My mind is blown by how much IOTA and Assembly could streamline DeFi (x-post from /r/SatoshiStreetBets)

2021.12.03 12:30 ASICmachine My mind is blown by how much IOTA and Assembly could streamline DeFi (x-post from /r/SatoshiStreetBets)

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2021.12.03 12:30 Ananiujitha How would you represent Draconians in Savage Worlds?

So I'm hoping to solo the Dragonlance Chronicles using Savage Worlds.
I'm using Adventure Edition instead of Pathfinder Edition because 1. I tend to get frustrated with character classes, and expect the same with class feats, 2. I have Adventure Edition in a good hard copy, 3. Pathfinder Edition sometimes crashes my Kindle, 3. I only have the Dragonlance adventures in pdfs, so best leave that open on my Kindle.
I'm also making some major setting changes. The origin of the Draconians is a mystery, but I'm going with a different answer. Also the Dragons won't be divided between good metallic dragons and evil chromatic ones, just some good and some evil chromatic dragons.
The obvious chioice is to use Adventure Edition Saurians. But the Dragonlance ones seems more powerful, and brave, and immune to Dragon-fear, and able to glide, and... And in the original, they may explode when incapacitated. I'd tone that down, and say certain fanatics get 3 wounds and Berserk.
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2021.12.03 12:30 Mr_multitask2 Is this the battle of the Hedge Funds?

We all know many SHFs are facing infinite losses. But they are ruthless and evil. They know they are not alone.
Could this price drop and internalization of orders be SHFs trying to load up as much as they can, to get their infinite gains and outlast other SHFs? Since they can infinitely create shares and they know it's a free for all, could some funds be trying to buy more than they've sold and leave other hedgies holding the bag?
It would make sense as to why they want to drop the price since a low price doesn't help them shake anyone off, it only helps us buy more.
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2021.12.03 12:30 thatsafactehh how many such arrangements are possible ?

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2021.12.03 12:30 Kooij014 Looking for a good setup

Hi all,
I am looking for an integrated amplifier and thinking of the following setup. Any advice or tips.
Television: Samsung QN95A (2021 model)
Speaker: 2 Dali Blue 6006
Amplifier: either the NAD C338 or the NAD C368
Things I really value:
- easy control
- good integration with the television
- no need to have the audio of the television always over the speakers
- if audio runs over the speakers the amp needs to be switched on when the television is switched on no need for multiple remotes
- streaming audio is a must and good to see what is being streamed on the television
Thanks for your feedback, André.
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2021.12.03 12:30 Enrichman [Italy] - "Renatino is happy to work 365 days per year"

[DISCLAIMER: english is not my first language, excuse any mistakes, and any correction is appreciated!]
It's an italian news but I think it's an appropriate article for this sub.
Basically the Parmigiano Reggiano (that is not really the "parmesan" cheese that you can find in the US) did a commercial that shows a group of youths doing a tour in the cheese factory.
They were told that the only additive was an employee, Renatino, that has been for 18 years, 365 days per year. He was asked if he was happy, and he answered yes, and the guys were so proud of him.

The commercial made a bit of "scandal" and it was promptly removed. The Parmigiano Reggiano apologized, telling that it wasn't their intention to promote this kind of message but instead they wanted to promote their love about the product.
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2021.12.03 12:30 weird_al_yankee Babylon Bee: The Original Dank Christian Memes

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2021.12.03 12:30 Drypotatochip844 AirPods Pro case flashes orange and only the right side airpod is working, looking for advice

Woke up this morning and the case was flashing orange. Thought the battery was dead so I plugged it in. Nothing changed, still flashing orange. Then I put them in my ears thinking it was just the case and the right one connected and played music, but nothing from the left. The left one is still able to switch from transparency to noise canceling but won’t pair. Looking for help. Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.03 12:30 cytrack718 Can someone explain to me the festival plates?

I haven’t gotten any after 16 on the banners, I’m just stuck at 16 gold plates
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2021.12.03 12:30 Global-Freedom5039 SecretLab 2022 Titan

Very impressive unboxing experience! Overall happy with the chair!
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2021.12.03 12:30 Jazzlike_Discussion6 If a new social network website is built from scratch, what features would to like to see in it?

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2021.12.03 12:30 pafff6543 .338 Lupua VS Chicken DAYZ

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2021.12.03 12:30 trashsnorter Hog earthquake is unstoppable!

I've come to the reddit in Hope's to find out how to beat hog eq. I feel like of all the decks I have the lowest win rate against hog eq. I feel like I can work around all of the deck except the firecracker and the valk hog push.
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2021.12.03 12:30 throwelladeville yolo.

Di ko akalain na aabot tayo sa ganito self.😅
Shet na malagket.
Maganda ka te. Tandaan mo yan. Super-stressed, tigang and ovulating ka pala today. The perfect storm kumbaga. Chareeez.
So ayun, nag-yolo ka ng dignidad. Patawarin mo sana yung sarili mo bukas. Hahahaha
But mehn, I hope that gamble pays off.
Itulog na natin 'to. Nawa'y may mabuting balita bukas. 🤞🤞🤞
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2021.12.03 12:30 munky18t Julien to Vancouver??

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2021.12.03 12:30 OutbackBrah Can I get one in black?

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2021.12.03 12:30 4bbsinmyanus Does ohms really matter?

And if so how much? Like I have been trying to understand if my coil is safe or not for DAYS. Am I worrying too much? Will It just not give as big of clouds or will it explode?
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2021.12.03 12:30 farklinkbot Ever wonder what would happen if Farva became police chief?

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2021.12.03 12:30 Gentleman_Muk Does the Dreadwarden count as a champion?

The rules say that a champion can give commands to the unit they are leading, and refers to the rules for command models. So im a little unsure if all command models count as champions or just some if them. More specifically if the Dreadwarden can issue commands to its unit.
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2021.12.03 12:30 Own-Problem-5234 TIFU by asking to be kicked out and cut off

This sounds incredibly stupid, but I figured it was for my own good. I asked my (loving and supportive) parents to kick me out and cut me off financially when I turn 18. Mom said she had not expected to cut the strings until I was at least 26, and she was pleasantly surprised at my initiative. I was given two weeks to change my mind, or else I would be held to this. After I let this elapse, Mom made clear that there is now no going back, even if I end up on the streets. I soon realized that this could actually happen; I was saving money, but it turns out that living isn't cheap. I'm still at home, but my 18th birthday is looming.
It's interesting how much my parents seem to have changed since I foolishly set this in motion. Mom was usually warm and loving, but now she seems cold and businesslike. Mom and Dad always seemed like equal partners, but now Mom has become the boss, which Dad is fine with. Perhaps they always wanted it this way, but didn't want to set that example for me.
I might now offer to pay rent in order to continue living at home, but I don't know what if anything Mom might agree to. If I try to pay rent but can't keep up with it, I could soon be homeless *and* penniless.
TL;DR Thinking it was for my own good, I asked my parents to cut me off when I turn 18, and now I might soon be homeless.
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2021.12.03 12:30 VoskCoin Nervos Network CKB is the NEXT Ethereum ETH & here's why!

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2021.12.03 12:30 marshmallowlunchbox limitless

How far are you willing to go inside your mind for a little creative release?
Let's see how many boundaries we can push before breaking the dam in person.
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2021.12.03 12:30 Latter-Guidance6915 Should I have one 3 1/2 million dollars what a scamPhone number 248-997-6445

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2021.12.03 12:30 Brineguy12 me_irl

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2021.12.03 12:30 cmyorke02 Hi! please anything you have to offer about this idea!.. There is a fish store near my home and i was thinking of asking them to take their tank waste water on a regular basis and use it in a flood/drain system. Is this possible?

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