Cyberdark cards

2021.12.07 16:09 Serious_Cranberry861 Cyberdark cards

How do you obtain cyberdark cards? Like what packs do you open or who do you have to unlock to get some?
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2021.12.07 16:09 kamists2022 Rakul gym leggings 🍗🍗

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2021.12.07 16:09 xXLANCXx What mechanic keyboard and monitor should I chose?

I want to use my laptop as pc so I need keyboard and monitor. My laptop: Intel Core 5 8gen Ram: 8gb (or 4 I don’t remember) 254 gb
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2021.12.07 16:09 NORDLAN Judge rejects Bannon request to delay trial until October, but puts it off until July.

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2021.12.07 16:09 j_mac1212 03 lb7 fuel leak

So my truck has a fuel leak bad. Lots of fuel puddles in the valley and when I turn the truck off, any go in the store for about 10 mins, it looks like a freaking rainbow blew up under my truck. Truck starts and runs just fine. Gets max fuel pressure at wot and frp and dfrp are all pretty spot on but the leak is bad enough that when I warm up in the morning say 20-30 mins my avg mileage goes from 20-7.
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2021.12.07 16:09 Alyattes__ Kore Savaşı Esnasında Orada Bulup Sahiplendiği,Ailesini Kaybeden 5 Yaşındaki Kıza "Ayla" İsmini Veren ve Ayla ile İlişkileri Filme Konu Olan Süleyman Dilbirliği 7 Aralık 2017 Tarihinde Vefat Etti ve Kendisinden 1 Gün Sonra Karısı Nimet Dilbirliği de Vefat Etti

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2021.12.07 16:09 Pharroh_Tyga Crazy Final Zone with Helsing in CRSED: FOAD

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2021.12.07 16:09 injamaicaofficial 2016 Honda Accord Sport

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2021.12.07 16:09 alikefal32 Minibüste rezil oldum

sene 2007 veya 2008 lise 3'e gidiyorum. her zaman ki gibi yatağımdan kalktım aylardan mayıs veya haziran devamsızlık 19.5 her gün okula gitmem üstüne hiç birinde geç kalkmamam gerekiyor . gömleği giydim düğmelerini ilikledim sonra pantolonu giyecek iken dedim hava çok sıcak oluyor boxer giymeyi vereyim bugün. çıkardım giydim o meşhur gri okul pantolonunu çıktım evden minibüs beklemek için durağa doğru gittim. gittiğim gibi hemen bir minibüs geldi hemen atladım ona bindim gidiyorum. bu şoförlerin para koydukları yer oluyor hani çok dolu olunca oraya oturtuyorlar he işte oraya oturttular beni.
beni araba tutar orayada oturunca zaten ters gidiyoruz başım dönmeye başladı kapadım gözlerimi başka şeyler düşünmeye başladım hemen aklıma sevgilim geldi bir kaç sakso sahnesi gözümde belirdi 15-20 saniye geçti veya geçmedi otobüste kahkaha küfürler bağırmalar çığırmalara başladı ne oluyor lan ırzını sikeyim dedim bir açtım gözümü herkes bana bakıyor amk. sen fermuarı açık unut benim sik oradan fırla eyfel kulesi gibi dikil yolcuların karşısında . ananı sikiyim böyle varya anlatılmaz başımdan ayak serçe parmağıma kadar sıcak bir titreşim geçti, içimden defalarca ne yapacağım lan ne yapacağım demeye başladım tüm bunların hepsi 2 saniye içinde oluyor derken kapı yeni açılmıştı hemen fırladım kapıdan minibüsün tersi yöne koşmaya başladım utana utana kaçtım 3 senedir minibüse binemiyorum olurda biri tanır diye
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2021.12.07 16:09 ALiddleBiddle Week Two - December 7. 2021 - Day Seven | Part One |

I'm channeling MATTHEW RUSSELL LEE from on Twitter Follow him on Twitter -
Also consider supporting his independent reporting for as little as $5 per month:
Special appearance made by Adam Klasfeld. Follow him on Twitter
OK - it's Day 7, starting with lawyers' arguments about witnesses learning what's been said in court the previous day.
u/adamklasfeld - Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyer said prosecutors plan to call "Jane's" brother "Brian" to back up her testimony. The defense claims that "Jane" contacted him after leaving the stand.
u/innercitypress - Menninger: My request is to find out what was communicated to him by Jane before he gets on the stand in front of the jury. He was shown a document Jane was asked about.
u/adamklasfeld - Menninger said that "Jane" told "Brian" that Maxwell's lawyer was an "expletive that rhymes with 'front.'"
Maxwell's defense wants to exclude "Brian's" testimony. Judge Nathan expressed concerns about whether any coaching took place and is considering the request to exclude it.
u/adamklasfeld Judge Nathan: The first task is for the govt to fully inquire about what 'Brian' learned from 'Jane' or anyone else" about the conservation.
At issue here is less the "expletive that rhymes with 'front'" than the conversation that took place. Ghislaine Maxwell's counsel is arguing that it could violate the court's sequestration order shielding witnesses from each other's testimony.
Judge Nathan: He shouldn't testify until after lunch.
And now, what else, a sealed sidebar discussion, not public now nor apparently ever. Feed will resume when they return & the jury enters.
OK, the jury is in and AUSA Maurene Comey continues the direct examination of FBI witness Kimberly Meder about the search of Epstein's Manhattan mansion.
AUSA Comey: Who do we see in this photograph?
FBI witness: Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.
AUSA Maurene Comey: Now let's turn to the [non-public] binder. What is it?
FBI witness: A photo from the investigation.
AUSA Comey: We offer it under seal.
Judge Nathan: It is sealed.
On cross-examination, the FBI witness (Kimberly Meder) agrees that thousands of images were recovered — though she says she doesn't know when asked if tens of thousands were.
Q: In one set, there were more than 20,000. Is that right?
(Long pause as the witness reviews records, doesn't see the number, is prompted where to look, and eventually replies yes.)
Asked whether she doesn't know whether the photos were altered, the witness replies: "Correct."
The next US witness is Stephen Flatley, FBI "CART" coordinator, digital forensic examiner and Quantico instructor
AUSA: What is this? Flatley:
A hard drive I examined in this case.
AUSA: What is the "registered organization" for this computer hard drive?
FBI's Flatley: GMax.
AUSA: And this e-mail?
Flatley: From gmax1 [at] mindspring dot com. She says I need to know what list John is using. No water in black Merc. No pens. Pool deck is filthy.
Flatley: GMax wrote, The massage creams in J.E.'s bathroom were a mess.
AUSA: We offer Exhibit 418 under seal.
Judge Nathan: Admitted under seal.
AUSA Pomerantz: And this document?
FBI's Flatley: It's by G-Max. It is about "massage lotion products."
[For those asking, it's dated Sept 7, 2002]
Now Flatley is reading notes about Ghislaine, written by... GMax, including
"Jeffrey and Ghislaine really complement each other, they are great partners." Also, "they are boyfriend and girlfriend unlike what some may think."
u/klasfeldreports - Intriguing new file created by "GMax" on Oct. 14, 2002, entered into evidence. It reads: "Jeffrey and Ghislaine have been together, a couple, for the last 11 years. They are, contrary to what many people think, rarely apart — I almost always see them together." and "Ghislaine is highly intelligent and great company with a ready smile and an infectious laugh who always puts one at ones [sic] ease."
AUSA Pomerantz: No further questions.
Now the cross-examination
Laura Menninger: You don't know if anything was changed in the course of the copying, do you?
FBI's Flatley: I suppose I don't.
u/klasfeldreports On cross-examination, the defense is establishing that the documents were written on a desktop and could not be geolocated.
Side note: The witness is treating the wrong letter of Ghislaine as silent. He's pronouncing it "Gis-ayne."
It's "Ghee-lehn."
We're at mid-morning recess.
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2021.12.07 16:09 According-Moment-296 Stuck on Connecting

The game worked fine after the update but now I’m stuck on the „Connecting“ part of the loading screen. I tried restarting my Game, Internet, Console (PS4 Pro), but it’s still stuck.
Anyone else experiencing this?
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2021.12.07 16:09 chromesteel VOYEUR | Horror Short (2021)

Hey Dreadit members!
I have a horror short I'd love to get feedback on, good or bad! "Voyeur" has some eerie moments and a few shocks. My short runs 16 mins 21 seconds and premiered yesterday.
From the Youtube description: A distant couple is brought together by an obsessed stalker. I aimed to make a film in the styles of David Cronenberg, Steven Soderbergh and Michael Haneke.
Thanks a bunch for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy the short.
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2021.12.07 16:09 clshaw Sexy new releases this week in the romance category! Which are you most excited for?

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2021.12.07 16:09 MStudley311 What is the best sequel to a movie that did well?

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2021.12.07 16:09 shanabailey PWMWAVE B52 500W 20A DC RC Battery Balance Charger for 45.99 USD without coupon (Best price in history: $54.99)

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2021.12.07 16:09 itemluminouswadison Introducing – The Leijona Försti Diver, Made With Kari Voutilainen

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2021.12.07 16:09 PrincessBananas85 Nick Cannon's Seventh And Youngest Child Zen Dead At 5 Months, Baby Boy Had Brain Tumor.

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2021.12.07 16:09 jazzy3113 Just finished the game and my thoughts on the fan division

First of all, it’s says something about a game that it can invoke so much passion and/or hate from its user base. That means people care about it, and it’s hard to make people care about something as trivial as a video game.
To be clear, the last of us 2 is one of the most impressive video games ever made. The attention to detail is great. It feels like you’re playing a movie. The character movements are seamless. So many different fight moves. Intelligent enemies. Engaging environment. The game has it all. Only thing missing right now is online and I believe they are currently working on that as we speak.
But I think no game is perfect and in my humble opinion the game’s major weakness is its story. I just finished beating the game, so I’m probably late to the criticism party but here is my two cents.

  1. What made the first game stand out was the story. You build a relationship with Joel and Ellie and the ending was a great twist we can all relate to. Save one person you love or possibly save millions of others you don’t care about and that don’t care about you? Similar to the question do you execute 99 guilty and 1 innocent or let them all go free? Or how much is one life worth?
I mean the story from part 1 is so good, HBO bought the rights and is making a show. The story is that good.
  1. A lot of fans had a bad reaction to Joel’s death. I understand that. We waited years to play as Joel again and that got taken away from us. The developers even refused to let us play as Joel in flashbacks which was odd. When I play Halo, I hate playing as other characters. I want to play as Master Chief. I want to play as Joel.
But I understand they wanted shock value. The same way GoT killed Ned Stark, they wanted that shock. And they needed to motivate Ellie. So while I disagree with their execution and believe Joel could have stayed alive longer before dying, I can accept it was their artistic choice.
  1. I think the main criticism of the game’s story comes down to character motivations and then obviously the jamming in of many “diversity” characters.
Let’s start with character motivations. Ellie and Tommy are obviously very motivated to seek revenge. Even though Ellie is fighting with Joel, she obviously cares for him like he is her father. And Tommy seems to have grown close to Joel again by the time the game starts.
Dina going on the suicide mission makes less sense to me. She just got out of a long term relationship with Jesse like two weeks prior and is now ready to die for Ellie? Maybe but that seems tenuous as best. Jesse chasing them down makes more sense to me as we can argue he is still in love with Dina.
Where I really got distracted with the story, was when Abby can kill Ellie and just stops. Basically, she makes the same mistake she made the first time by leaving Ellie alive. She fights like hell to survive, sees all her long time friends slaughtered and then just lets Ellie go again? So now she keeps looking over her shoulder her whole life? She just found Owen dead and still doesn’t kill Ellie? Really odd choice.
And then Ellie gives up her idyllic life with Dina, just to travel hundreds of miles on a random tip from Tommy? Then by some miracle finds Abby and Lev…and then also let’s them go? That really made no sense at all. I understand the developers wanted to show forgiveness and breaking the violence cycle, but this bizarre epilogue where she travels to Santa Barbara, saves Abby from certain death, only to fight her, get her fingers bitten off and then stop fighting really makes no sense. I’m not sure how that storyline got through all the focus groups.
Imagine being engrossed in a post apocalyptic story with zombies and the thing that breaks your suspension of disbelief is the human characters motivations. That’s bad writing when you can’t reconcile that part of the game. It’s almost like Ellie was just doing random acts. Honestly, that’s my biggest criticism, was the massive violence the characters perpetrate, and then just stop right at the end. They leave their enemies alive, so they leave themselves in future danger. Makes no sense.
The second criticism, which is obviously a hot topic in western countries right now, is the diversity storylines.
I think one or two diversity storylines would have been totally fine. But to have almost every single character have a diversity storyline was also hard to believe. I mean in real life, I don’t think massive parts of the population are like this, so what are the chances every major character suffer from such hardships.
Let’s take a closer look.
Ellie is a lesbian. I actually always imagined her as this, so this choice felt natural to me.
Dina, Ellie’s love interest, is pregnant and bisexual. Bit of a stretch, but ok.
Jesse is an Asian male. No issue there. Nice to see a character that is not a stock white guy.
Abby is the only other playable character and she is also female. I am a male, so obviously can relate more to a male character and was hoping to play as Joel, but not the end of the world. But she’s a body builder and as a strong as Joel so you get to play as a strong character.
Lev, a young girl who thinks she is a boy.
So by the time I got to the Lev storyline I was like oh come on. I’m not a white male and even I thought that was one plot line too far. A lesbian, a bisexual girl, a female body builder and a trans girl are all the main characters? Just seemed forced and not believable.
I think if just Ellie was a lesbian and Lev was a young girl who didn’t want to be the child bride of an elder, you could have tackled diversity just as effectively. But squeezing in a pregnant bisexual love interest and a female body builder just felt too forced to me. And it also snapped me out of the immersive world I was in.
But those criticisms as side - the odd character motivations and the fact every single character was a stock template of a diversity issue - the game is almost perfect in terms of environment, movement, and fighting.
After playing this game, it basically ruins other games for you. How can you play something like GTA or CoD, after this masterpiece?
My only hope is that they make part III sooner rather than later, and don’t try to overhaul the entire gameplay, but rather just build on it.
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2021.12.07 16:09 Icy_Ad4208 Full portable setup with the Wacaco Picopresso and the 1Zpresso J-Max

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