44r3e rrbh3 38d9y 2a362 2k976 3b7tt diiya s9rtf dfehe 47er4 6dd5a 9sd6a z9i8y kny47 57b8d h2and 4fh69 h5sk2 s9257 fdi47 et4hs is there any way to make scp or rsync respect create or directory masks on a samba share? |

is there any way to make scp or rsync respect create or directory masks on a samba share?

2021.12.03 14:27 not_a_lob is there any way to make scp or rsync respect create or directory masks on a samba share?

Apologies if it's been asked already. I'd appreciate a link to the other questions, if available.
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2021.12.03 14:27 luistelo Doing Laundry, by Disco Freaks

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2021.12.03 14:27 MsWhisks Announcing Third Pregnancy

Third time mom here, with a 4yo and 2yo, and just had a good first scan with this LO. I think I'm ready to tell my mom and sister the news. Normally I've told them earlier but this time I've needed some time to wrap my head around having a third (even though it was very much wanted!). The other thing that's stopped me is realizing that people in general - my mom* in particular - probably will not react super positively about it. And I guess I have this feeling of "if someone's not going to be completely happy for me, why would I share this with them?" Or you know, it's just not the same experience as announcing the first or even the second baby.
I'm also worried about the "don't you know how this happens by now?? hyuck hyuck" type comments, but it's not like I can police other peoples' speech... -_-
Have any other 3+ time moms experienced this? What did you do? Did you announce later? How did you handle any negative comments?
*My mom is just a really neutral to negative person. You could surprise with an all expenses-paid trip and all she'd say is "oh, uh-huh that's nice" and depending on the location "why would anyone want to go there?"
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2021.12.03 14:27 Grederg Searching for a Video of MatPat talking about Creating content on Youtube

Hello there, I recently watched a lot of GT (not) Live and in one video Mat was talking about being a new youtuber on this platform. I tried to find said video because a friend of mine is really discouraged that she didn't get the views she hoped she would get and I thought, maybe that video would help. I could try to put it into my own words but honestly I don't think, I could say it nearly as good as Mat did.
Does any of you remember the video I am talking about?
Infos I still remember: Mat said, its important to do videos because you wanna have fun and not for clicks. I think its a video of GT Live, but I am not 100% sure, could have also been game theory If it is GT Live, the video wont be older than 3 months I think it was the same video as the one where he said, he thought about using the yt member system for making Youtube creator tutorials.
I tried to follow rule 6 but I only searched on youtube directly as I have no clue how to search a subreddit for posts...
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2021.12.03 14:27 RevolutionaryAd7929 Won't launch through steam or rockstar games launcher

Whenever I try play the game steam says it is running as does rockstar games launcher however it never loads up! I've waited a good 30 minutes and no luck. No errors come up either it literally just doesn't load. Any help?
Things I've tried: - Restarting PC/Steam/Rockstar games launcher - Reinstalling games launcher - verifying validity of game files through steam - running Rdr2 game and launcher as administrator - signing in and out of games launcher - a short prayer to rockstar
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2021.12.03 14:27 Krasarang Looking for an old AQWorlds Account

I'm looking for old AQW accounts preferably pre 2014.
Felt nostalgic so thought I'd give it a go lost my main due to an email issue, so don't wanna grind to level up a new account
Does anyone have an account they have stopped playing on?
Willing to pay
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2021.12.03 14:27 popoblito Need sub-500$ advice for music listening headphones with vintage amp+preamp

Hey everyone, I stumbled upon this subreddit when trying to find a solution to this problem: I wanted to buy a new pair of headphones to a friend who has a vintage amp+preamp combo, the Technics SU-C909U and SE-A909S (image for reference: https://imgur.com/a/JH0VQPg).
Does anyone have any suggestions for a sub 500$ budget? Or at least is there any particular thing I should look for (like the impedance of the headphones)? I don't deal with amps and preamps often, and have never used vintage hardware: I just know that he uses two pretty cheap speakers with it at the moment, and at 5-10% volume that thing is already pretty loud. Point is, he wants to enjoy it without letting the neighborhood know he's turned it on lol, that's why he needs headphones.
The headphones will be used for music listening, nothing else (no calls, no music production etc), so I guess an open back pair could be cool(?), he doesn't need isolation or noise canceling.
Plus, he quite likes the sound of his AudioTechnica M50X (used for music production) and Beyerdynamics MMX 300 (used for gaming) if that could be useful, he hasn't tried anything else though.
Bonus points if you can find something comfortable, any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.12.03 14:27 Individual-Mall-7201 CHAPTER 3 MAP POTENTIALLY? Thoughts?

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2021.12.03 14:27 TW1312 If Russia were to invade Ukraine, what degree should the US have in the conflict?

Personally I don't believe Russia is going to attack Ukraine. They have a habit of moving their military around to put countries on edge. I believe if they were really going to attack, we wouldn't be able to tell ahead of time. Think of Crimea and the little green men, sure we knew of Russia sneaking weapons into Ukraine but there was no large scale buildup when they took Crimea, it was done under secrecy.
Anyway, for sake of argument let's say Russia full out attacks Ukraine. Should the United States join the war on Ukraine's side? If not, what degree of involvement would you like to see? Should we increase our arms sales to Ukraine? Train their military better? Special ops missions? Assassinate Putin? Completely sanction Russia to the fullest extent possible? What would you like the US response to be?
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2021.12.03 14:27 RedditOliverT MetaMoney 💸 The King Of Metaverse Payments - Launching Saturday at 3PM UTC 🚀 Dont miss this one guys / Locked for 1year to begin // We are the future of the virtual world payments

Meta Money 💸
Launching Saturday 3PM UTC 🚀
Telegram: https://t.me/MetaMoneyBSC
Meta Money is the future of payments in the metaverse!
The metaverse is a hypothesized iteration of the Internet, supporting persistent online 3D virtual environments through conventional personal computing, as well as virtual and augmented reality headsets.
Our plan is to become a major payment gateway in the crypto world, allowing you to buy a large variety of items in the metaverse.
This will be a long-term project, MetaMoney is here to stay.
2% Reflections 2% Marketing 5% Liquidity
With big names like Facebook, Disney, Nvidia & Roblox getting involved in the metaverse, the possibilities are truly endless!
We will be locking liquidity for one full year to start off with and renouncing ownership on launch.
Our development team has had multiple successful projects that have ranged from 250K MCAP to well over 1M MCAP, this shows that we have a highly experienced team who have many contacts to make things reach the moon!
Join our telegram to get involved. (link at top of the post)
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2021.12.03 14:27 RAthrowawayami My bf has been sexting any exchanging pics with Reddit strangers

I (22f) found out about it when I opened his (25m) Reddit app and clicked his chats. He would message accounts that I’m assuming he saw from nsfw subs. He would exchange nudes and even shared photos of his face. I think he messaged people in the area and talked about meeting up. I woke him up and confronted him when I found out. I was devastated. I sobbed the entire time we talked. I yelled at him and called him a pos for doing this to me. I told him my mom, who thought he was amazing is going to hate him when she finds out. He felt very ashamed. He said it was just sexting and he would never meet up with them, that’s where he drew the line. He had done this with three people total. We have been dating for a year and 1/2. We talked about kids and we’re committed to each other long term. I consider this cheating. He also considers this cheating. I made it clear before that I have a zero tolerance for cheating. I’ve ended the relationship now but a huge part of me is mourning and unsure. He was so great to me in every other sense. We got along really well and had fights and solved them by talking it out. He really cared about making me feel good and was just really good in general. I really really do love him. I want to know if I made the right decision by ending things. Imo I could never completely trust him again. And I could never understand how he could chose to hurt me like this. He justified to himself that it was a form of porn and he would never meet someone in person. But if our places were switched he would be incredibly hurt. He’s extremely regretful and wishes he didn’t do this. He promises he would stop and do anything to deal with these urges (i.e therapy). What would you do? Am I making the right decision, or am I throwing away a potential life partner. A part of me is still holding onto that fantasy.
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2021.12.03 14:27 pigpak Kitchen island at nooks today if anyone wants it!

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2021.12.03 14:27 Hulot1967 Abandoned at Disney

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2021.12.03 14:27 Razorbladekandyfan The Female Draft is probably going to fail in Conference. This is terrible news and leaves us at square one.

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2021.12.03 14:27 Bryanpwo The Atlantis release is in orbit

Yes, as you might have noticed in the title, we have started to name our releases and we are more than proud to present you our latest one, Atlantis.
The reason why we started naming the releases has to do with us changing our work method. Our team has grown since the last release and in order to give each team member time to do their task, we now freeze the ISO development at a certain point and to try to avoid confusion by calling it the December release, while the ISO has a November date in its name. Also, it emphasizes the fun factor in this project. Like you, we are just having fun creating and sharing our work with you.
To stay in the space theme, we named this release by Endeavour’s older sister Shuttle Atlantis and our future releases will carry other spacecraft’s names… And no, there’s not going to be an Endeavour release, nor one with the troubled Space Shuttle names like Columbia or Challenger in case you’re wondering…
EndeavourOS united
Before I go into the specifics of the new release, I’m starting with a small addition made on the website and a sneak peek into our future plans. With this, I’m also hoping to address some burning questions and requests we have received from you.
When the project started in 2019, we were already surrounded by an international helpful community. Through these years, some community-driven Telegram groups were also created to overcome some language barriers in seeking help. After all, when trying to seek answers, it is easier to express it in one’s native language.
Those groups are an essential key in representing the project’s friendly community vibe, so it is high time to acknowledge these Telegram groups on our website.
The represented Telegram language groups For EndeavourOS are Spanish, Dutch, Turkish and of course, our official English group. You can find the link under Community in the top menu bar to join them.

Discourse, the swiss army knife forum

Having said that, I also take the opportunity to highlight that our forum also has representation in the following languages, Arabic, Catalan, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Greek, Italian, Philipino, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Sinhala, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian.
The forum software Discourse is open source and works perfectly well on all devices, including tablets and phones. So if you don’t feel comfortable creating an account with your phone number, you can use your forum account by opening it in your browser and adding the address as a shortcut to the start screen of your mobile device. After you’ve done that you will see our logo on the screen, the shortcut also notifies you, according to your preferences, as if it is a native app running on your mobile device.
A sneak peek into the future
In the wake of the represented languages mentioned above, I’m going to start a project of making the main website multi-lingual in the upcoming weeks, working on each language in stages. Which language will appear first is depending on the available time of our volunteering translators. The goal is to have the entire project done by the end of 2022. If you want to help us with this, just contact me (Bryanpwo) on the forum, on Telegram or you can also use the contact form on the website.
Similar to the August release, Atlantis is merely focused on technical improvements, as you can read further on but we have received requests if we could add some more DE and WM options in Calamares.
At this moment there are some community editions in preparation like Qtile, Openbox and a brand-new WM called Worm created by Codic12, one of our community editions developers. We will release them as soon as they are ready.
As for DEs, we are looking into adding UKUI, LXDE and perhaps the return of Deepin in the near future.
We are also talking with an active French Linux Gaming community developer to create a ready to go edition for Gamers.
Last but not least, we haven’t forgotten EndeavourOS ARM. A year ago, we promised an improved installation experience and now the dust is settling around the ISO-NEXT project, we are going to work on that promise.
The Atlantis release
It has been three months since we introduced our renewed ISO-NEXT release and the response we received for it was a true treasure-trove of useful feedback, so to everyone who has submitted their findings, thank you so much! Your input helped us to push EndeavourOS to the next level.
As said before Atlantis ships a lot of technical improvements, to be clear the improvements we’re talking about involves mostly the installation of a new system.
When you already are running EndeavourOS, you have received the latest updates already and in the case of the newly added community wallpapers, you just have to click the button on our Welcome app Download more EndeavourOS wallpapers to retrieve them.

EOS apps improvements and additions



ISO and running systems

Just have fun with it!
To all the aspiring EndeavourOS astronauts and sailors who want to try Atlantis, I have two important things to say.
First one, even though we carefully tested this release, keep in mind that we don’t have access to every single working hardware in the world, this project is a labour of love after all. If you stumble across an issue, just notify us and together we can improve the install experience.
And last but not least, you’re not alone during your journey, our fantastic community is there to help you ship-shaping your Endeavour, just have fun with it!
I hope we have given you the inspiration to give our Atlantis release a try because it was a pure pleasure for us to create it for you.
The entire EndeavourOS dev team, moderators, translators and community members.

Download page
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2021.12.03 14:27 jimsjamss book about two brothers in a marsh

I remember reading this when I was really young. their mother went into psychosis after their younger brother died. their dad was abusive and a drunk. the title had something about gators. I think it took place in Florida. I've never ever been able to find it.
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2021.12.03 14:27 jtpal25 What is your favorite Robin parody song?

I've had "Release Robin's Bra" in my head all day after hearing the original Jose Feliciano version. I was thinking that this might be my favorite Robin parody song of all time. I'd love to see everyone's favorite to spark my memory.
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2021.12.03 14:27 drakondug3619 💫💫💫

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2021.12.03 14:27 trollpingu I've made a list of movies for my memoir on East Asian cities from mid 80's to 2000's on letterboxd

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2021.12.03 14:27 vzen Is the United States culture getting angrier and more combative, or is it as much so as it always was?

Mods, I read the rules, and this one skirts #8 a bit. I don't intend to rant, but I'm feeling genuinely sad about this topic. It's hard for me not to show that. I understand if you need to remove it.
I feel like we weren't ready for the Internet, socially. Not a hot take. Thing is, every time I take a break from the Internet it's because the whole background noise of the Internet in the US is basically "Let's have another argument about that thing you just said, fucker." It's exhausting, and it doesn't seem to come from just behind a screen anymore. My own family treats each other differently in person now due to social media. My cousins are no longer cousins, they are couched in the framework of "right wing nutjobs." Some of the women in my life are being judged in the framework of "libtards." It's like Thanksgiving dinner never ends.
I know the U.S.'s reputation, but I even went on a Reddit thread and complained about how an argument was getting out of hand over nothing, and someone accused me of being toxic. In truth, I'm just half-desperate to see an argument end. Is this getting legitimately worse, or am I just noticing it more?
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2021.12.03 14:27 random123games Bo out-ratting Swimmy

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2021.12.03 14:27 austin_lou Someone's excited!

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2021.12.03 14:27 Ravioli4u All About You 365 Day Challenge, Day 337. Better To Know Nothing... Do...

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2021.12.03 14:27 lilspaghettigal Names at my funeral home - Nov. 2021

I work at a funeral home and figured a list of names might be interesting since it’s the opposite end of the usual spectrum. Let me know if this is interesting at all.
• Anna
• Carmen
• Carole
• Eileen
• Estella
• Francesca
• Grace
• Lucille
• Jeanne
• Kalliopi
• Lillian
• Maria
• Mary
• Mercedes
• Patricia
• Angel
• Anthony
• Damian
• John
• Jorge
• Joseph
• Leonardo
• Marko
• Rafael
• Salvador
• William
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2021.12.03 14:27 foxfor6 Tax Credit 2022, Infrastructure Bill, 30%?

I know there was some discussion about increasing the tax credit for residential solar from 26% to 30% in 2022. Does anyone know if that happened with this infrastructure bill being passed or was it cut out?
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