Why does this extract fan not extract?

2021.12.07 16:10 mootymoots Why does this extract fan not extract?

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2021.12.07 16:10 Informal-Weather About a 2 year progression, It’s been really slow due to serious injury but breakup motivation got me in the zone from now on

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2021.12.07 16:10 Gideon119 a lot of people are praising the arrival of nft's in ubisoft and this worried me

we might face the lootbox 2.0 and we might be in front of the new standart for monetisation in the videogame industry , if it work , other company will do it and it will probably be the end of the "decent " way our videogames are monetize today
Just like crypto there is a lot of hype around it I really hope the people don't support it but the chance are very thin...
And for the people that argue that it's just like the steam market , no it's not , because it's the consummer who create stock and demand
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2021.12.07 16:10 MCPhatmam Price Hike NGPC

Last year I bought a NGPC mib for 70 euros, These days I'm seeing them go for around 120-200 euros (depending on the state) it looks like there has been a price hike lately is there a reason for this?
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2021.12.07 16:10 cmokelley213 No 84 PT Teravainens released on Series C

Has this every happened before? Have checked multiple times and none have been posted, almost like he was not put in packs.
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2021.12.07 16:10 laurenmurtagh 2020 Jetta Died

Hi everyone. I’m looking for some insight. On Saturday afternoon I was driving my 2020 Jetta R-line and the dashboard randomly started glitching and then the vehicle ran through all of its error messages on the dashboard. The brakes then locked up and the vehicle shut down completely. I was just able to pull over and park it before that happened. It was very dangerous as I was in a 55 mph zone on a back country road.
I had it towed to the dealership where I bought it because that’s where I always get my service done. The only reason I go there is because I still have full warranty on the vehicle and it only has 17,000 miles on it. The dealership just got a chance to look at it today and told me they have no idea what’s wrong with it, that the vehicle won’t communicate with any computer and that they don’t have any loaner vehicles for me. They are a useless dealership and I honestly hate them but it’s the closest one to my house and like I said, I bought it there. I’ve also had other issues with the vehicle before but they were caused by the dealership and not the vehicle itself. Basically, I’m really frustrated because they don’t know what’s wrong with it and now I have no car when it’s just over a year old. Not to mention I just had it in a little over 2 weeks ago for an oil change and to put my snow tires on.
Has anyone else had this problem with their 2020 Jetta? The dealership said they’ve never seen it before. Any insight is very helpful!
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2021.12.07 16:10 Even-Consideration10 LETS GOOOOOOOOO YES

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2021.12.07 16:10 MagicPlatypus07 A friend turned my frog into a Pokémon…

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2021.12.07 16:10 ubercorey Why is Russia really building up troops on the Ukrainian border?

Is this posturing? Is it real attempt to invade? Is it a tactic to draw resources away from the defense of Taiwan?
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2021.12.07 16:10 CrackHeadPoet My friends mom cooks good chicken.

Im so full, and there are still some left for me to take home.

Then when I went to the fridge its gone, and i look to see my twin brother is microwaving it.

Help guys, how do I hide a dead body?
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2021.12.07 16:10 TROLLz0r907 What color bedding should I get? I have light brown walls

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2021.12.07 16:10 Komikino What to do when a cache needs maintenance...

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2021.12.07 16:10 The_Iron_Duchess Downing Street staff shown joking in leaked recording about Christmas party they later denied

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2021.12.07 16:10 No-Environment-1479 dfd

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2021.12.07 16:10 TokyoPool Recycle & Reuse

Hey all, if anyone's got anything they don't mind parting with, I'd love to drop by and take it off your hands 😇 I'm not looking for anything specific, just a fan of constantly customising my island 👷‍♂️👷‍♀️
If you're interested, please DM me your Dodo Code and I'll collect it whenever you're ready! Please don't forget to inform me of any Island rules (your preferred exit for visitors, what not to take, etc.)
Thank you in advance 🧡
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2021.12.07 16:10 jupplegum Getting steamy with a Tiefling

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2021.12.07 16:10 porngirls612 💋

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2021.12.07 16:10 FloatTripper Fishing in Jamaica, Montego Bay

Staying in Montego Bay area. I can't seem to find anything about a license or permit for shore fishing. Anyone have any experience there? Planning for catch and release.
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2021.12.07 16:10 xAxolotlBoo Trading neon puffin

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2021.12.07 16:10 Arnadus [VRA] ⬇ Verasity -1.09% in 5 minutes.+11.37% in 24 hours . Volume -0.63% in 5 minutes

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2021.12.07 16:10 ShinigamiKunai סליחה_על_הלעז_במ

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2021.12.07 16:10 Boosirk Best rpg video game to roleplay ?

I recently discovered roleplay youtube videos and realized that i never really immersed myself in the world i'm playing in.
I got hooked into DD and wish to find the closest thing in video games. What i mean is being able to roleplay with immense freedom of choice, a really versatile character identity creation and a non-obligation to follow the main quest.
I want to be able to be weak, a god, a villain, an intellectual, anything.
I feel like the video game genre might be too limited ? Or did i miss great titles ?
You can exclude Bethesda, played most of them.
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2021.12.07 16:09 tomsmiththrowaway10 Blanca Soler

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2021.12.07 16:09 internalocean Iraq marks return of looted Gilgamesh Tablet from the US

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2021.12.07 16:09 SuperHybird “Hello darkness, my old friend” *stares into soul

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