridden targeting you. I recommend a close-range weapon paired with your sniper like a melee or tec 9 for when a small crowd of them gets too close. Tallboy variants, stalkers and reekers will be your worst enemy. Their closer range engagements are your weakness. If these mutations are harassing your team more than the others, don't be afraid to change up your sniper for an assault rifle to better deal with them. At the start of the game, look for a weapon better suited for your deck, Pipe bombs/firecrackers can help provide breathing room to you and your team when needed. Trip wire is good as well but I would recommend placing these down during scavenge time instead of holding on to it. For healing items, grab what you can (just don't steal from Doc if she needs them first).
Walker players will prefer lmgs, rifles and shotguns. With walker, you'll be focus firing a large amount of bullets into the close-range tanks. Shotguns like the AA-12 Will tear into tallboys and reekers closing the gap. LMGs are better for long-range and can fill the role of Jim if you start dealing more with roof stringers and retchers. Auto-rifles I see as the jack of all trades. They have decent range, can deal a good amount of burst damage at close and medium range to mutations and they hold plenty of ammo. They also can do a good job at clearing out larger crowds on common ridden that pile up. Start up is pretty similar to Jim.
For Karlee and Hoffman, I will admit I have trouble fitting swarm builds around them compared to the campaign.
Karlee I can see being as a backup reviver thanks to her increased quick slot capacity and team quick use speed. Her biggest advantage is that she starts off with a tool kit. Use this to open the locked boxes for intel. The intel will provide one random card from your deck to anyone who uses it. During scavenge mode, start looking for that intel box. your team will thank you. Use the rest of the time to look for weapons and gear that suit your deck.
For Hoffman I personally see him as the weakest for swarm. In campaign, you'll be throwing grenades left and right to nuke bosses like ogres and breakers and to control large crowds. In swarm however, it isnt too much of a bonus. His passive as well doesnt benefit the team too much as you have more than enough ammo for the round at the beginning. He builds around greandes but most grenades one shot the mutations anyway (with or without damage cards). If you do play as him, I suppose a greande tank build would work good for him (large hp, team buff cards, offensive slot capacity increase). If you go down this path, stock up on grenades and grab a weapon of your choice. Save your grenades to clear a room if you deal with close-range rush players (tallboys and reekers) or for clearing out large hordes.
The riddens objective is to kill the cleaners as soon as possible. The ridden have their own roles and upgrades to work with to help better win the round.
Tallboys are the heavy hitters of ridden in swarm. Their role: To pressure a group at close range and deal a large amount of damage quickly. They have slow movement but have plently of health and deal a lot of burst damage to make up for it.
The three types of Tallboys: Bruiser, Crusher and tallboy.
Bruisers have two large AoE attacks. One attach that consists of three light attacks that slows any target it hits, a charge for closing the distance and a heavy hit that deals a large amount of damage and throws the target. Close the distance with bruisers to punish players that group up too close to each other. Their weak spot is their right arm.
Crushers don't have an AoE ability but they do have a grab attack that immobilizes single targets. The target will be unable to attack or break free (unless they have breakout or a stun gun) and will deal damage to the target until they are incapacitated. Use this to pick off anyone alone and take them out of the fight. Their weak spot is located on their mouth.
Tallboys are like the bruisers but lack the light attack AoE. To make up for this, they are capable of using their charge and slam attack more often. Tallboys are better used for dealing large amount of burst damage to single targets. Their weak spot is located on their shoulder.
Cleaners like Jim and Doc will be your main focus. These cleaners are built more around supporting others or damage built for long range. Up close they will be mostly defenceless.
Cleaners such as Holly and Evangelo will more likely build around melee. Even though you will deal some damage to them, they will be able to deal a large amount of damage to you up close while being capable of tanking your hits and even healing off it if their deck contains cards like Ignore the Pain.
Upgrades will be situational for what better counters the cleaners team. I would recommend health for round 1 to stay alive longer when closing the distance. If you're having trouble staying alive, consider focusing into level 3 utility to reduce damage when using your charge ability for closing the gap.
Stingers are the most mobile and the smallest out of the mutations. They have the capability to leap long distances and grapple onto walls. They are also the long range role of the ridden (excluding the stalker). To compensate for this, their total HP is very low.
The three types of Stingers are: Hocker, Stalker and Stinger.
Hockers ensnare cleaners from long range. When hit, the cleaner takes a small amount of impact damage, knocked back and is immobilised for 8 seconds. The cleaner can escape with the use of a stun gun, the breakout card or by being bashed by another cleaner. Ensnare a cleaner to allow other ridden to close the distance for some free damage. Their weak spot is located on their chest.
Stalkers are the close range variant of the Stingers. Stalkers can pounce on a cleaner and control their movement until they are freed. The stalker also continues to hold the cleaner, even after they have been downed. You can use this to your advantage by pouncing downed cleaners and repositioning them (such as into the swarm). You can also release them at any time, in case you need to make a quick escape from other cleaners coming to his rescue. The swarmer will bump common ridden if he continues to move while dragging a cleaner, so be sure to remain still when you drag one into a horde. Their weak spot is located on their head.
Stingers are simply damage snipers. They can spit fast travelling projectiles that deal around 8 damage per hit. These shots can be fast fired at the beginning of a stingers life, but these will slow down over and will need to recharge. Stingers are best used to harass cleaners that hide in the back behind their teammates. Like hockers, their weak spot is on their chest.
For Upgrades, I recommend first upgrading utility to level 2 to better upgrade your stingers main ability. If you're a hocker or stalker, look into focusing into upgrading the horde. If you're a stinger, look into investing into offense level 2 to increase the damage of your projectiles.
Reekers are large ridden that focus on area denial. All variants have a fast charge ability and explode on death. The explosion knocks back cleaners and covers them in an acid that slows them for a shot time. At max speed, their charge is also capable of knocking back and cleaners in their way. They have a health pool that ranges between the stingers and the tallboys.
The three types of reekers are: retch, exploder and reeker.
Retchers are the long-range variant of the reekers. The retcher is capable of spewing acid from a distance. The acid deals damage and slows any cleaners who are hit by it. The acid also remains on the floor for a few seconds. This can be useful for area denial if cleaners hold up in a building, for delaying a revive or for dealing additional damage to an immobilised cleaner. Play these like the stingers to keep-up harassment on the cleaners. Their weak spot is located on their head.
Exploders have one purpose. TO EXPLODE! In exchange for its life, the exploder explodes after a short delay, dealing a large amount of damage to cleaners that varies by distance. Their charge helps them close the distance but also limits their turn potential. An exploder is best used to quickly burst a large amount of damage to one or more cleaners at a short distance. This is best used in close quarters where they will have more trouble manoeuvring you. Their weak spot is located on their chest.
The reeker is made just to tank hits and lash out a large amount of melee swipes in a shot time. They can be thought of as a tanky, player controlled common ridden. The attack speed of their swipes increase over time. The reeker has no weak spot which allows them to stay alive longer.
For upgrades, I would recommend defence 1 to tank additional hits for all variants. If the cleaners rely on mobility and can upkeep healing, focus into utility. If not, look into upgrading offense for more damage capabilities or look into upgrading the common ridden horde.
Common Ridden are the frontline of the ridden.
If you look into upgrading them, I would recommend upgrading horde to level 2 to increase their numbers, then balance on upgrading power and durability to increase their uptime. Repeat these upgrades as the rounds progress.

Remember, Back 4 Blood is a team game. You can't do everything yourself.
Stick together with your team. If you go off alone, you'll only be making yourself a bigger target and be leaving your team one man down.
If you decided to matchmake solo, run a mic. Even if your teammates aren't running one, they can at least hear you. Let them know if you need something specific, warn them of incoming mutated ridden from certain angles or let them know if your pinned.
If you don't have a mic (or your teammates can't hear you), use your ping. The ping is a good way to alert your teammates of whats going on without being able to talk to them directly.
For cleaners, ping everything you find in the scavenging round. You may have no use for a sniper rifle, but someone else might. Ping any mutated ridden you see (especially if you run marked for death).
For ridden, if you're playing as an immobiliser like the swarmer, ping them and let your team know. They may join you in attacking them or cover you to get more out of your attack.

The ridden can spawn near you, climb on the side of buildings and attack from long-distance. Keep yourself alert and don't let yourself get tunnel vision.
Don't stay in a position for too long. The swarm closes in each round and gives you less manoeuvrability. When you do hold out, try to choose areas that can offer limited spawn flanks spots from ridden and reduces distance from roof spots that long range ridden rely on for hit and run attacks.
Try to also remember any supply spots such as ammo or grenades that you can grab between waves. you will only have a very short time to grab these before the next horde attacks.
If you're the ridden and this occurs to you, reposition yourself to a better vantage point or change roles to adapt to the new holdout spot.
The more you play, the more familiar you will become with the maps.

Ridden can get upgrades just like the cleaners, but these work differently to the cleaners.
The ridden earn points passively as time passes and by dealing damage to cleaners.
These upgrades differ depending on the ridden.
Many players forget to spend their points and only do some at the beginning of each round. Be sure to spend them every chance you get to make the current round tougher for the cleaners.

Losing a round isn't the end of the world. Perhaps you or your teammates decks do better in the late game, or perhaps your enemies decks don't do too well past the early game.
Don't be discouraged if things get tough. Stick around and improve yourself by sticking it out, Use these failures to improve your deck and playstyle to find out what did and didn't work.
Leaving early doesn't just hurt you, but also hurts your teammates as well. Leaving early will take away any supply points you earned, making the time you invested pointless. Your teammates who also stay will be put at a major disadvantage being a man down.
This also goes for the beginning of the game. If someone takes the cleaner you wanted, use it as an opportunity to try out a different cleaner and improve on them.
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2021.10.20 20:24 WraithfulWrath Ideas for Dwarf Fortress 2.0.

This is just a short list of points that Dwarf Fortress should cover when the mythical 2.0 update releases in a couple of thousand years.
TL;DR: Dwarf Fortress, from Fantasy to SCI-FI. Simulated progression of technology. Infinite NPC possibilities thanks to AI improvements in real life. To-scale planets and stars, each distance accurate. Universal destruction.

That's about it for 2.0. Would you play it? If you can't tell that this is a sarcastic post, then I am sorry.
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2021.10.20 20:24 LooseClimateChange Can't believe our plugin passed 100 reviews, 4.8 out of 5 stars! We're so grateful to this community!! Check out the easiest way to make a multiplayer game

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You with me?
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2021.10.20 20:24 MisterMansirThe2nd Why am I always tired?

I sleep the right amount of time, eat the right stuff, exercise every second day. Yet I’m always tired still.
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2021.10.20 20:24 zr2man This video was so much fun to make because we're on VACATION! My wife and I took cooking classes on board the Carnival Mardi Gras cruise ship! Check out the video!

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2021.10.20 20:24 theboss0711 I have never been good but just started playing classic tetris again and finally broke 100k next stop 150k.

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2021.10.20 20:24 Dia_Nah Adult Axl

I have to say I was a little disappointed that Axl turned out to be such an uncool dad. I mean, picking up the socks after the kids? That doesn't look like Axl at all. I know the writers did that so that he would have a dose of his own medicine, but somehow it doesn't feel right to me. I would have imagined him to be more relaxed and unconventional and teach his sons how to be awesome, lol. Sue and Brick stayed true to their personalities, so why not Axl?
Did anyone else feel this way?
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2021.10.20 20:24 therealmasterbae 20 week sonogram results, need advice please.

Hey there, I got my 20 week anatomy scan results by email with no doctor explaination. I don't know if it's allowed to ask medical questions but does anyone know what this means / had this as well: "The placenta is bi-lobed, anterior and posterio fundal. The placental cord insertion appears to insert between the lobes. BILOBED PLACENTA WITH THE PLACENTAL CORD INSERTION BETWEEN THE LOBES."
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