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Short funny videos 2021 #63

MANHATTAN SHORT 2021 will run for one full week (Sept 17 - Sept 23) at a Cinema in the county of Los Angeles. This theater booking means every film selected as a FINALIST in the 2021 MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival will be eligible to enter the Oscar competition for 2022. Overview: Top short-term investments in December 2021. Here are a few of the best short-term investments to consider that still offer you some return. 1. Savings accounts. The 2021–22 ISU Short Track Speed Skating World Cup is a multi-race tournament over a season for short track speed skating.The season began on 21 October 2021 in China and ended on 28 November 2021 in Netherlands.The World Cup is organised by the ISU who also runs world cups and championships in speed skating and figure skating.. The World Cup consisted of four competitions this year. Current Affairs in Short: 3 November 2021 PM Narendra Modi to visit Kedarnath on November 5 to inaugurate key infrastructure projects •Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit ... 34 Flattering Short Haircuts for Older Women in 2021. by Cindy Marcus i. Cindy Marcus. Editor-in-Chief. Cindy has over 15 years of experience as a hair stylist and colorist in Las Vegas, NV. She started this website in 2005 and has influenced over 100 million people. She’s personally interviewed over 5,000 hair stylists, colorists and barbers ... View the comic strip for Long Story Short by cartoonist Daniel Beyer created October 25, 2021 available on GoComics.com October 25, 2021 GoComics.com - Search Form Search

2021.12.03 13:53 VKurolesov Short funny videos 2021 #63

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2021.12.03 13:53 Gitana282 WTF MIRKO NAVIDEÑO A LADO DE UN ZOMBIE

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2021.12.03 13:53 Ok_Board9424 American Shiba 🐕 aims to generate a network effect that is unparalleled in the Crypto Sphere! |🚀 $Ushiba | Best Dog Coin Community🦊 | 9100 Holders Strong 💪| NFT Market Place🎨 + Swap + Farm Staking + Charity Funds 😇| 2% Redistribution on all Transactions 🌟 Erc-20 Token

American Shiba, USHIBA is an ERC-20 token with 9100 holders, and is 100% community owned. We have a team comprised of 30 core members contributing to the development of the USHIBA Ecosystem. The Ushiba community participates in charity donations 😇 and produces organic marketing. Holders of USHIBA will be rewarded in several ways by participating in the USHIBA Ecosystem.
As holders of the USHIBA token, you're part of a community that is at the center of the DEFI movement. In addition, you are rewarded with a 2% redistribution that comes from each transaction. The reward is distributed proportionally, so the more USHIBA you hold, the more rewards you earn.
✨ Tokenomics ✨
Low Market Cap
🔥 Liquidity Locked just after start
♻️ 2% Re-distribution from each transaction
⛔️🐳 Anti Whale System
👉 Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000 (100 Quadrillion)
🔥 Vitalik Buterin Burned 40% of the Total Supply of American Shiba Tokens

🔥 Big Marketing Plans
✅ Solid Based Community team
✅ Already listed in Many Coin about/info sights
📆 We Launched on May 10th, 2021

📈 View Our DEX Chart : https://www.dextools.io/app/ethepair-explore0x979a6e410760b83bdc6dcddd0e904998ea575197
📊 Coin Market Cap Chart: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/american-shiba/
💹 Coin Gecko Chart : https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/american-shiba
📜 Token Contract Address (USHIBA) : 0xb893a8049f250b57efa8c62d51527a22404d7c9a
💰 American Shiba Buy Link : https://app.1inch.io/#/1/swap/ETH/USHIBA

📹 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfAcoOZj2Ew
🎥 Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@buyushiba
💬 Telegram: https://t.me/OfficialUSHIBA
🌐 Website : https://americanshiba.info FINAL WHITE PAPER RELEASED
🖥 Discord: https://discord.gg/xXWv8vtDTu
🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/UshibaEcosystem
👀 Reddit: https://reddit.com/Americanshiba

👤 Proof of Renounced Ownership : https://etherscan.io/tx/0x2d810a641e5e424b0a820d49471fc03a8aa530e23fbf050c68f846a8841b6821#eventlog
🔐 Proof of Liquidity Burn: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x3ec7fd25b7d65d283beb73067c1f6473b81908db3e23777ecf8bb93a71c15e10
🔬 Audited By: https://github.com/TechRate/Smart-Contract-Audits/blob/main/AmericanShiba%20Full%20Smart%20Contract%20Security%20Audit.pdf
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2021.12.03 13:53 Aetherrin What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had? I’ll start

So Ima list the first one I ever had at around 8yrs old
I’m a kid, I’m running through my old apartment complexes parking lot with my mom and aunt, we hear a loud clank clank from behind us and we keep running, we crest this hill in the parking lot and I turn around and Bumblebee from Transformers is chasing us, he catches up and backhands my mom into the side of the building, upon impact I wake up.
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2021.12.03 13:53 DrWatson128 Caution: Horizon 8.4 (2111) and DUO / MFA

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2021.12.03 13:53 brunorochapt [Help] Loking for two ipa’s for solving an issue on a un-jailbreaked iPhone

Does anyone have iCleaner and/or plankfilza ipa and kindly share?
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2021.12.03 13:53 ThunderingThunderCat Despite all the good changes, Crucible is still a dumpster fire that quickly devolves in to 6v6 Lorentz Driver fights every game and is ruining the fun of running whatever you want.

That gun remains insanely broken - the AA that curves missed rounds in to you, the Nightstalker radar, duskfield grenade effect, Graviton Lance explosion, incredible ease of use and anti-flinch baked in has this special turning every control game in to an absolute mess. It's especially bad when your stats are higher than normal and the game basically requests you to hard carry or lose and then your options are not have fun losing or not have fun while everyone gradually switches to cheese cannons.
The nerf to ability energy was a complete non-starter and they made this thing incredibly OP just to milk out some extra seasonal income, which I get, but it's honestly making the whole game become hide and hold your own lane or die. Was running a classic snipe sidearm loadout, switched to Lorentz - instant We Ran. Buddy did the same next game - also a We Ran. 5.0+ kds every game. The gun is simply too rewarding for not enough effort. Things are kind of regressing and while it is, of course only an opinion, usage rates shouldn't be such a massive factor in determining specific nerfs after a pass has already been done when looking at things. Additionally, again, just an opinion feel free to argue against it, ease of use should have a direct trade off with lethality - and Lorentz is hilariously easy to be lethal with compared to the rest of the sandbox. It's seriously better than heavy LFRs.
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2021.12.03 13:53 physics_girl19 the plane i’m on doesn’t have a row 13

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2021.12.03 13:53 jmr786 Miami Coaching Search

First time, long time.
I love the show and have listened for a number of years. I lived in Miami for almost all my life but I've recently relocated to another city, so maybe that's why I've come to the point where I feel this way. But I'd like to help the show if I can, so I'll post here in hopes the show sees it and so others who get the show can express your opinions below.
Mike Ryan, I love you, but nobody listening to the show cares as much about the pursuit of Mario Cristobal as you do. Please stop doing 30 minutes a day on the "Columbus Contingent" and flexing your insider knowledge.
Thanks, I'll hang up and listen.
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2021.12.03 13:53 CustomMiniatureMaker What do you guys think of this multi-level type of terrain?

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2021.12.03 13:53 LeslieGarrett_9 Raiders Indiana

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2021.12.03 13:53 Silmarils_Light Maunalua Bay, HI [OC] [4000x1800]

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2021.12.03 13:53 cryptoallbot Hi I need help, is this normal now?

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2021.12.03 13:53 Relevant-You7300 !reminding the lemmings.

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2021.12.03 13:53 Prestigious-Salt9789 What legacies can a person trade for a Q/25/25 Fixer or Q/50 Crit Damage/25 Fixer? I want to make sure I make a correct post.

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2021.12.03 13:53 ALXNDRWVLF Here is how WoTC can implement dusting and keep the predatory practices!

2 rares dust into 1 rare wild card
2 mythics into 1 etc
Then they parse all the data of what people are dusting. And they buff the cards that are being dusted the most. And also nerf the OP cards which people are dusting chaff to craft
This way they get to double dip on whales crafting and dusting. And players feel happier because they can dust cards from colors they don't like.
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2021.12.03 13:53 Clement_TheBrokeboi Rainbow Six New Operator

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2021.12.03 13:53 SternburgUltra Wohlstand für Alle! - Kropotkins Theorie des kommunistischen Anarchismus

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2021.12.03 13:53 sandwichmcgee They called me a madman for my thoughts

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2021.12.03 13:53 sandwichmcgee They called me a madman for my thoughts

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2021.12.03 13:53 kylepg05 Just found this sub, this is Penelope

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2021.12.03 13:53 PiccoloResponsible97 All geared up with whatever stigmata and weapons I had lying around!! I dont even have the matz to upgrade everything, lol. Abyss, here we come (not)!

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2021.12.03 13:53 Sinleth [EU-UK] [H] Esports Tiger LongTeng [W] PayPal Invoice

Timestamp or tag
Used for a few weeks. Only selling as it does not fit my setup's theme. :) Solid pad.
£28 shipped within the UK.
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2021.12.03 13:53 BurtonDesque Poland plans to set up register of pregnancies to report miscarriages

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