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Captains and Crewmates - now seeking playtesters for this pirate themed, competitive sandbox roleplaying adventure boardgame!

2021.12.07 15:00 MusclyWizardGames Captains and Crewmates - now seeking playtesters for this pirate themed, competitive sandbox roleplaying adventure boardgame!

Forgive my low karma, i'm a longtime lurker through alts but wanted to create a fresh account to publish my game under.
The Legendary Pirate Sovereign was defeated in a trap set by the Royal Navy, but not before his trusted Crewmates could break apart his Cursed Medallion that gave him his powers. Broken apart and buried across the Islands than litter this ocean, an epic power struggle begins with Pirate Captains vying to retrieve enough pieces of the Medallion to become the next Pirate Sovereign. You start with a single clue to the location of one piece of Medallion, a fresh crew and Galleon ready to set sail. Are you ready for the adventure that awaits?
Captains and Crewmates is a competitive sandbox roleplaying adventure boardgame. Set sail across the seas on your Galleon to explore Islands, discover treasure, build and upgrade your Ship and pirates before battling your opponents to be crowned victor. Engage your opponents in deadly naval warfare then finish them off with your boarding crew in intense Player versus Player battles!
The game is quick to pick up and you will learn it as you go - the cards explain the rules and the Encounters you face will introduce you to the mechanics you will use to defeat your player opponents later in the game. To win, collect all three pieces of Cursed Medallion and bring them to the Isle of Parley, or be the last pirate Captain alive on the seas. Players are eliminated when their Captain dies or when their Ship sinks, by collecting 10 Water Tokens.
Grab a friend or 3 and set sail for adventure, plunder and unforgettable experiences.
At a high level, the core gameplay loop is as follows

You will enjoy this game if you enjoy:
Players: 2-4 Age: 12+ (Complete estimate at this point...) Play time: 2-4 Hours, depending on number of players and chosen strategies
Rulebook Link
Steam Workshop Link
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2021.12.07 15:00 edisonsciencecorner Finally Christmas is here. To celebrate Christmas I made a blynking LED PCB Christmas tree 🌲.

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2021.12.07 15:00 Akosjun Streak 12: El problema de tráfico en las grandes ciudades

Tarea: Usted escribe un blog. Escriba una entrada sobre las posibilidades para solucionar el problema de tráfico en las grandes ciudades. Desarrolle los cuatro aspectos propuestos:

Muchas grandes ciudades tienen problemas con el tráfico. Hay demasiados vehículos en los centros urbanos y esto causa embotellamientos y también contamina el aire, cosa que afecta mucho la vida de la gente que vive allá.
Una opción para reducir el tráfico en las ciudades es implementar restricciones. Existen varios modos de restringir el tráfico: uno que se usa a menudo en los centros urbanos es la prohibición del tránsito pesado. Así los camiones por ejemplo deben quedarse en las afueras o desplazarse por las carreteras de circunvalación en vez de ir a través de los centros de las ciudades. Esto reduce la polución así como la cantidad de vehículos que circulan por ahí. Otra solución es la prohibición de todos los vehículos en ciertas calles, avalando llegar a los destinos a pie, en bicicleta o por el transporte público.
En cuanto al transporte público, si es bien realizado, entonces no querrá tanta gente utilizar su coche para desplazarse. Por eso es importante hacerlo lo más conveniente posible. Para llegar a un lugar, también se puede usar el transporte público acompañado del transporte privado. En vez de la creación de aparcamientos en los centros urbanos, podría ser una buena decisión crearlos en las afueras, al lado de paradas de tranvía o autobús por ejemplo. Esto se llama park and ride, comúnmente abreviado como P+R. Aparte de los aparcamientos, ciertas instituciones que la gente que vive en la ciudad no necesita en su vida diaria también podrían ser trasladadas fuera del centro.
Otra solución posible es regular los horarios del transporte de mercancías para que no coincida con los trabajadores y su viaje diario típico. Y probablemente existen muchas soluciones más para el problema de tráfico.
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2021.12.07 15:00 Stronkowski Cambridge City Council statement condemning the placement of tacks and bricks in the new Mass Ave bike lanes

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2021.12.07 15:00 jotspot I was just diagnosed. Now what happens? And what supports should I look for?

I got diagnosed with ASD ("formerly Asperger's") it says and also some specific memory and cognitive inhibition deficits. Literally what happens now? I totally feel relief and self understanding finally, but are there next steps I should take? I've got some book recommendations and a recommendation for a support case manager...but I like I don't even know what they can do for me. What supports should I look for?
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2021.12.07 15:00 MrCrazy1088 Mysterious hole in the ground? partials of air coming out!?!

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2021.12.07 15:00 Defhauntedpod Hey beautiful witches 🤍

We are two long-time lurkers of this sub and it would mean so, so much to us if you gave our pod, Definitely Haunted, a listen ✨ we chat hauntings, witchcraft, mental health, and more. We have a tarot time in each episode in addition to witchy tips. We love you and hope you listen! 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Our linktree is here, with direct links to most podcasting platforms 🤍:
Definitely Haunted
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2021.12.07 15:00 PoeHoeNoEdgar What streaming service are y’all using for chapter 2?

I’m in New Zealand and checked Spotify and YouTube music; I can’t find it. But earthgang’s new single is available on both
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2021.12.07 15:00 Herculescaige Polylauncher is a big player in the space of launching projects and in giving room to everyone to be an investor.

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2021.12.07 15:00 blowitoutyaass We used to be an expansion. A proper expansion.

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2021.12.07 15:00 Acrobatic_Ostrich_23 Ramblings of a 4 -

Being spontaneous, creative, passionate. Facing emotional turmoil. These are areas in which I thrive. They are easy. But when it comes to ordinary things, it is a life's mission and a lifes struggle. Why does the monotony of life pain me so? If I could face my ordinary failings, things that seem so simple and straightforward-- maybe I could thrive. Face my job, the boring and tedious tasks to get government assistance. Face simple things like dealing with rejection and with making simple and sincere efforts to focus on the positive. Real efforts to be happy. Many people do these things and they find a basic comfort and happiness but are terrified of the depth of experience and intense emotion that I have been addicted to, that I have embraced. Or at least I think so. Many people fear darkness, look down upon it. I have spent years seeking it out. Letting it reveal its truth. But I have done so perhaps, prematurely. I have done so to the point of missing our on countless opportunities to just...live life. Countless opportunities to grow, develop in very ordinary ways, such as becoming more confident, or accepting situations where others invite me to belong. Positive things. Also good things and right things: times when I have had time to focus, resources and support to do my best. To get good grades, to build a career. To be better. I turned them away, all due to my fantastical addiction to imagined or sustained heartache.
It is time to lean in to life, in its entirety. Objectively. Clearly.
It is time to acknowledge even the good as it arises. The love, the fun, the belonging. Darkness will surely find its way back in when the time is right. And when it does, I will love it with open arms like an old friend. And I will cry with it, for I I so good at that release. And perhaps I can also support others when darkness overwhelms them, and teach them that it is not so scary. And that if I can face the ordinary hurdles of life and be an upstanding human being, surely, they can face deep suffering.
And hopefully by facing these ordinary aspects of a dutiful life, I can nourish my own spirit and with a gentle heart, spread love and wisdom through art.
Art can be anything. It can be words or paintings. It can be a soulful interaction, or a way of simply being present in the world. Of living art.... as Life.
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2021.12.07 15:00 unconsoleable is my everdrive gba x⁵ mini giving my sp power troubles?

so, i have both the original gba x⁵ and the mini. while the original hasn’t come out of its case in a while, i don’t remember it ever doing this to my sp:
lately, i either get a flickering red-green-red-green… power light, or, solid red, even after a decent charge on my backlit sp. my only thought is that it has something to do with the mini’s extra power requirements.
can anyone shed any light on this for me?
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2021.12.07 15:00 iAmStarFox64 Discord link broken?

Gonna need an invite
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2021.12.07 15:00 schneuer6 .

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