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2021.12.07 14:54 Hastyrunner245 Nobody Wants To Talk Crypto With Me...

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2021.12.07 14:54 big-texas help me decide on a truck

Hey guys, wondering if someone could provide me with some advice. I'm looking into purchasing a truck late this winter or in the spring, and kinda torn on whether to get a diesel or a trusty 6.0 vortec gasser. my ideal budget is in the $5-$6k range.
Background of how I'd use the truck: mobile welding/fabrication, pick n pull junkyard runs for engines/transmissions, towing vehicles on a dovetail trailer. I'd like to be able to haul a knee mill and similar equipment as well.
all my buddies tell me that I "don't want those diesel problems" and that I'd be perfectly fine with the 2004 Sierra 2500HD my girlfriend's uncle is selling this spring (6.0 vortec, 4L80e, sounds like he's looking for $3000-$4000 for it). I've heard awful things about pretty much all powerstrokes except for the 7.3, that the Duramax is a very mixed bag, and that cummins are pretty damn solid (but also the most expensive), but I can't stand dodge products and they're VERY rusty out here in the northern Midwest.
any tips?
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2021.12.07 14:54 PCisLame The beneficiary of Dirty Demented Dingbat Degenerate Democrat prison reform who was let out of his cage to MURDER a beloved icon of the Democratic Party and friend of the Clinton’s has been charged with MURDER. How long before Dirty Dingbat Degenerate Democrats lobby for his RELEASE?

The beneficiary of Dirty Demented Dingbat Degenerate Democrat prison reform who was let out of his cage to MURDER a beloved icon of the Democratic Party and friend of the Clinton’s has been charged with MURDER. How long before Dirty Dingbat Degenerate Democrats lobby for his RELEASE? submitted by PCisLame to DescentIntoTyranny [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 14:54 HassanTheCreator Fishing stream with Bruce you said? Remember you still need to kiss a fish after losing to Sliker ( as usual loser)

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2021.12.07 14:54 rion__R A few Minutes old Baby Goat

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2021.12.07 14:54 FaultyLogicEngine The Free Navy: Chapter 3- A walk about town

Credit for the Universe of Between words goes to u/BlueFishcake
First | Previous | [Next]
Late June 2024- Eng, Major city on Vesirian 3, Consortium space
The drop ship came in low in an empty landing pad on the far edge of the shuttle lot. It wasn't too dissimilar from an old helipad one might expect on top of an 80’s high rise; it even had the cracked concrete and fading paint to match. Firebat-2’s pilot cross-matched the flight paths of several aircraft to avoid in-flight collisions. It wasn't too much of an issue thankfully. The night was young and traffic was low as a consequence, allowing them to slip into the open space on the edges of the commercial district of Eng, the sole major city on Vesirian-2.
Against the backdrop of shaded skyscrapers and the luminescent alien billboards, Firebat slipped in almost invisibly. Not even touching the group, just a few scant feet off the ground, four individuals stepped off an extended ramp onto the worn floor. One of the group waved a hand into the air to signal the pilot. The Apollo dropship started its ascent into orbit soon after. They lost sight of the craft only seconds later.
“I still can’t see why we can't have someone else dolled up like a damn elf,” Rook grumbled, scratching at the synthetic horns fitted to her head. “It's like I have lice every time I wear these damn things.” Twin strips of glowing temporary tattoos ran down the sides of her neck to mimic the natural nightkru dermal algae. She wore a black hoodie and tight fitting sweatpants to compliment her look. Only a very discerning eye could make out the subtle
The attire of her comrades was similar, spare a few colour choices. And the smooth black masks everyone else was wearing. Altogether they looked like a bunch of street thugs, if a little eccentric with their face coverings.
“Godamnit, Rook, we’re not having this conversation again,” Aaron groaned, the voice synthesiser naturally deepening it to an inhuman pitch as the four made their way to the gated tool booth leading out into the rest of the city.
“What? Sparks has the right skin tone and Flicker has the right build. Besides, you can just use makeup to fix…”
She quieted down as she reached the booth, putting on a tired face before looking in to greet the worker manning the post. Her expression dropped to her regular scowl as she saw the Nightkru woman blissfully snoring away with her head laid on the small desk next to the window.
“...the colour.”
The team calmly moved up the waist high gate, easily hopping over. Sparks, with how large he was, simply swung each of his legs over in turn instead of opting for a small display of athleticism.
“Because you look naturally the closest to a Nightkru, also paint won't matter if you get into a fight,” Aaron countered, switching to Nightkran as he spoke to prompt his team to avoid speaking English in public. “If someone scratches you, you get slapped with shrapnel or take a bad fall, and the paint will come right off. Anyone with half a pair of functioning eyes will find it highly suspicious and we risk revealing we’re humans. Link that to our involvement with the Enterprise and we could start-”
“Nah nah nah, I know that but come on. Couldn’t we have you be the party face for a change? I'm sure the Putas would be more easily persuaded by a guy. Besides, can’t I have a damn night out without looking like I missed the directions to comicon,” she said pointing to the pointed ear extensions that blended seamlessly with her own. Flicker stifled a laugh as she finished her rant.
“What?” Rook shot back.
“It's just... you’ve got to have a real shit sense of direction to miss comicon by a few thousand lightyears,” the small woman chuckled from behind her mask.
“...Ace, can Flicker be the face next time?”
“Ha! Jokes on you, I haven’t finished Kas’ infiltration training yet. I’m still a few months out,” Flicker countered.
“Oof, tough luck Rook, the kid’s still in the spy program. ” Ace joked.
Rook clicked her tongue and ran a hand through her hair.
“This is some bullshit” she grumbled in Nightkru as they made their way into the main thoroughfare.
Despite the many hundreds of years of technological advancement over earth, the consortium cities were shockingly similar to those they were used to. Businesses small and large fought for every square foot of property they could. Pavements remained cracked stone slabs, marked with stains that no one bothered to clean.
Personal vehicles were parked along the roadside, each looking not too far removed from something they'd see back home.
There were two major differences of course.
First was the lighting. The city, as it was designed ostensibly for Nightkru, lacked much of the light fixtures common in human or even Shil’vati urban areas. Their sensitive eyes requiring far less light to function adequately. Everything around them seemed shrouded in gloom, nearly impossible for human eyes to pierce. Almost.
Small neon signs, street art or other markings littered walls or the ground. They provided shreds of light that made the environment just bearable for the more ‘day adjusted’ species.
Second was the people. Although not particularly flush with crowds, with only a smattering of individuals or small groups meandering about. the sheer variety of culture was hard to comprehend. The place was a veritable melting pot of species and customs. Nightkru of all shades and colours walked around in anything from sleek business suits to fine silk dresses adorned with aggressive metal spikes to leathers straight out of a fantasy novel. Each had their fluorescent algae markings on full display. Some had implants to blend colours, a Pattern starting blue at their neck but slowly transitioning to red as it reached their arms. A gang marking Rook had quickly surmised as they passed a group with slight variations of the same set up. The thugs gave them a harsh glare but did not interfere as the disguised humans continued through the city.
The Nightkru were not the only aliens however. Feline aliens made up the next biggest group. They were new in town, arriving as part of a suspected pirate fleet. Command had informed the Enterprise crew to treat them normally and give them a wide berth. Aaron noted it was probably a good call. All the girls seemed to want to do was get drunk and spout rhetoric whilst they were on leave. There were a few Rakiri, reptilian aliens and the occasional mix of more humanoid aliens.
But they weren’t interested in any of them. They were here to see a very particular being.
Rook motioned for them to come to a stop in front of a battered looking storefront. Its previous logo was scrapped off, its windows were boarded up and a dingy neon sign saying ‘Best cybernetics’ hung above the doorway.
The metal door squealed in complaint as Sparks had to shove the thing open for his comrades to enter.
The interior of the building seemed as badly put together as the exterior. Old chairs, barely understandable music from oddly well maintained speakers and the unmistakable scent of herbal smoke.
A young, if scruffy looking Nightkru man sat behind the desk; He didn’t bother to look up at the four as they came in. He huffed, scratching at his tied back black hair with one hand as stared at a small omnipad that played some sitcom.
“We’re closed, come back tomorrow,” he responded monotonously to their arrival.
“We can’t do tomorrow,” replied Rook in Nightkru, staring him down.
The elf like humanoid looked up, shooting her an unamused glare.
“Well that's too bad, we’re closed.”
Rook groaned at his response, rubbing her eyes.
“Kid, who the hell are you? Where’s Retsha, she should be manning the front?”
“She’s out, who the hell are you?”
“Rook, Miss Advance should have told you already, we have a commission.”
“Look, I don’t know who ‘Miss advance is’ but..”
God fuuuu-” Rook let slip in English. “Drop the feigned ignorance, we have an appointment with Advance.
“Yeah, and I'm the Emperor of the Shil’vati imperium.”
Rook took a deep breath in and stepped back. It was then Aaron decided to intervene. His second in command looked about ready to break the Nightkru twink’s skull open.
“Alright, this is getting old,” Aaron said, talking off the mask hiding his human features. “Can you get Advance now? We have someone for a neural interface.”
They boy froze as he took in Aaron’s pale skin and rounded ears.
“Oh shit you're the humans. Uhhh yeah i’ll do that, shit, sorry,” he said, nodding dumbly. The Nightkru scrambled off his chair and through a bead curtain that obscured the doorway behind him.
“...well that was a shit show,” Flicker piped up after nearly a minute had passed. “I'm supposed to be getting surgery from these people?”
“You know very well they know what they’re doing,” Sparks sighed. “But I get how this doesn’t inspire…”
“Confidence?” Flicker finished his sentence.
“We’re alive, aren't we?” Rook interjected, rapping her knuckles against the hard plastic implant in the back of her neck. “She hasn’t messed up….yet.”
As if on cue someone burst through the bead curtain. Her metallic arms opened wide and her deep orange face alight with excitement, or was it the eerie blue glow of her cybernetic eyes. Small symmetrical lines crossed her cheeks and met her hairless scalp. Affixed to a wide chrome implant atop her head fell a multitude of silvery cords down the left side or her head like dreadlocks. Deep crimson robes cascaded from her shoulders and well below her knees. An indecipherable script marked the clothing, stretching across the torso and stopping neatly at a white sash that crossed her hips. The fairly classical look was more than a little ruined by the garish leather pants she had on.
The Miss Advancing towards greater cybernetic excellence, a Gearschilde, rested her elbows on the desk in front of the four humans.
Her head fell into her hand as she gave Aaron a lascivious look.
“Well, hello~” she cooed. “What brings you here this fine evening?”
“Business,” Aaron responded dryly.
“When isn't it with you people,” she replied with a forlorn tone to her voice. “What happened to that really cute boy you brought in a few months back, Akira? You reckon he’ll pop back anytime soon? Maybe for a new arm… or something else that might need polishing…”
“Not very likely. You’ll just have more NI’s to install for the foreseeable future.”
She straightened her posture with a sigh.
“I appreciate the work, I really do, but can you spice things up every now and again? I’ve done about a hundred of them already. Surely someone needs a new leg or something? Hell, I don't even know what you're doing with these neural implants.”
“Miss, we ca-'' Aaron started, only to be silenced with a dismissive wave of the Gearschilde’s hand.
“Yeah I know, you don’t pay me to ask questions. Right let's get this going.” She pointed at the smaller female human in the group.
“Han Noknoi?”
“Uh, yes?” Flicker responded.
“You’re scheduled for a Neural interface implant right now, can you confirm this?”
“You’ve read the pamphlet?”
“Are you fully aware you are going to be undergoing invasive surgery to implant electronic devices into your brain stem?”
Flicker hesitated for a moment before replying. The idea of fiddling around with nervous tissue sent a shudder down her spine, but it was not enough to dissuade her. ‘Do it for the exoskeleton, Han,” She thought to herself. ‘Do it for the exoskeleton...”
“Yes,” She eventually said.
“Wonderful. Now then let's get started, She’ll be out in around six hours and in bed for another few days to recover. Ace, you’ll have someone on standby to keep guard, I hope?” She said to Aaron.
“As per the arrangement,” he confirmed.
Advance took a step back and parted the bean curtain, motioning towards Flicker to come over.
“Whenever you are ready, Miss Noknoi”
Flicked gulped as she made her way towards the backroom.

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2021.12.07 14:54 potatoforlyfe Constantly needing to download 344mb update.

Im still in version 1.0.2 but im constantly needing to download a new update. The update is always 344mb big. Im on iphone se 2020. Also game crashes after every game if i open the towers menu. Love the game just cant deal with having to wait 3-4 minutes every time i crash.
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2021.12.07 14:54 DengenerateVentures HIVE Blockchain Technology Thesis

Buy HIVE Blockchain Technologies
HIVE is THE most attractive, liquid stock and digital asset exposure you can buy in public markets.
=> 100% sustainable energy, B and E mining => One of the Largest Miners by Revenue (depending on month) => Profitable (while peers are losing money) => Short list for Cathie Wood’s new ESG ARK Fund => ESG + Digital Asset Exposure is attractive to large institutions => I personally like exposure to E (as well as exposure to B) => Based in Canada, TSX (HIVE), HUGE regulatory advantage
Strong Q3 Earnings Strong November Report (nice monthly transparency) B and E both capitulated in a recent market price discovery event, held strong, and will only go higher.
It’s obviously volatile with the price of Digital Assers. If you want to add risk to your current or model portfolio and you want exposure to Digital Assets, it’s a good add, with degenerate nation type of return potential.
Don’t buy ETFs like Grayscale that charge 2.5%. Microstrategy is a pureplay, but it’s B only and they just buy, don’t mine.
Best exposure to E is to buy directly and hold via secure, cold wallet.
BUY E directly or HIVE Calls $3 12/17/21, $4 1/21/22, or Stock!
EOY Targets: B $80,000 E $6,900 HIVE $5.50
Let’s Fucking GOOOOO!
The future is on the frontier.
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2021.12.07 14:54 ohnice1299 Yiren

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2021.12.07 14:54 NOureldIN12308753 Finn

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2021.12.07 14:54 Important-Tourist-94 Usar vaga de deficientes e negros para passar no IFES, sem ser

Se revoltem comigo, na minha escola as únicas meninas que passaram no IFES, eram da minha sala, mas tem um porém, passaram porque, estão usando vagas que não pertencem a elas.
Uma usou vaga de deficiente físico, sendo que ela não é, e a outra uma para negros, indígenas e pardos, sendo que ela é branca e loira.
Enquanto isso tenho uma amiga que o sonho dela era passar, e aliais a nota dela era maior, bem maior do que a da menina que se inscreveu na vaga para deficiente físico, só não teve uma nota maior ainda, porque a escola sacaneou ela, mas era excelente mesmo assim, a menina não foi aprovada, e ficou em um desespero enorme, ela até chorou em uma ligação, simplesmente não passou porque as outras meninas usaram tais vagas.
Elas tão pegando a vaga de pessoas que são negras, indígenas e pardos, e também de deficientes físicos, e provavelmente algumas dessas pessoas que realmente se encaixam nessas vagas, vão ficar sem, porque a vaga da minha cidade é minúscula.
Falei que não achei isso justo para uma amiga, e uma amiga virou e falou ´´Ah, tá certo, mas não dá problema não, elas vão conseguir a vaga, isso não é nada de mais´´, vocês também acham isso?
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2021.12.07 14:54 SFTExP How do you know if you aren’t pre-programmed to join this group?

If you say you’re living in a simulation (simulation theory) and you have this epiphany that you might be in a simulation. You want to break free of it—would not that very thought be merely a part of the simulation—a pseudo free will, perhaps as part of a grand experiment? 🤔
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2021.12.07 14:54 WickedCSGO Equating Guns & Cars

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2021.12.07 14:54 cheeselad_ GF and I just adopted 2 black kittens from a rescue. They're brother & sister. 12 weeks old. I forgot how crazy cute and small kittens are.

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2021.12.07 14:54 Kingst15 Too be able hack Snapchat’s/Instagram method is $30, if you want me to be add you in my telegram group and me to teach you that’ll be $40 personal message me.

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2021.12.07 14:54 PhotonBath Building staff tip: cash + homemade cookies OK?

I've read that building staff do not want baked goods for holiday tips. But is that because they want cash? If we supplement our usual cash tip with baked goods, is that appreciated? Or is this a hard rule?
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2021.12.07 14:54 anyoclock Chicken eggs from different breeds of chickens, the natural colors of eggshells.

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2021.12.07 14:54 Tarrabyte__ Need some help: I'm looking over my patterns and I'm thinking of what tails to make a few of and stock off to the side. Down below are 3 photos of my best patterns (I think) and I would like people to tell me what they think of them. I also made a poll in cas you don't wanna talk.

Need some help: I'm looking over my patterns and I'm thinking of what tails to make a few of and stock off to the side. Down below are 3 photos of my best patterns (I think) and I would like people to tell me what they think of them. I also made a poll in cas you don't wanna talk. submitted by Tarrabyte__ to fursuit [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 14:54 CrippledSangi Morocco: a hash superpower (2017) [00:15:32]

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2021.12.07 14:54 aashface This is some bullshit

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2021.12.07 14:54 WillItCookInAKettle A realistic list of people I think will not renew their contract

Sonny Kiss Kip Sabian Joey Janela Angelico Jack Evans Marko Stunt Brian Cage Frankie Kazarian Nick Comorato Leva Bates
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