FDR's Speech After Pearl Harbor in Color thanks to AI, Today is the 80th Anniversary

2021.12.07 16:03 unrealy2k FDR's Speech After Pearl Harbor in Color thanks to AI, Today is the 80th Anniversary

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2021.12.07 16:03 NyneNine Can I get sunflower seeds for my Quaker from the store?

I recently got myself a Quaker and I’m trying to train her to step up (she’s from a pet shop so she’s piss scared) using treats. I tried nutri-berries, seeds, fruit, etc. None of that worked, none of that except sunflower seeds.
I don’t want to be messing around the food container picking out sunflower seeds if I don’t need to because it’s tedious. So I was wondering if I could buy her unsalted sunflower seeds from the store, is that safe?
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2021.12.07 16:03 VulgarPotHead RED Santa

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2021.12.07 16:03 Oncer93 Very sweet of Kevin

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2021.12.07 16:03 FairTokenCommunity It’s Advent Season! 🎄 | Our community loves playing games, so we've created a 24-day long series! 🎁 You have the chance to win every day! Today we have a big deal! | Join FRTC and make passive income 📈 Only 300k MC and more than 5000 CAKE in the TREASURY! Don’t miss it! 💰

It’s Advent Season! 🎄 | Our community loves playing games, so we've created a 24-day long series! 🎁 You have the chance to win every day! Today we have a big deal! | Join FRTC and make passive income 📈 Only 300k MC and more than 5000 CAKE in the TREASURY! Don’t miss it! 💰

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2021.12.07 16:03 Dobi_TheDuck First attempt at trying a new art style. Any critiques to make me improve is appreciated. Also what is wrong with the head? It feels off.

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2021.12.07 16:03 Haduactcidecc Science lab in a movie starter pack

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2021.12.07 16:03 JabasMyBitch I recently moved to the UK to live with my husband who was on legacy benefits and now switching to UC. His mother is currently his appointee for ESA. Will that transfer over when he is processed for UC? They never asked anything about an appointee during the application.

We want to switch it over to me as the appointee, but I am not sure if we should wait for the UC claim to be processed or do it now with the ESA people. Any insight? Thanks
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2021.12.07 16:03 linkognito Sword Cheese Grater

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2021.12.07 16:03 bot_neen Marcelo Ebrard asegura que hay suficientes vacunas para dosis de refuerzo - Expreso de la Mañana

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2021.12.07 16:03 MaximaPro Confess To Your Crush In This Thread

Confess With His/Her First Name And The Things You Love About Them
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2021.12.07 16:03 NordicNiinja Help with amination

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2021.12.07 16:03 katieh1955 meirl

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2021.12.07 16:03 DifferentialMan Any David Lynch fans here?

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2021.12.07 16:03 Mental-Committee-344 😂😂😂

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2021.12.07 16:03 AggressiveWest6232 Below is a story I’ve been working on for the past year. It’s about a young woman figuring out how to be a witch. Any feedback is appreciated.

I find myself sprinting through a dark field, not sure of where I’m going. I look behind me, and the silhouette of a being with horns on his head catching up with me, and the burn on my hand is burning like never before. I stop and look around, trying to find anything that I could use, but seconds later, a claw-like hand grabs me before I can do anything, pulling me off my feet towards a large hole in the ground. The earth starts to suck me in, making it impossible to breathe. I reach for a long stick or root on my left, but I can’t grasp it, the soil is growing bigger and heavier by the second. The earth is the only thing I see and feel as it enters my lungs. I take one last desperate push to the surface, and finally grab on to the root I saw just mere moments ago, and pull myself up and also kicking with my other foot, forcing the hand to let go of me. I crawl myself out of the hole, coughing out air I didn't know I had. I take a moment to gather my surroundings, but there's only fog and the corn stalks that are right in front of me. I look back towards the hole, and sure enough, I see horns coming out of the ground, like something from a horror movie. I scramble to my feet and run as far and fast as I can, making my lungs want to burst from the very little air that I've had. I try to find my way towards the house, but there's too much fog, and I hear the creature wailing with anger. It's close to where I am, and I continue on running. As I run on, I see a light up ahead, and I know in my heart that it's the school I came to just weeks ago. My legs feel heavy, and all I want to do is lie down and rest, but I know that if I do it will mean certain doom. My feet catch on a root, and before I try to catch my balance, I crash to the ground. I turn to my hands and knees, and I hear an ear shattering scream. It sounds like its almost got me, but i get up as fast and swift as i can and keep on running, trying to remember what it was that Lory had taught me Because whatever we summoned, from whatever dimension or universe, is out for blood, and I desperately need to cast it out, banish it completely, or die trying.

I read my acceptance letter for the twenty-third time while my father drove me to my new school for the Untold Supernatural and Paranormal. If you couldn't already tell by the name, I'm a witch. Well, not yet anyway. You see, I'm a newly discovered witch, not trained or practiced for the matter. 
Most of my family wasn't very accepting at the news and thought i was joking or even insane, until i was able to create some kind of rune, what i now learned is a sigil, a rune that supposedly change realities if you want it to, on the kitchen table with my mind and the powers that i did use made me feel very exhausted. When my mom, my dad, my little brother, and my grandpa, who was living with us at the time, came in and saw my ability, only my father looked at me with pride, while everyone else acted like I grew an extra limb or two. This was the time my life changed forever. My parents argued in their room that night, my dad the only one who says that I have a gift, and tried everything he could to persuade my mother that I was still her little girl, but she refused to acknowledge it. She basically disowned me as her daughter, and my father was shocked and very hurt, but had to respect her opinion because he somehow got her to let me stay until i found a school that could help me with ‘my abilities,’ and refused to even talk to me, even when i told her i was sorry for being her ‘misfortune’ of a daughter. I have looked for many schools that I thought could help me become a witch, or at the very least try to, until I found one that specifically said,’ For the needs of recently discovered witches and warlocks.’ hoping it meant i could also make some new friends in the process. ‘Here we are,’ my father says. I now looked up at where we were, and I guess I was inside my head for a long time because we were at our location. I took a glimpse at my father, and for the first time in my sixteen years, he had tears in his eyes. I asked, “ Why are you crying dad?” He then grabbed my hand and held it for what seemed like forever. I've never seen him like this before in my life. What he said next had me in shock and disbelief. ‘I-i-I'm so sorry, but this will be the final time we see each other. Your mother does not want to have a “devil” child in the house, causing havoc and the slim chance that you will slaughter us, your brother wants nothing to do with you, and your grandfather is also worried you'd massacre the whole town.’ I want to say that I would do no such thing, but he cuts me off, almost completely sobbing by this point. ‘I, however, could not be more proud of you for this remarkable achievement that you alone have made. Now, I want you to go, make new friends, discover what you're made of and never look back. No matter what.’ and before I can fully process what he is saying he leans over and hugs me right there in the front seat. Once he finally lets me go, I opened the door, taking the last glimpse of my father I will ever see, and did what he directed me to do. I heave the trunk open to get my bags, and as I walk toward the front door, I turn back around to see my dad waving one final time at me, and I wave back. He then starts backing out of the driveway, not taking his eyes off me, his one and only daughter. Everything changed at that moment.
I walk into the lobby, and see a desk with a very young girl occupying it, doing some kind of paperwork. I want to get her attention, but she seems to be busy, so I wait there patiently until she notices me and says, ‘Oh, I'm so sorry Miss, I didn't hear you come in.’ and comes around and grabs one of my bags. ‘What's your name? I can help you get set up.’ I can tell she talks a lot. I take a good look at her, and she does the same. I tell her, ‘Oh no, it's ok, and my name is Katie Wood, but please just call me Kat.’ Ever since I can remember, I've always been called Kat and never Katie, even though it's on my birth certificate. She takes the bag anyway and says, ‘It's very wonderful to meet you Kat, my name’s Lory Santos and i really hope we can be friends. You are really going to love it here at the Untold Supernatural and Paranormal, you're gonna master the classes here.’ and I smile, already knowing Lory and I are going to be great friends. She asks again, ‘Would you like for me to help you get set up?’ She's not just doing this to do her job, i realize, she's doing it cause she wants to, and i find myself smiling. 
Before I answer, however, I see two other people walk in our direction, one a skinny Asian girl, who looks about eighteen and with the silkiest caramel colored hair i wish i had, and a hot brunette who looks maybe twenty. They are both wearing shirts with the letters USNP on their chests with a demon looking child on the stomach area. Lory sees what I'm staring at, and makes a disgusted sound from deep within her throat and says, ‘ Those are the “Slayers”, Adina and Cera, the most sinful and crooked witches of the whole school. Some of us here like to call them the Bitches of witches.’ I admit I laugh a little until the hot brunette looks my way, and I can't help but feel a little flutter in my stomach, and she sends me a wink, while the Asian with the beautiful hair is looking straight ahead. Lory and I continue to stare at them until they are out of sight, and she warns me, ‘Don't trust them under any circumstances, unless you enjoy being heartbroken and backstabbed repeatedly.’ ‘What do you mean,’ I ask curiously, but she waves her hand at me and puts on the smile from earlier and tells me, ‘Let me show you your room.’ But instead of walking towards a direction, she takes out what appears to be a tiny ball with a combination of blue and red colors ‘This,’ she says, ‘is called a Makab, it'll teleport you anywhere you'd like to go, but since it's the start of your first week here, you need to go to a certain and specific class to use one, which i and another student will make sure you get the chance to get into. Therefore, you are not allowed to use these until your second month is over. Is that understood?’ I have not always been a rule follower, but I nod anyway, also wondering what sort of stuff I could do with a Makab, but before I can ask, Lory throws it onto the floor and a blue and purple hole with white at the very end appears right before us. I look at her in astoundment, and she laughs like it's no big deal, which, for her, might not be. She then grabs me by the hand, and, before I can ask or even do anything, runs into it, and a whole bunch of colors surround me. It's like I’m in outer space. As fast as we went in, I felt myself being pulled out just as fast, and find us both in a room. I look back behind me, but the hole has disappeared, like it was never there. Lory sees me looking behind us, but doesn't say anything. Instead, she shows me the room and says,”Here we are.” Two beds, two desks and a television mounted on the wall. There's also a painting of a few kids playing with what looks like a cat, but on further inspection it's not kids playing with a cat, but two witches trying to spell out a furry demon. Lory, again catching my eye, says, “Oh, i forgot to tell you; on your initiation into the school, you have to, first, find a Sanka, a not so friendly friendly demon that has powers to make our equipment very faulty. Second, get it cast out of our realm, however you want, either by killing it or banishing it to another dimension. Finally, run out of the forest as fast as your small legs can carry you, because when I say a Sanka is very friendly, it's only that way until you piss it and those around it off.” I'm honestly very confused, and tell her while she's in mid sentence, “wait, i was not told about an initiation. Initiation for what?” She now looks somewhat serious, and says, “to prove you're really one of us; a witch.” “Didn't I already prove it when I sent you guys my letter a few months ago?” I ask while bringing my bag around to look through it to show her the letter myself, but she stops me by putting her hand on my forearm. She says very sadly, yet comfortingly, “ honey, a small letter does not prove you're a witch by itself. You have to prove by what you say by actually learning what and who we are and where we all came from….and doing a few REAL spells.” I can't believe my ears. Ever since I got the letter saying that I was accepted into the school, I thought I actually WAS accepted into something with open arms for one of the few times in my life. I told myself to calm down, because there was no use in getting angry over a tiny misunderstanding on my part. So, I decided to put the biggest smile on my face and say, “I love a challenge.” She then brightens up again and brings out another Makab, asking, “ Are you hungry?” She doesn't give me a second to answer, as the blue and purple colors surround the room yet again.
As we exit the multicolored atmosphere, into what looks like a gigantic cafeteria, kids close to my age stop what they're doing, whether it's eating, talking or studying, and stare at us, or perhaps me, the new kid. I look around, and I'm surprised to see both BOYS and girls in here with me. I look at Lory, and she tells me, looking appalled, “This school also has warlocks as well as witches. What, you thought only witches came to this school for help?” To be quite honest with you, yes, that's exactly what I thought, and I think it shows on my face, because she rolls her eyes at me. She then addresses the crowd, saying, “This, my fellow witches and warlocks, is Katie Wood, and she has come to us for help with her new abilities that she and she alone has found, just like all of you have done.” At this, I see almost all of these kids nod their head, like they've lived my life, and in a small way, they have. Lory continues, “For the next few weeks, she will be attending a few, or all, of your classes. So, I would like all of you to help her if, and when she needs any help. If you don't, I will turn you into a shrimp myself.” I can't tell if she's kidding at this last part, and neither can the other kids, cause they have an uncertain look on their faces. They all fall silent as Lory leads me to the open doors where I smell something delicious coming out. Jolly, it smells like it's been cooking just for my arrival. As we are going in, I hear a few kids call for me to come sit with them, most of them boys. “Katie, over here!!” One says. “I need a new friend!!” Another says, and i can't help but feel bad for him, because something tells me just by this statement alone that he has absolutely no friends at all. As I go in, I see the same girls from earlier when I arrived, Adina and Cera, at the other end of the long line of kids waiting for their food. Adina, the taller and skinny one, gives the lunch lady, who really doesn't look like a lady at all but a mixture of a hairy beast and a snake, her lunch money, and i turn to Lory with this realization: i didn't bring any money here with me at all except for my admittance fee. She suddenly whips out a big wad of money from out of nowhere and hands me two dollar bills with a smile. I turn back around to see Adina looking at me before she leaves, giving me a small wave, while Cera is still giving her money to the lady. I ask Lory why she thinks that they shouldn't be trusted, and she takes a long look at me while she's getting her food. She takes her time gathering her thoughts, handing the lady thing her money for her food, and goes out the door and waits for me. I hand my money over, and go out the door with her. She finally explains why she doesn't like Adina and Cera. “When I first started here, I was about six or seven years old, very young to know that I was a witch, but a witch nonetheless. I met Adina outside when our parents were dropping us off for the only time, never seeing either of them again, like most kids here. Anyway, we’re both outside in the waiting room, where you came in earlier, and shes talking to me real sweet, like we were already friends, and we did for a little while, but a few months later, she starts being really aggressive with her spells, making new ones up although we’re not supposed to until we fully know what we’re doing.” i look at her, feeling really confused, not sure where shes going with this, cause she hasn't explained why Adina couldn't be trusted, and i prompt her with it, but she says, “i'll tell you the rest later.” with pleading eyes. We go to find our seats, and once the other kids see me, they bolt up and ask me to come sit with them. But as I look around, I see a kid sitting all by himself, not even reacting to the other kids. As I'm heading to his table, I see Adina and Cera doing the same. “Oh no,” Lory says. “They can't be that bad.” I tell her, with a pleading face of my own. She reluctantly agrees and we set out plates on the other side of the two young women and, now that I got a good look at him, he seems to be a few years younger than I am. He smiles up at us in greeting, but does not acknowledge Adina nor Cera. I guess no one here really has good words for these two. I am actually starting to think my time here will not be a great one.
I finally find where we were staying for the night and dash my way through the front door, locking it behind me. Adina and Lory themselves burst out of the kitchen, still cleaning up dinner from earlier. They look at me with concerned glances, but before I can catch my breath, I'm thrown to the other side of the room from something massive hitting the door, and also waking up Cera from her alcohol induced coma. Adina asks, “What happened?” Lory goes back into the kitchen, comes back with a wet rag and puts it on the side of my head, where a massive gash opened I assume from when I hit the ground a few minutes ago. “You remember when we started playing with the Makab, and the portal thing did not close when we left?” i ask Adina to her question. She and Lory look at each other with terror in their eyes. The door gets slammed again, making the whole house shake. I had no idea what we were dealing with and I was terrified, but we didn't have a lot of time to bicker and worry. Cera goes to check if the back door is unlocked, but doesnt come back for quite a while, making me think that she abandoned us. When she comes back, not only does she have a few extra Makabs on her, but another ball, only this one is bigger. Adina exclaims, “those have been forbidden to use.” Cera shoots back, “ what choice do we have?” shutting down Adinas weird authority for the first time in a long time. She looks over at me and quickly explains, “this is a Fawkle, an invention made to blow up any harm, but only if you are a long distance from it.” I instantly think of a grenade that my grandpa used in the war, but quickly shut down the thought as the beast makes another attempt to blast its way through the door. Cera continues, her voice shaking not only from the amount of alcohol she drank, but from fear. “they've only been forbidden because it's been known to cause a ton of damage and it's killed a lot of people, including the woman who designed and created it, so we need to escape quickly into the Makab” My nerves felt misplaced at the mere thought of dying, so I just nodded as she threw the Makab down to get us out of here. However, nothing happened. No great big ball of blue and purple, making Lory, Cera and Adina all look at it in a mixture of confusion, shock and fear. I looked up at them waiting for an answer. “What's wrong?” I ask, feeling another shock as the door gets slammed yet again. Lory looks back up at me, taking a moment to gather her thoughts as she's processing our predicament, and says something that makes me want to lose hope. “The creature out there is a Sanka. Go out there and complete your initiation. Do so and you'll finally be one of us” It's going to be a very long and miserable night
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2021.12.07 16:03 jemahAeo I hope the new TV show will be more like The Citadel DLC and less like the game itself, Maybe follows a multi species merc outfit, or bounty hunters, C-Sec hate them so they stick to the back alleys of the wards

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2021.12.07 16:03 danbomilkbar looking for forest friends!

for some reason i can't send friend requests to global ranking people, so shoot me your mail if you're also looking to make new forest friends :)
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2021.12.07 16:03 Ordinary_Craft Adobe Photoshop 2021 Ultimate Course

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2021.12.07 16:03 Ordinary_Craft Adobe Photoshop 2021 Ultimate Course

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2021.12.07 16:03 brokenimage321 Customized, contactless gift cards?

Hey everyone,
I am trying to create a customized gift card for a christmas present, but I'm having a hard time finding something that meets my needs. I'm hoping to find a contactless gift card, ideally one that I can customize with my own photo, but my google-fu is apparently weak. Anyone know where I can find something like this?
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2021.12.07 16:03 IceCreamPheonix I'll just say it...

The only reason DICE went with the no-pat theme aside from specialists, is that they wanted to make a woke game without backlash like the did in BFV.
How the hell else with you be able to say it's the US vs Russia yet everyone in your army speaks different languages?
Change my effing mind.
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2021.12.07 16:03 Obstetrix Starting EBF CMPA baby on amino acid formula at 8 months?

Anyone have recommendations for introducing supplemental formula at 8 months? Unfortunately baby has CMPA so my two options are amino acid and extensively hydrolyzed formula, which are apparently disgusting. I'm really afraid that there will be a day when I'm working, we'll run out of breastmilk in the fridge, and he'll refuse to take the formula.
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2021.12.07 16:03 KDSM13 Tax on satoshi stash Craig wins

If they force unrealized gains tax on Craig he would need to sell 1/4 of his btc if the price never dropped we are looking at 200,000-400,000 bitcoins being sold just to cover tax not including any money he wants to live off of.
Are we going to see a forced market crash ?
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